This Countertop Breville Pizza Oven Makes Restaurant-Worthy Pies Indoors

Updated: Mar. 09, 2023

This indoor Breville Pizzaiolo pizza oven reaches 750 degrees Fahrenheit, letting you create pies at any time at home.

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If you’re a pizza lover, nothing beats a homemade pie. Prepping your own pizza dough and piling it high with your favorite toppings makes for a delicious dinner. Plus, the process of putting it together is so fun!

Baking a pizza in your kitchen oven works in a pinch (Psst! Crust is best when baked on a pizza steel). However, outdoor pizza ovens that reach higher temperatures, such as the Ooni pizza oven or Solo Stove pizza oven, ultimately provide a better bake. But what if it’s too cold to head outside or you don’t have the backyard space for a pizza oven? This Breville pizza oven is the indoor solution.

What is a Pizzaiolo, the Breville pizza oven?

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Breville’s Pizzaiolo pizza oven is the ultimate tool for pizza fans. With the ability to reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit, this smart oven mimics the brick variety and can bake pizzas just like you’d find at your favorite Italian restaurant. At such high temps, it’s a worthy match to an outdoor pizza oven.

The oven comes in both stainless steel and black steel. At 18 inches wide, it doesn’t take up much counter space, but its 1,800 watts of power certainly pack a punch. Inside the oven is a cordierite pizza stone and heating elements below that bring the stone to a consistent temperature. The oven is designed with additional heating elements at the top to radiate heat evenly, which eliminates the need to turn pizzas, as is required with a wood-fired oven.

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How to Use the Breville Pizza Oven

The Breville pizza oven comes with helpful pizza-making tools, including a pizza pan and pizza peel for easy prepping. You can choose to make homemade dough or buy dough from your local grocery store. You can even use a frozen pre-made pizza—just let it thaw ahead of time to avoid cracking the pizza stone.

Prep your dough, add sauce and your favorite toppings, then fire away! The pizza peel lets you slide pizzas in and out of the oven. Oh, and the best part: They’ll take less than two minutes to cook.

Love crispy pepperoni cups? Hoping for less char? This oven allows you to prep pizzas with seven different programmed modes for styles such as thin and crispy pizza and New York-style pizza. You can also use the manual mode to adjust the top and bottom heating elements for your favorite type of bake. The oven holds pizzas 12 inches or less, and you can use it with a deep-dish pan for those who love a thick crust.

The Best User Reviews

This clever Breville pizza oven has hundreds of rave reviews with users noting just how beautifully it bakes a pizza at home.

Buyer, Elissa S., shares, “I have had this for over a year now. The pizzas that it makes easily compare with those at any wood-fired pizza establishment. This oven is so worth the price and is exceptionally well made. If you are on the fence, take the plunge. You will not regret it.”

Lynn, another reviewer, loves being able to make pizzas inside, especially during winter. “After moving to the Midwest, we lamented the inability to use our outdoor pizza oven in winter. The Pizzaiolo solves this problem and delivers on the promise of a true pizza oven experience,” she writes. “Honestly, I was not sold on this when my husband purchased it. I was happily proven wrong by the first beautiful margherita that came out!”

Where to Buy the Breville Pizza Oven

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This pizza oven is available for purchase at a variety of retailers, including Breville’s website and Williams Sonoma. It’s definitely a splurge with a retail price of nearly $1,000, however, if you’re someone who eats out at pizzerias or orders delivery often, then it’s worth making the swap for a homemade experience.

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