You need quick and easy lunch recipes for school, and healthy lunch recipes for work to make on busy weeks. Don’t miss recipes for lunch at home, too!

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Muffuletta Wellingtons

This recipe is inspired by the muffuletta, a sandwich originating in New Orleans made with deli meat and olive salad. These are snack-sized sandwiches with all the goodness of a muffuletta baked inside pizza dough. You can substitute the meats for your favorites, like turkey or roast beef. —Chelsea Madren, Fullerton, California

Air Fryer Ham and Cheese Turnovers

I adore the combo of pears, blue cheese and walnuts in a salad, so I turned them into this ham...

Reuben Bread Loaf

1 review

I love serving this special bread loaf because it has the taste of a Reuben!—Armetta Keeney, Carlisle, Iowa

Porky’s Sandwiches

1 review

Your family will "squeal" with delight when they see the rolls for their sandwiches. Just add your favorite sandwich fixings!—Rhodes...

Mozzarella Ham Stromboli

16 reviews

"The original recipe for this savory bread called for salami, but I use ham instead," writes Janice Brightwell of Jeffersonville,...

Sweet Club Sandwich

1 review

"I first tasted this delicious layered loaf at a potluck at work," recalls Joanne Klopfestein from North Liberty, Indiana. This...

Cheesy Sausage Stromboli

10 reviews

I've had a hundred requests for this recipe over the years. Perfect for brunch or as an evening snack, this...

Ham-Stuffed Bread

I made this hearty bread at our daughter's wedding years ago. It caught on so well that I now serve...

Sausage Broccoli Bread

2 reviews

"My husband is in the Air Force, so we move often," relates Kelly Praska of Bellevue, Nebraska. "This lifestyle lets...

Pinwheels with Vegetable Cream Sauce

Hardly a day goes by that I don't have a lot of extra mouths to feed at our dinner table....

Cheeseburger Stuffed Bread Loaf

I received this recipe more than 25 years ago in a chain letter. This stuffed bread travels well to picnics,...

Ham Biscuits with White Cheddar

Salty ham and fluffy biscuits combined with tender apples, spicy mustard and tangy cheddar for a sweet and savory sandwich....

Ginger Loaf with Apricot-Ricotta Spread

These dainty tea sandwiches are wonderful for a ladies' luncheon or bridal shower. Bake the bread the day before to...

Sourdough Ham Crescent Rolls

1 review

These eye-appealing crescent rolls are loaded with ham and hard-cooked eggs. They're a terrific main course for a ladies' luncheon.

Pigskin Sandwiches

4 reviews

Guests won't need much coaching to run for the sandwiches when they're served on tasty football buns, like those I...

Venison on Caraway Rolls

1 review

"When a family friend shared his hunting bounty with us, I looked for new ways to serve the venison," relates...

Savory Sandwich Ring

3 reviews

I first made this alternative to a submarine sandwich for a party. It looks appetizing and tastes great! Now it's...

Sandwich for 12

4 reviews

This super sandwich makes a fun supper, and it's also a great way of feeding your bunch lunch. A co-worker...

Zucchini Pizza Loaves

2 reviews

"Full of healthy veggies, these loaves taste like indulgent pizzas-even picky eaters go back for seconds. In summer, I assemble...

Egg-Filled Buns

Meet the Cook: As the cook for our local volunteer fire department, I'm a nonstop recipe clipper. This one's been...

Stuffed Spinach Loaf

2 reviews

My mom made this recipe years ago and I always remembered how good it tasted! So I made it myself...

Beef ‘n’ Cheese Braid

I love to experiment with foods and baking, and I thought that by putting beef and cheese in the middle...

Reuben Loaf

1 review

When I make this bread, I almost always have to bake two loaves so that everyone gets a taste!

Giant Focaccia Sandwich

3 reviews

A flavorful Italian flat bread made with oats and molasses turns this sandwich into something special. I tuck ham, cheese...

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Souper Bowl Bread Bowls

7 reviews

You'll score points when you spoon the halftime meal into these hearty bowls. The bread's spongy texture makes it the...

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Cranberry Biscuit Turkey Sandwiches

3 reviews

These flavorful buffet sandwiches are so fun and festive. Smoked turkey slices are layered inside tender biscuits flecked with dried...

Sausage Breakfast Loaf

4 reviews

"The recipe for this sausage roll has been in my family for years," says Luella Drake of Auburn, Indiana. "A...

Ham ‘n’ Cheese Biscuit Twists

"I like to serve these tasty twists for lunch with split pea or vegetable soup and a fruit salad," says...

Ham and Cheese Loaf

11 reviews

This golden loaf starts with convenient refrigerated dough and is stuffed with deli ham and three types of cheese. I

Snakewich with Venom Sauce

2 reviews

Our Halloween party is so big, I hold it in the street. This sandwich shaped like a snake is tasty...