The Best Doughnut Shops in Every State

Time to start planning a road trip! We uncovered the best doughnut shops in every state.

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The Heavenly Donut Co., Birmingham

Simplicity goes a long way at The Heavenly Donut Co., where bakers whip up fresh batches of plain glazed doughnuts every morning. The secret recipe results in light and airy old-fashioneds that melt in your mouth and send you back to the counter to order more. (Try the classic at home with our glazed doughnut recipe).

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Dino’s Donuts, Anchorage

Even during the enveloping darkness of an Alaskan winter, Dino’s Donuts will brighten up your day. Dino’s goes far beyond basic glazes and fillings, offering goodies slathered in cream cheese, mocha and more. Even more decadent are their cake donuts, which sweetly crumble with every poke of a fork. Can’t make the trip? Get our best homemade doughnut recipes to recreate the flavor.

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19th Donut Hole, Mesa

Like a golf course with a 19th hole (slang for an on-site bar or restaurant), this doughnut shop goes above and beyond. Offering shimmering glazes and guilty-pleasure toppings, 19th Donut Hole also makes doughnut-croissant hybrids—fantastically flaky concoctions that can be eaten straight up or doused in sweet-tooth-satisfying drizzles.

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Courtesy of Mark's Do-Nut Shop


Mark’s Do-Nut Shop, North Little Rock

Mark of Mark’s Do-Nut Shop puts the Midas touch on each of his doughnuts, transforming globs of dough into golden-hued pillows that are lighter than air. A thin sheen of glaze adds a touch of sweetness and toppings like coconut shavings up the ante.

Craving strawberry doughnuts? Try making them at home with our strawberry doughnut recipe!

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Donut Bar, San Diego

As tasty as they look, you might hesitate to chomp into the impeccably designed doughnuts at San Diego’s Donut Bar. The bakery’s artisanal offerings are decorated with intricate latticeworks of drizzles, and elaborate icing turns the tiny cakes into mouthwatering characters.

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Glazed & Confused, Aurora

Let’s just say the monstrously flavorful doughnuts at Glazed & Confused aren’t for the faint of heart. Towering with toppings, their creations—such as the Confused Samoa (with caramel glaze and toasted coconut) or the bacon-adorned Breakfast of Champz—require a serious appetite.

There’s no better pastry to pair with coffee. Find the best types of doughnuts to make for breakfast or brunch.

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Dottie’s Diner, Woodbury

This ’50s-style diner is home to done-right classic doughnuts that have caught the eye of just about everyone in the state. The wholesome, made-from-scratch treats can be ordered plain for dunking in coffee or topped with yummy chocolate or powdered sugar.

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Duck Donuts, Newark

You might expect the doughnuts at Duck Donuts to be covered in warm, dripping toppings…and you’d be right. But it doesn’t stop there. Along with sprinkles and crumbles, adventurous eaters can load up on nontraditional toppings like chopped bacon and an assortment of citrus combinations.

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Five-O Donut Co., Sarasota

You’d better show up early to grab a bite at Five-O Donut Co., because they’ve been known to sell out as early as 11 a.m. Luckily, the shop’s staff set up a doughnut surveillance cam, so you can check in on the inventory before making the drive.

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Sublime Donuts, Atlanta

Circles are the standard in the world of doughnuts, but Sublime steps it up with fun shapes that are sure to leave a smile on your face. A crowd favorite is the star-shaped lemon doughnut with sunny-yellow frosting. More adventurous eaters are invited to try the Salt & Vinegar.

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Kamehameha Bakery, Honolulu

Looks can be deceiving at this bakery. From afar, Kamehameha Bakery’s poi-glaze doughnuts might look like a chunk of the Diamond Head Volcano, but the surprisingly soft exterior gives way to a brightly colored cake that melts in your mouth. For those not in the know, poi is a purple-hued Polynesian staple made from mashed taro root. Find more great recipes from Hawaii.

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Amazing Glaze Donuts, Pocatello

Mashed potatoes take the place of flour in the aptly named spudnut, a staple at Amazing Glaze. The result is a fluffy and lighter-than-air treat that pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

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Stan’s Donuts, Chicago

You might want to hit the gym before lifting up a Stan’s doughnut, because their treats have some serious heft. The shop’s topping-heavy style is in full effect with the Peanut Butter Pocket, a handful of a doughnut smothered in chocolate and filled to the brim with peanut butter.

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Long’s Bakery, Indianapolis

When Alton Brown and Martha Stewart recognize a doughnut shop, you know it’s good. This renowned bakery is known for its light and fluffy yeast doughnuts, which the bakers customize with classic glazes and sugary toppings. Next up: Find the best bakery in every state.

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Doughnuts from Wyman’s Spudnuts in Okoboji, Iowa
via Wyman’s Spudnuts


Wyman’s Spudnuts, Okoboji

In true Iowan fashion, Wyman’s Spudnut’s serve up potato flour doughnuts daily. The potato flour gives the doughnuts a rib-sticking quality that’s seriously addictive. Be sure to try the Walter, a cinnamon-flavored doughnut that’s stuffed with apple pie filling.

