We Tried a Ruggable Kitchen Rug: Here’s What We Thought

Ruggable promises to be a new, smarter type of rug—so we put it to the test.

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Kitchen mats aren’t just a fun way to add some personality into your kitchen—they also make cooking more comfortable and cleaning much easier. It’s no secret that we love our kitchen mats at Taste of Home, but there’s always one area in which the product could use some major improvement: keeping it clean. We know how to clean kitchen mats so they’re fresh as new, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could just toss them in the washing machine without so much as a glance at the cleaning instructions on the label?

Thankfully, Ruggable entered the scene with rugs that are stylish, modern and conveniently machine-washable. When we heard that the brand ALSO sold kitchen mats, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one. Taste of Home Executive Editor Ellie Martin Cliffe tested a Jonathan Adler for Ruggable rug in her own home kitchen. Read on for her thoughts, plus other Ruggable reviews from real users.

What is Ruggable?

Ruggable rugs aren’t just designed to tie a room together, they’re meant to be durable. And when you have an active family like Ellie does, that’s a huge bonus. After all, Ruggable was inspired by the pet mess that ruined its founder’s expensive new rug—so its products are designed with sturdiness and ease of cleaning in mind.

If you’ve ever stained an area rug, you know they’re a big pain to clean (if you can clean them at all). Ruggable rugs are different. They come in two parts: a pad and a removable top that’s machine-washable and -dryable! The pad is made of a nonslip, latex-free material—think yoga mat—while the rug cover is stain- and water-resistant, low-pile, lightweight and designed to fit inside your washing machine. Ruggable reviewers note the thin design means it dries quickly after washing.

To wash your Ruggable rug, simply peel the rug cover off the pad, wash with mild detergent, dry on low heat and reattach. The pad can be vacuumed or spot-cleaned with soap and water in the case of liquid spills.

How We Tested It

Ruggable Kitchen Rug Ellie Martin Cliffe Taste Of Home 4 MleditEllie Martin Cliffe/Taste of Home

Ellie says: “I needed a hardworking kitchen rug that cushioned my feet and absorbed splashes from the sink. My family put this rug through the paces of everyday life for a month. We expected this rug to stand up to muddy shoes, spilled food and at least one dish-washing session per day.

Choosing a rug was honestly the hardest part because Ruggable offers so many eye-catching designs. Luckily, the site has lots of filtering options, so I could quickly narrow down to my ideal color palette, aesthetic and size. I created an account so I could save a few to my favorites, then shared them with my husband so he could weigh in. We had the same favorite—the black-and-ivory Inkdrop design from Ruggable’s partnership with Jonathan Adler.

In just a few clicks, my order went through and was added to the production line. I got emails at every step of the creation process, so I knew when it was on its way (about a week after I ordered it). Note: Designer collections are a little bit pricier than the Ruggable-brand ones.

Ruggables come snugly rolled in a long, skinny box. Unrolling the rug was a bit tedious, but wasn’t a big deal due to its 2-by-3 size. (I know—my family already had a few 5-by-7 Ruggables in other rooms.) The rug pad and top fit together like Velcro, so be sure to line them up before you try to put them together because they’ll stick fast. Simply follow the instructions that come tucked in the package, and you’ll be all set.

The rug truly is non-skid, even though it saw a lot of foot traffic. We don’t have a dishwasher, so that means my husband or I stood on it for up to an hour a day while we washed up.

A week in, our black-and-ivory rug was looking black-and-gray so it was time for a wash. Separating the top from the pad was so simple. I just had to tug it off and pop it in the washing machine. When it came out of the dryer, it looked like new. I rolled it back out onto the pad and went about my day.

Ruggable Features

Ruggable Kitchen Rug close upEllie Martin Cliffe/Taste of Home

The rug cover is a synthetic material with a design printed on it. The underside is a fuzzy gray material designed to stick to the rug pad—and it does, wash after wash. The edge of the rug cover is bound with thread to give it a finished look.


What we liked about our Ruggable kitchen rug:

  • They’re so durable
  • They clean up easily
  • The pad—whether classic or extra thick—is non-skid
  • They’re available in dozens of designs, and many sizes, too


What to consider about Ruggable:

  • The larger the rug, the trickier it is to unroll the first time
  • For a kitchen rug, they’re a bit pricey; the larger the rug, the more reasonable the price
  • According to some Ruggable reviews, the corners may peel up over time.


Is Ruggable made in the USA?

According to the brand, Ruggable rug covers are made in the USA with imported materials.

Can you vacuum a Ruggable?

Yes, you can vacuum your Ruggable just like you would on low-pile carpet or hardwood. Ruggable recommends using the lowest suction and power setting with the brush turned off.

What Other Ruggable Reviews Had to Say 

Other Ruggable reviews agree with Ellie: The rugs are easy-to-wash, stylish and worth the price.

“So happy with this purchase!” writes one verified Amazon purchaser. “The rug is incredibly well packaged, and is super lightweight. Setup was a breeze, took only 5 minutes from unboxing to finish. Instructions were easy to follow, and there was a provided video link as well. The rug looks even better than in the pictures and is soft and comfortable to stand on. It does not slide at all, solving a constant issue I had with my previous rug. Very easy to remove the rug cover from the pad below—I envision it won’t be a hassle at all to wash.”

“I NEVER leave reviews, but I love this rug so much that I decided to share my thoughts,” writes another verified Amazon customer. “The rug arrived in perfect condition. It was easy to unroll and laid flat immediately. The rug is a thin soft material. The colors are nicely muted. I haven’t washed it, yet. This is for my entryway so I ordered a 3 by 5. I plan to order another Ruggable rug for my dining room.”

Product Comparison 

What sets Ruggable apart from the competition is its two-part design. Many one-piece rugs aren’t washable, so they’re difficult to clean and lead to annoying stains. On the other hand, washable one-piece rugs do exist, so it’s up to you whether you prefer Ruggable’s cover-and-mat duo or just a single-piece design. Ruggable reviews and our own testing show that Ruggable’s mat offers more joint support than traditional rugs, so you might find it comfier for a long dishwashing session.

Final Verdict 

Ellie says: “Before our experience, I wouldn’t have considered ponying up so much money on a 2-by-3 rug. After using the rug for a month, I’m confident our $109 was well spent. It’s handled all kinds of messes and washed up beautifully every time. Plus, it’s so comfy to stand on while we’re at the sink. I’d absolutely buy another.”

Where to Buy Ruggable

Ruggable rugs range from $89 to $739, with prices varying depending on size, shape and whether the rug comes from a special collection—Marvel, Star Wars and Keith Haring fans will be pleased to find designs inspired by their favorites, though at a slightly higher cost. You can shop rugs directly from Ruggable’s site or on Amazon.

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