The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Is the Best Coffee Pod Machine Money Can Buy

Updated: May 06, 2024

Bye-bye stale coffee! This machine brews coffee shop-level espresso and coffee every. single. time. We've been testing this machine for months. Here's our review.

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It may sound silly, but my coffee obsession truly took off when I worked as a Dunkin’ Donuts barista in high school. It certainly wasn’t anything fancy, but I did sharpen my skills for making all different types of coffee. Since then, I’ve pretty much mastered my go-to cup of Joe (aka pour-over coffee), courtesy of my beloved electric gooseneck kettle and Chemex coffeemaker.

But there’s one coffee accessory I’ve dreamed of getting my hands on since those high school barista days: An espresso machine.

Of all the espresso machine reviews I’ve scoured, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus consistently earns high marks for being one of the best single-serve coffeemakers that brews both coffee and espresso. Not to mention its under two-minute brew time that rivals coffee concentrates and compact footprint. Read my Nespresso Vertuo Plus review for everything you need to know about the best coffee pod machine money can buy.

What is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus?

Nespresso Vertuo PlusMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Try any Nespresso machine and it’s easy to see why the brand is widely known as one of the best coffeemakers. So, what makes the Nespresso Vertuo Plus different? For starters, it’s the most versatile Nespresso machine.

The sturdy yet slim coffee and espresso maker doesn’t take up too much coffee bar real estate, and it boasts a 40-ounce water tank that’s adjustable to best fit your space. Better yet, there’s no additional espresso accessories required. I’ll say it again: The Nespresso Vertuo Plus boasts a 40-ounce water tank, the largest in the Vertuo line. Meaning, it only needs to be refilled after every four or five espresso pours.

The simplicity of the espresso machine is almost too good to be true—just lightly lift up the top and the lid automatically opens. Insert your pod of choice, press the button and a coffee shop-worthy brew is ready for sippin’.


  • Brews rich, smooth coffee in under two minutes
  • Takes just 20 to 30 seconds to heat up
  • Automatic open
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Sleek and compact
  • Adjustable drip tray and water tank
  • 40-ounce water tank means less refilling


  • Coffee pods are a tad expensive, but they're worth it

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Product Features

Nespresso Vertuo PlusMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

  • Automatic opening mechanism
  • Adjustable, 40-ounce water tank
  • Compatible with the Vertuo line of coffee and espresso pods
  • Variety of color options
  • Brews in less than two minutes
  • Takes just 20 seconds to heat up
  • Automatic shutoff after nine minutes
  • One year warranty
  • Wattage: 1300W
  • 8.7 x 12.7 x 12.8 inches (WxDxH)
  • 10 pounds

How We Tested It: Nespresso Vertuo Plus Review

Nespresso Vertuo PlusMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with all different types of coffeemakers (Chemex, Keurig—you name it). The only experience I have with Nespresso machines, however, is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus I gifted my parents a few years ago. The mornings I spend in their house are truly bliss, and I expected my Nespresso to brew the same morning magic in my apartment. Once my machine and pods arrived, I quickly unboxed them and dedicated a little corner of my countertop to the new kitchen gadget. Time to get brewing!


Nespresso Vertuo PlusMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

After filling the water tank, I plugged in the machine and waited about 20 to 30 seconds for it to heat up. Then, I inserted the medium roast melozio pod into the machine and pressed the go button. Because Nespresso machines don’t have all the bells and whistles of a true espresso maker, it’s unbelievably simple to learn the ropes. I mean, there’s literally one button, so it’s basically foolproof. In less than two minutes, my coffee mug was filled with seven ounces of delectably rich, smooth and satisfyingly creamy coffee.


As for the taste test? Oh my goodness I was blown away by the aroma and the incredibly strong, creamy flavor. Every coffee brewed with the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is left with a one-inch thick frothy layer on top. While it brews both coffee and espresso at a time, I’m impressed with how espresso-like the coffee pods taste. Seriously, my mind and energy are left feeling perky all day long after just one serving. It’s no ordinary coffee, and it’s safe to expect espresso-level strength with every brew—regardless of the type of pod brewed.

I followed this routine for the first few weeks of testing—just straight Nespresso in a coffee cup. That’s the beauty of this machine, you don’t need fancy coffee creamer or milk to zhuzh it up. Though, that’s certainly allowed if you don’t prefer black coffee. Currently, I’m perfecting my espresso martini game courtesy of this magical machine. It’s a game-changing hosting gadget when friends and family are over, whether they want an espresso martini nightcap or a straight espresso shot to finish their meal. And now that the weather is warming up, I’ve also experimented with iced lattes in my favorite iced coffee cups. Whatever my coffee craving, Nespresso satisfies it every. single. time.


  • Brews rich, smooth coffee in under two minutes
  • Takes just 20 to 30 seconds to heat up
  • Automatic open
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Sleek and compact
  • Adjustable drip tray and water tank
  • 40-ounce water tank means less refilling


  • Coffee pods are a tad expensive, but they’re worth it

Nespresso VertuoPlus Update

I’ve used my Nespresso VertuoPlus machine almost every day since June 2023. While I’m still a sucker for drip coffee, I leap for my Nespresso every other day when I need an extra jolt of caffeine or mornings when I simply can’t be bothered grinding beans.

