Get Instant Counter Space with the Internet’s Favorite Foldable Drying Rack—It’s Only $9 Right Now

Updated: Mar. 10, 2023

If you're low on kitchen counter space you're going to LOVE this over-the-sink drying rack—just ask the 28,000 reviewers who give it five stars!

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No room for Taste of Home’s favorite dish drying racks? You’re in luck. This clever over-the-sink drying rack is a total game-changer for cramped kitchens and smaller sinks.

Why are over 28,000 shoppers obsessed with the Seropy over-the-sink drying rack?

The Seropy drying rack has quickly risen to internet fame thanks to its user-friendly design and compact storage. Made of sturdy stainless steel and anti-slip silicone grips, this gadget rolls out to a flat, slatted drying rack. When not in use, it frees up tons of counter space. (That means you’ll actually have some sink-area space for a bottle of your best dishwasher detergent).

If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but stock up on all the coolest kitchenware. Between personal blenders, Martha Stewart’s new Amazon collection and the newly-launched Ooni Volt, it’s a miracle to find even an inch of space on my counters. Over-the-sink drying racks eliminate the need to compromise your love of kitchen gear. Thank goodness!

How does it work?

Using this genius Seropy drying rack is just as easy as it looks. Simply unroll it and spread it over your kitchen sink before placing freshly washed items over the stainless steel slats. Don’t worry about rust, this drying rack’s high-grade stainless steel helps to keep corrosion at bay and withstand major temperature swings.

Amazon reviewers say they routinely put hot saucepans on their roll-up drying rack. Some even use it as a trivet for warm casserole dishes or trays of freshly baked sweets. Roll it up and store it in a kitchen drawer next to your essential kitchen tools and cute kitchen gadgets—it’s that easy!

The space-saving benefits make it a favorite product among apartment dwellers, RV enthusiasts and anyone else with a tiny kitchen. If you’re like me and can’t stop buying discounted Lodge cookware, you need all the extra space you can get—that’s why I’ve stocked up on tons of kitchen organizers, like storage cabinets and water bottle racks, too.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Seropy Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

Verified Amazon reviewer Jan touts the rack as space-saving and multi-purpose. She says, “This little drying rack is perfect on my double sink as it saves counter space for more important things. I also placed a cutting board on top of it, and it was sturdy enough to cut up some veggies (I didn’t apply too much pressure). So, it gave me a little extra counter space that way too!

It rolls up nicely so I can easily access my second sink if need be. So much nicer than having a big dish rack sitting on the counter, and it drains right into the sink, so no soggy wet dish mat to deal with either.”

Where can I buy an over-the-sink drying rack?

Seropy Rollup Dish Drying Rack VIA MERCHANT

The Seropy over-the-sink drying rack comes with 15 stainless steel pipes in a frame that measures nearly 18 inches long by roughly 11 inches wide. Heat-safe silicone is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. For under $13, it’s a steal compared to other dish-drying racks that cost three to four times as much.

Snag it at Amazon ASAP and enjoy a 31% discount, bringing this space-saving drying rack to less than $10. Snagging it on sale means a bigger budget for our Test Kitchen’s favorite spring kitchen essentials—it’s a win-win.

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