I Paid $90 for a Kitchen Mat. Here’s Why.

I was hesitant to drop almost $100 on a kitchen mat, but I love it so much that I already bought a second one.

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Kitchen floor mats can be found in practically every household. They come in many styles, materials and prices. When I moved into my first apartment, I could have kept it simple and purchased a pretty and inexpensive rug to lay down in my kitchen. But I splurged on an anti-fatigue kitchen mat and am so happy I did.

Benefits of a Kitchen Mat

Being in the kitchen—whether cooking or cleaning up—requires a lot of time on your feet. The right kitchen mat can prevent sore feet and backaches. The line of GelPro Elite anti-fatigue mats “gives relief for foot, leg and back discomfort” by offering extra support with a layer of polyurethane foam and preventing fatigue with a layer of cool gel. I can confirm it works!

Besides the physical benefits, there are aesthetic benefits, too. With so many colors and styles to choose from, a kitchen mat can certainly add a pop of color and personality to the room. I bought mine before there were a lot of designs to choose from, so you’ll find a sleek black mat and brown one that blend in well in my very brown kitchen. If I need to replace them one day, I’ll likely go bold. Why not? You only live once.

Why I Love My Kitchen Mat

I have my sister-in-law to thank for my kitchen mat splurge. She raved about her GelPro mat and hers was the first one I stepped on. She spends more time in the kitchen even than I do, so I knew I could trust her review.

Once I had one of my own, I could see why she loved it. The top layer is cool to the touch and the padding provides all the support I need. I could spend an hour in the kitchen baking cookies and not end up with a sore back afterward. Win!

The only problem was…I spent a lot of time at the stove and sink, which meant I either had to keep moving the mat to where I was or go without while I was washing dishes. So, I bought a second one! Now, I can stand at the stove watching over my risotto and wash the dishes in the sink when dinner is done…all from the comfort of my two kitchen mats.

Where to Buy a Kitchen Mat

Convinced yet? If you want to purchase a new kitchen mat or upgrade the one you already own, you have a lot to choose from. Target, Walmart and Wayfair carry a good selection of kitchen mats. I bought mine directly from GelPro. And, of course, you can find them on Amazon.

Emily Racette Parulski
Emily Racette Parulski is a Senior Editor for Taste of Home, specializing in email newsletters. When she’s not writing about food, she’s baking something sweet to feed her chocolate obsession.