I Tested the Internet-Famous Beast Blender to See If It’s More Than a Pretty Kitchen Appliance

Updated: Jun. 20, 2023

The Beast Blender has won the internet's heart for its chic aesthetic and unique features, but how does it compare to top-of-the-line blenders? We break it down in this honest review.

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As a shopping editor, it’s my personal mission to test social media viral products and evaluate if they’re worth it or not. Just because a kitchen gadget garners a lot of attention doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth coughing up precious dollars. But every now and then there’s a star-studded find that’s totally worth it because it solves a common problem. Like most of the internet, I was enamored with the internet-famous Beast Blender at first sight. Its eye-catching design alone makes it worthy of an impulse buy, but as a die-hard Vitamix fan, I wondered how Beast compared to top-of-the-line blenders. Is it more than a pretty kitchen appliance? Here’s my honest Beast Blender review.

What is the Beast Blender?

before and after blending a smoothie in the beastMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Just like the best blenders, the Beast Blender is beloved by home cooks, smoothie lovers, at-home bartenders and fitness enthusiasts (thick, creamy protein shakes, anyone?). It’s been spotted on the internet over and over for its innovative design and superior blending capabilities for whipping up frozen desserts, smoothies, protein shakes, frozen cocktails and even soups and dips. That’s the kicker, the Beast Blender isn’t just for smoothies. The blade is comparable to Vitamix, Nutribullet and Ninja, making it ideal for frozen desserts and soups. Combine that with its ultra-attractive appearance and it’s easy to see why it has won the people’s heart. Bonus: It’s under $200.

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Product Features

  • Wattage: 1,000 W
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Leak-resistant
  • Travel-friendly
  • Base models come with the blending vessel, blade and blending base
  • Includes accessories for storage or carrying on the go

Why is the Beast Blender trending?

It’s simple: because the internet loves pretty kitchen finds that live up to their name! Seriously though, the Beast Blender is trending for more than its appearance. It’s been spotted in the kitchens of food industry pros as being the answer to everyone’s kitchen styling and organizing woes: A blender can be an eye-sore, but the most convenient place for it to live is the kitchen counter. The Beast Blender, however, is the most attractive, high-quality blender anyone would be proud to flaunt out in the open.

In an unboxing video posted by TikTok account @ericastolmandowdy, the shiny blender looks, well, nothing like a blender—and that’s the beauty of it. It has a sturdy base and comes with fun accessories for taking blends on the go. As for how it actually blends? Let’s get into it.

@ericastolmandowdy isn’t she stunning?!?! 🤍 @Beast Health #kitchenappliances #beastblender ♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

How We Tested It


When I unboxed my Beast Blender, I was thrilled to discover it came with so much more than just the actual blender. I tested the Beast Blender Plus in cloud white, which comes with a ribbed 1,000-milliliter blending vessel, base and blade, plus a 500-milliliter blending vessel (perfect for pico de gallo) and storage lid, drinking lid and Beast hydration system (basically, a fancy glass water bottle with an infuser). I was impressed with the quality of each accessory. For starters, the blending vessels are glass and the base is sturdy, which can only mean it’s going to blend the creamiest smoothies—at least that’s what I expected just by the look and feel of it. I rinsed the washable components with warm, soapy water and got to work.


As a smoothie lover, I first wanted to test the Beast Blender with a variety of shake and smoothie recipes. I filled the 1,000-milliliter vessel with ice, frozen mango, half a green apple, spinach and coconut water. I twisted on the blade, flipped it over and turned it on. The blender has two functions: a 60-second blend and pulse feature. I held the button down for a few seconds for the 60-second blend function. If you want to pulse, simply press the button for one second, and continue until you get the consistency you desire.

The blender was loud and proud while mixing up my smoothie, and I was impressed with how quickly it chopped up the fruit. Throughout the 60-second blend cycle, the machine slows down about every 20 seconds and ramps back up until the 60 seconds are complete. Because the blender only has one button/program setting, I was happy to find that it varied from high- to low-speed while it mixed. Even better, my concoction came out oh-so-smooth. Honestly, I was impressed with the consistency. Mastering the fruit-to-liquid ratio is the key to creamy, thick smoothies and shakes, and the Beast Blender delivered. Success!

My Beast Blender has become a consistent part of my morning routine. I typically start my day with a protein shake after my morning exercise class, and I prefer blending with Beast as opposed to my Vitamix because it’s more compact and just kind of makes sense for a single serving. Like smoothies, my protein shakes come out thick and creamy. I have found that a tablespoon of protein powder tends to stick to the bottom, which I don’t love, but I’ll take that over chunky smoothies or shakes. As for the accessories? The blending vessel is beautifully designed to take on the go or store concoctions in the fridge. Just screw on the appropriate lid and you’re good to go.


Last but not least, it was time to clean the Beast. Just like cleaning any blender, I thoroughly rinsed the Beast until smoothie remains were gone and filled it one-quarter full with hot water. Then, I added a dash of soap. I twisted the blade on and held the button down until the soapy water started sloshing around. It takes a very small amount of water and the tiniest drop of soap to clean the Beast. My machine almost overflowed, even just one-quarter of the way filled with water. The machine really pushes everything up towards the top, so a little goes a long way. Once it’s done mixing, I like to thoroughly scrub the blade and blending vessel with a bristle brush. The blade is a bit tricky to clean because of the grooves around it. I finish cleaning it with a sponge to make sure all the grooves are thoroughly wiped.