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The Donut Whole, Wichita

Big flavor and entertainment go hand-in-hand at the Donut Whole. Munch on a cereal-speckled citrus-glazed doughnut or the King Midas (globbed with vanilla, peanuts, and syrup) during the shop’s weekend concerts.

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Red’s Donut Shop, Paducah

Family-owned and in business since the mid-fifties, Red’s award-winning shop has perfected the art of the doughnut. Cake and yeast classics are up for grabs, along with apple fritters with a highly satisfying bite.

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Blue Dot Donuts, New Orleans

Three former NOPD officers opened up Blue Dot Donuts back in 2011, and since then the doughnut shop has become a hot spot for locals and New Orleans tourists alike. Boasting up to 50 flavor combinations daily, you’ll see flavor combinations you won’t get anywhere else, like almond wedding cake and king cake. Keep the party rollin’ with these New Orleans-inspired recipes.

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Lisa Kaminski for Taste of Home


HiFi Donuts, Portland

HiFi Donuts in downtown Portland makes old world-style donuts from scratch each morning. You can get classic flavors like chocolate glazed and fresh coconut, but this shop really shines when it uses regional ingredients like with its blueberry frosted crisp and pumpkin pie flavors. Don’t forget to grab a coffee, too (it’s also spectacular).

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via Fractured Prune


Fractured Prune, Ocean City

While Fracture Prune has expanded to multiple locations along the East Coast, its first location was in Ocean City where beachgoers can still enjoy fresh, made-to-order doughnuts with your choice of glaze and topping. Lemon glaze with shredded coconut? You got it. Marshmallow glaze with sea salt and crumbled bacon? Sure thing. At the Prune, the world is your oyster.

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Kanes Donuts, Saugus

This small-town mom-and-pop shop has been serving up freshly made doughnuts for more than 40 years, and their experience is obvious. Large in size and big on flavor, everything from apple fritters to jelly and cream combinations bring waves of yummy comfort.

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Hinkley Bakery, Jackson

A century-old oven and memorized family recipes put a special touch on every doughnut at Hinkley Bakery. Crowds flock for the family-owned shop’s chocolate crescents, along with a wide selection of fritters, glazes and doughnut holes.

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Sarah Jane’s Bakery Northeast, Minneapolis

This bakery would make Grandma proud with its homey atmosphere and amazing flavors. One of their specialties is pączki, a traditional Polish pastry made from rich dough with a hint of alcohol that helps prevent the oil from seeping in. (Make your own with our pączki recipe.)
Learn how to make your own sugar donuts at home.

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The Tatonut Donut Shop, Ocean Springs

By using potato flour, this bakery creates light, airy doughnuts that are fluffier than a cloud. The Tatonut also whisp up the cakey variety, such as iced king doughnuts with sparkling colored sugar. (Fan of lightweight treats? Try our feather-light doughnut recipe.)

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Hurts Donut, Springfield

Quirky and wonderful, Hurts stands out with its selection of creative specialty flavors ranging from Cotton Candy to S’mores to Cookie Monster and more.

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Granny’s Gourmet Donuts, Bozeman

What started as the only doughnut shop in town has become a statewide favorite. Granny’s makes more than a thousand doughnuts each day, finishing them off with sweet toppings such as jam and fresh strawberries.

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Olsen Bake Shop, Omaha

Along with their elaborately decorated wedding cakes, this family-owned bakery makes a mean doughnut. Gooey chocolate covers their old-fashioned offerings, and their bite-sized doughnut holes are pure cakey goodness.

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Pinkbox Doughnuts, Las Vegas

Check out Pinkbox’s traditional doughnuts and croissant-doughnut hybrids, which are topped with colorful icing and sprinkles that rival the Las Vegas Strip. Big appetite? Try their hand-sized fritters.

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New Hampshire

Brothers Donuts, Franklin

This old-school deli has perfected the classics, offering light and airy, yet satisfyingly sweet doughnuts sell out daily. Even their plain glazed doughnuts get rave reviews! Learn how to make your own doughnuts at home.

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New Jersey

Broad Street Dough Co., Oakhurst

You might not look at regular ol’ doughnuts the same after a stop at Broad Street Dough Co. in New Jersey. (Case in point: the triple-layered rainbow doughnut with vanilla mousse, marshmallow dip, and tons of sprinkles.)

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New Mexico

Rebel Donut, Albuquerque

With creations like red chile chocolate bacon doughnuts and apple green chile fritters, Rebel Donut’s offerings explode with flavor. What’s more, they offer both cake and yeast-dough doughnuts made from scratch.

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Cruellers from Daily Provisions, NYC.

New York

Daily Provisions, New York City

While there are seemingly thousands of doughnuts that vie to be the best in the city, Daily Provisions has made its name by specializing in one specific type of doughnut: the cruller. Their signature doughnut is fluffy on the inside and has a caramelized golden-brown crunchy exterior, which is all the more tantalizing with its defined swirl shape. Fans call the maple cruller “life-changing.”