Though I love making my own at-home lattes, the Nespresso coffee and espresso is lusciously smooth and full-bodied on its own. The thick layer of crema on top is comparable to ordering espresso at the local coffee shop.

As for cleaning, Nespresso recommends descaling the VertuoPlus every three months or 300 pods. I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt the need to clean my machine because it has proven to brew a delectable cup of coffee without issue since day one. I’m also not positive I’ve brewed 300 pods. Take it from me—you don’t need to clean the Nespresso VertuoPlus like you would a Keurig. As long as I brew with clean, filtered water and clean the water reservoir every week, that’s the only maintenance my machine has required (so far).


Nespresso Vertuo PlusMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

What is the difference between the Vertuo and Vertuo Plus?

The main differences between the Vertuo and Vertuo Plus Nespresso machines are the opening mechanism and water tank. The Vertuo Plus boasts an automatic opening and an adjustable water tank — one aspect I enjoyed while testing for this Nespresso Vertuo Plus review.

What does the Nespresso Vertuo Plus do?

With the ability to brew four different espresso and coffee cup sizes, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus offers coffee shop-worthy brews with just the click of a button. When a Vertuo pod is inserted, the machine automatically registers whether it’s espresso or regular coffee and brews the correct size right into your coffee mug. While it doesn’t have a milk frother, every cup is strong yet smooth enough to drink on its own. Even the coffee pods taste like espresso—the quality is that rich.

Can you use regular coffee in a Nespresso Vertuo Plus?

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is only compatible with Vertuo pods, which are available in a variety of espresso and flavored coffee options. You can also find refillable capsules to fill with your own coffee, but in my opinion, that defeats the convenience and brew taste of the Nespresso machine. While testing for this Nespresso Vertuo Plus review, I learned that Nespresso coffee and espresso capsules are superiorly rich and smooth—and it’s worth the investment to buy the pods straight from the Nespresso website or Amazon.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

There’s a reason the Nespresso Vertuo Plus earns high marks from reviewers for its ease of use and overall quality, but especially for its coffee shop-worthy taste. Here’s what a handful of the thousands of reviewers say about the machine:

“I’ve experimented with an array of coffee makers from Keurig to Bruvi, but I always go back to my Nespresso,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Daria Smith. “It consistently brews smooth coffee and espresso with a rich flavor and silky texture in under two minutes. Individual flavor notes are distinct across different Nespresso pods.”

“This is a must-have product!” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Dado B. “The coffee taste amazing. I swear you’ll have an out-of-body experience while sipping it. I also own a Keurig but you can not compare the taste. Yes, the pods are a bit pricey. But the coffee taste so good, you won’t regret it!”

Five-star Nespresso reviewer, Alita, is all about the rich taste and comfort the machine offers: “Nespresso is how I start my day. It’s my moment of pause before the rush of the day. The variety of flavors and notes allows me to choose my tempo for the moment. I highly recommend a Nespresso to get you started, to keep you going and to round off the day.”

Product Comparison

Between the Vertuo, Vertuo Next, Vertuo Plus and even the Vertuo Pop+ (what a mouthful!), there’s a range of special features to choose from for each machine in the Vertuo line. But what makes the Nespresso Vertuo Plus different?

The Vertuo and Vertuo Plus are arguably the most versatile machines in the Vertuo line. Unlike the standard Vertuo coffeemaker, the Plus boasts an adjustable water tank and automatic opening system. When it comes down to overall size and appearance, the machines are very similar. With a 40-ounce water tank, the Plus is slightly bigger compared to the Vertuo’s 37-ounce tank. The Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop+ are the most compact machines, holding less than 40 ounces of water at a time. Every Vertuo machine is compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo line of coffee pods.

While we’re still big fans of our favorite coffee brands like our beloved Cometeer coffee pods, we can’t deny that these sleek machines make the morning hustle and bustle so. much. easier.

Final Verdict

I can confidently confirm that the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is the best part of my morning. That goes for its simplicity, overall ease of use and coffee shop-level taste. My frequent trips to the coffee shop every week have almost become a thing of the past. I used to love hitting the Starbucks drive-thru every Friday, but I really don’t see the point now that I basically have a barista living in my kitchen. Still, I enjoy the occasional coffee shop latte, but now I can save a few extra bucks each week thanks to the Nespresso. Next, I’m excited to try all the copycat coffee shop drinks!

Where to Buy the Nespresso Vertuo Plus

If you can’t tell by now, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is my secret to easy, blissful mornings—and it could be yours too. Or, it’s available for $169 to $200 on Sur La Table, Bloomingdale’s and Target. Not only is it the best coffee pod machine money can buy, but it’s also one of the more affordable espresso machines. Don’t forget to snag some coffee and espresso capsules for smooth mornings.