If You See Robots in Grocery Stores, Here’s What They’re Doing

This particular robot is affectionately called "Marty," and he's there to help keep you safe!

We really are in a futuristic age. From electric cars to a real-life “kitchen of tomorrow,” it’s hard to not take our technology for granted. It’s incredible what science has given us as a society, and the best part is…there’s more to come!

It may seem straight off the page of a science fiction book,  but there’s a new friend you might be seeing very soon. It seems robots have started popping up in certain grocery stores, and shoppers can’t help but wonder, “What’s that robot doing?

Why Am I Seeing Robots in Grocery Stores?

If you’re unsure of the robots I’m referring to, take a peek at this TikTok video from user @davidwma. It resembles a person-sized gray pillar with bright blue lights and cruises smoothly around the store.


Is this Elon Musks personal grocery shopper #robot #supermarket #learnontiktok

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So our robot pal was rolling around doing its thing…but what exactly was it doing? Some have speculated that it’s for sanitation, but it’s actually something very different. It does have to do with keeping staff and customers safe, but not in the way you might think.

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His Name Is Marty, and He’s Looking for Hazards

This particular model of autonomous robot is referred to as “Marty” and was created by Badger Technologies for Giant/Martin’s and Stop & Shop locations on the East Coast. There are nearly 500 robots in grocery stores right now, and they’re pretty astonishing.

These robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, a navigation system and software that helps detect potential hazards. When robots circle the store, they’re looking for spills, misplaced items, obstacles and potentially harmful debris (kind of like a robot vacuum). Not only that, but they’re also scanning price tags and checking to see which items need restocking. As these helpful robots gain popularity, we might just be seeing them all over the country!

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