This $35 Mat Fights Foot Fatigue (and It’s on Sale for 44% Off)

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Kick foot fatigue to the curb with this kitchen mat that shoppers say "works a treat" at curing foot pain.

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I work from home, and it’s the perfect excuse to do a lot of baking. It’s not uncommon for my husband to come home to a platter of fully-decorated spring cupcakes for no particular occasion. While working, I spend a lot of my time standing at my standing desk from Wayfair. All these factors combine to curse me with pretty bad foot pain. At least, until I invested in an anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

What are the benefits of anti-fatigue kitchen mats?

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are different from kitchen rugs. The phrase “anti-fatigue kitchen mat” is a broad term that encapsulates any kind of kitchen mat with some sort of built-in padding. The padding, oftentimes made from memory foam, carpeting, rubber or vinyl, conforms to the foot and provides arch support.

Kitchen mats also stabilize your legs, so they’re easier on the ankles than hard floors. Traditionally, kitchen mats are used in the kitchen, but plop one down anywhere you spend a lot of time standing for instant relief. Laundry rooms, offices with standing desks and even retail stores are places where an anti-fatigue mat comes in handy.

Those who use anti-fatigue kitchen mats on a daily basis enjoy a myriad of health benefits, including reduced hip pain and joint stiffness. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest they prevent unsightly varicose veins when paired with comfortable shoes and regular exercise.

What is the KitchenClouds anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

In addition to the half-inch PVC foam that provides long-lasting foot pain relief, KitchenClouds kitchen mats offer a nonslip bottom that grips the floor and prevents falls. A beveled edge reduces the risk of tripping over the mat or slipping on the sides. If the mat warps out of shape, it’s easy to fix—just fill your bathtub with hot water and allow it to soak for several minutes to straighten it back out.

When accidents occur, scrubbing traditional kitchen rugs with stain remover is a pain. Cleaning kitchen mats is far easier—just fire up your favorite steam mop and cordless vacuum. Or, simply use a broom and dustpan after you wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. The mat’s waterproof coating prevents odors and stains from seeping in.

KitchenCloud anti-fatigue kitchen mats make whipping up impulse brownies a pain-free endeavor—if you have the time to spare. If you’re tight on time, try a box of our Test Kitchen’s favorite brownie mixes. I guarantee your family will never know the difference.

Where to Buy the KitchenClouds Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Kitchenclouds Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti Fatiguevia merchant

You can scoop up one—or a few—of these KitchenClouds miracle mats for up to $65 off. Amazon is offering a limited-time discount of 44% off on the classic black color in the standard size, bringing the total price to a mere $20.

Prime Members enjoy extra discounts and free shipping on most Amazon deals. Subscribers can scoop up the KitchenClouds anti-fatigue kitchen mat for just $15. Take advantage of your 30-day free trial of Prime to get the special offer—it’s easy to cancel before your membership renews.

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