  • High-quality, stylish blender that’s comparable to Vitamix, Nutribullet and Ninja
  • Only takes 60 seconds to blend smooth concoctions
  • Pulse feature available
  • Comes with accessories, like a drinking cap and storage lid to bring concoctions on the go
  • Some Beast Blender models come with additional vessels, like a water bottle and small blending vessel
  • Pretty enough to leave on the counter
  • Available in three colors
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Not quiet
  • Only has one blending button and program
  • Not ideal for bigger batches
  • Blade is a tad difficult to clean thoroughly


green smoothie in a clear glass cupMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Can the Beast Blender crush ice?

Yes! Just like a Vitamix or Ninja blender, the Beast Blender’s blades are designed to powerfully crush ice. It’s recommended to use frozen fruit or veggies with ice when blending.

Is the Beast Blender quiet?

Some reviewers have found the Beast Blender is more quiet than traditional blenders. From my experience, it’s still pretty loud due to its strong horsepower. My Vitamix is definitely louder than my Beast Blender, but it still produces enough noise to wake someone up in a nearby room early in the morning.

Can Beast Blender go in the dishwasher?

The brand notes the blending vessel and accessories are dishwasher safe in the top rack only. The blade is not safe for dishwasher cleaning.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

There’s a reason this beautiful blender has earned hundreds of reviews from happy shoppers. Here’s why they can’t stop using the Beast Blender:

“The Beast really lives up to its name!” writes five-star reviewer, Hannah G. “You can’t beat the convenience. Both the blender and hydration bottle are super easy to use and cleaning is a breeze. Not to mention, I love how easy it is to take my smoothie or infused water to go. You can make everything from perfectly blended smoothies to delicious salsas and dips, infusions and, of course, my favorite… cocktails. This blender is a perfect size and looks so good on my counter.”

“I am so happy I bought this,” adds another five-star reviewer, Sam B. “I was sick of cheap blenders and I just wasn’t ready to buy one for $400+. This was a “happy medium,” and I am very happy with it. First, I just want to mention the packaging for this is amazing. It was like if Apple made a blender and thought out the packaging. The blender itself feels really sturdy and kind of reminds me of my Dyson fan, haha. The container is bigger than I thought but that’s not a bad thing, but it’s a little awkward drinking straight out of it with the bottle attachments, just FYI. However, I love this for making my smoothies and excited to make other recipes with it. I’m very happy I bought this blender!”

Product Comparison

I’ve owned Vitamix and Nutribullet blenders for years. To me, Vitamix is the crème de la crème of blenders. To own one is to know that true love does exist, so my Beast Blender had some steep competition. When it comes to overall size and appearance, the Beast Blender is similar to a Nutribullet Pro personal blender. The Beast is just slightly bigger with a chic, kitchen countertop-worthy aesthetic. As for Vitamix blenders, they’re certainly bigger and boast more speeds and programs than the Beast Blender, but the blending blades and overall performance are comparable.

When it comes down to specs, Vitamix boasts a strong 2.2 horsepower (1,618 watts). The Beast Blender has a slightly lower horsepower at 1.3 (1,000 watts), and a Nutribullet Pro personal blender has 1.3 horsepower (900 watts). So, the Beast Blender strikes in the middle of Vitamix and Nutribullet Pro, offering a slightly more affordable, yet high-powered, blend comparable to Vitamix. Beast also comes with a handful of accessories, setting it apart from Nutribullet. In my months of testing, I’ve achieved extremely similar results with Beast compared to my Vitamix blender. My Beast smoothies come out thick and creamy with zero traces of frozen fruit left behind every. single. time.

Final Verdict

I received my Beast Blender in October 2022. In my months of testing, I’ve achieved the best consistency with smoothies and protein shakes. In fact, I prefer it for smoothies, shakes, frozen desserts and purees. I haven’t tested my Beast Blender with dips or soups, because frankly I prefer to leave that up to my Vitamix.

There are a few cons worth noting, however. No matter how thoroughly I clean the blending vessel, there’s a lingering smell of protein powder from my shakes. It’s also best to always include ice with your smoothie or frozen dessert concoction, otherwise the mixture will be warm. Still, I can confidently say that yes, the Beast Blender is a whole lot more than just a pretty kitchen appliance. Aesthetics are important, but what keeps me coming back to Beast each morning is the quality of smoothies. Next up: frozen margs!

Where to Buy the Beast Blender

The Beast Blendervia merchant

Find the Beast Blender on the brand’s website and Amazon, where it goes for $165 to $195. Trust me, this machine is super comparable to Vitamix, Nutribullet and Ninja, so the under-$200 price point is pretty affordable for a high-quality, good-looking blender. I recommend opting for the Beast Blender Plus to get all the bells and whistles, like two blending vessels and the travel bottle (funny enough, I get so many compliments on it at the airport). It makes a fun gift for home cooks and smoothie lovers, too. Snag it with summer in mind to keep the frozen cocktails coming!

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