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Zesty Gazpacho

When I have a taste for something different, or something with a “zip,” this soup always hits the spot.

So-Easy Gazpacho

12 reviews

My daughter got this recipe from a college friend and shared it with me. Now I serve it often as...

Spanish Gazpacho

2 reviews

There’s a bounty of vegetables in this tantalizing chilled soup. Its refreshing flavor makes it an ideal addition to summer...

Watermelon Mint Gazpacho

1 review

Nothing cools off the dog days of summer like a bowl of this refreshing watermelon chilled soup. It's subtle sweetness,...

Black Bean Zucchini Gazpacho

My family enjoys chilled soups during the hot summer months. I came up with this spicy blend when trying to...

Garbanzo Gazpacho

This chunky chilled soup is terrific in warm weather, but our family loves it so much I often prepare it...

Quick & Easy Gazpacho

I really enjoy gazpacho a lot. Sometime I make this soup on Sunday evening and then take it to school...

Refreshing Gazpacho

5 reviews

When fresh garden tomatoes are available, I make this soup. The recipe looks like a lot of ingredients, but most...

Easy Gazpacho

1 review

There's plenty of garden goodness in every bowl of this fresh-tasting soup that Marlene Muckenhirn dishes up in Delano, Minnesota....

Black Bean Gazpacho

1 review

"I first tried this colorful chilled soup at my best friend's house during one of the hottest summers I can...

Garden-Fresh Gazpacho

4 reviews

Nothing equals the taste of an ice-cold bowl of gazpacho on a hot summer day— I was hooked from the...

Grilled Watermelon Gazpacho

2 reviews

This is the perfect starter for a summer dinner or a lunch meal. It's cool and tangy with a whole...

Simple Gazpacho

"Simple-as-can-be" best describes this hearty cold soup from Chris Brooks of Prescott, Arizona. "You just chop and combine the ingredients,...

Watermelon Gazpacho

2 reviews

This is a delightfully simple, elegant dish. Serve as a side or with pita and hummus for a meal. It’s...

Summer Gazpacho

4 reviews

Served as an appetizer or a light summer lunch, this very refreshing cold soup is definitely representative of Southwest cooking....

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Quick Gazpacho

2 reviews

Gazpacho is common fare here in the Southwest, and its variations are numerous. This one is simple, inexpensive, healthful and...

Low-Fat Gazpacho

This soup often appears on my menu when I'm entertaining. It's a real favorite because I can make it ahead.

Healthy Gazpacho

Healthy vegetables are the basis of this cold, tasty soup. For a spicier version, use spicy V8 juice.

Golden Summer Peach Gazpacho

2 reviews

Because peaches and tomatoes are in season at the same time, I like to blend them into a cool, delicious...

Herbed Gazpacho

For a unique first course, serve this colorful soup from Carole Benson, Cabazon, California. Chilled V-8 juice is the base...

Healthy Gazpacho for 2

2 reviews

Healthy vegetables are the basis of this tasty chilled soup. We recommend using spicy V-8 juice for a more kicked-up...

Shrimp Gazpacho

7 reviews

Here’s a refreshing take on the classic chilled tomato soup. Our twist features shrimp, lime and plenty of avocado. —Taste...


2 reviews

This gazpacho recipe comes in handy for luncheons in summer since it's so colorful and refreshing. I prepare it a...

Cajun Gazpacho

1 review

Horseradish, spices and slightly sweet balsamic vinegar give this gazpacho its Cajun flair. Served chilled, it’s one of the best...

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