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North Carolina

HenDough Chicken & Donuts, Hendersonville

You might not think doughnuts and chicken go hand in hand, but Hendough makes it work. The fried-chicken joint also whips up batches of big cake donuts, all of which are powdered and glazed to perfection.

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North Dakota

Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop, West Fargo

Some of the doughnuts at Sandy’s look like something from a child’s wildest dreams, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One bite of their M&M–sprinkled doughnut or the Dirt & Worms—topped with chocolate crumbles and gummy worms—and you’ll be running home to watch Saturday morning cartoons all over again.

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Bill’s Donut Shop, Centerville

Late night and early morning cravings alike can be satisfied at Bill’s Donut Shop, a 24-hour bakery with more than 50 varieties of doughnuts. Take a seat at the counter and go to town on a glazed pretzel twist or a cake doughnut made with applesauce or sour cream.

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Donuts together to spell out "Happy Birthday Powell"
Photo: I Love Donuts


I Love Donuts, Oklahoma City

Doughnuts come in every shape at I Love Donuts, an OKC bakery with plenty of creativity. Hearts, monkeys, and letters spelling “Happy Birthday” are common sights in their mouthwatering displays.

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voodoo donuts
Courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut


Voodoo Doughnut, Portland & Eugene

Voodoo Doughnut absolutely smothers their often-cheekily named doughnuts in glazes and toppings. Take the Memphis Mafia, a fried-dough treat with banana chunks, cinnamon glaze, chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

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Federal Donuts, Philadelphia

Decadent, dessert-worthy doughnuts are typical here. After chowing down on a basket of Federal’s fried chicken, top things off with a blueberry pancake or white chocolate cherry doughnut. (Looking for something more traditional? Check out our recipe for Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Doughnuts.)

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Rhode Island

PVDonuts, Providence

With sweet and savory flavors like rosemary brown butter and chamomile yogurt honeycomb, it’s no wonder PVDonuts usually has a line out the door. Fair warning: They usually sell out before 3 p.m.

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South Carolina

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, Charleston

The delightful doughnuts at Glazed Gourmet are homemade with home-grown ingredients and are free of preservatives and food coloring. They still beam with color, though—toppings made with blueberry juice and green tea, for example, give the tasty treats a vivid flourish. Learn how to make your own doughnut glaze at home.

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South Dakota

Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts, Rapid City

This bakery specializes in towering wedding cakes, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to doughnuts, too. The pastry professionals at Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts make classics with simple glazes and top special varieties with almonds or caramel.

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Jody’s Donuts and Bakery, Memphis

Jellies, creams and iced doughnuts are on the menu year-round at Jody’s, but check out their rotating menu of seasonal treats. Pumpkin spice and apple crumb cakes should get you tastily through the fall.

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Gourdough’s, Austin

Gourdough’s is run out of a retro Airstream trailer, but their doughnuts are anything but compact. Grab a fork and knife and dig into a monstrous treat like the Fat Elvis—topped with grilled bananas and bacon with peanut butter icing and honey—or the Dirty Berry with fudge icing and grilled strawberries.

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The Big O Doughnuts, Salt Lake City

The Big O Doughnuts brings gourmet vegan doughnuts to the menu with yeast-raised treats that are fried to perfection and topped with unique fresh flavors. With a variety of flavors ranging from Vanilla chai to Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake, you can’t just have one.

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Allen Brothers Farm Market, Westminster

Vermonters flock to the Allen Brothers’ Farm bakery for their renowned cider doughnuts. Soft and just a little bit crumbly, the sugary, cinnamony treats and a glass of warm cider are a surefire way to warm up during the chilly Vermont autumn. Don’t miss our copycat apple cider doughnut recipe to recreate these treats at home.

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The Apple House, Linden

Another fall favorite is The Apple House, a friendly restaurant on Skyline Drive in northern Virginia. After a big plate of barbecue, you can kick back and enjoy a mouthwatering apple butter doughnut.

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Original House of Donuts, Multiple Locations

Whether you’re in Lakewood, Tacoma, or Puyallup, the Original House of Donuts has an expansive menu packed with tasty, doughy treats. Escape the Pacific Northwest’s rain while munching on a cherry-frosted cake doughnut, or go all-in with an old-fashioned buttermilk bar. (You, too, can make masterful buttermilk treats with our recipe.)

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West Virginia

Peace, Love and Little Donuts, Huntington

This funky shop harkens back to the ’70s with a hip atmosphere and far-out flavors. Enlighten your taste buds with Peace, Love and Little Donuts‘ varieties like raspberry lemonade and salted chocolate.

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Manderfield’s Home Bakery, Appleton

Manderfield’s raised doughnuts are known throughout the state, and for good reason. Along with traditional flavors, the bakery serves gooey goodness in the form of triple chocolate cream filled, snowball and turtle doughnuts.

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Cowboy Donuts, Rock Springs

With over 55 flavors, it can be hard to choose at Cowboy Donuts. You’ll just have to go back again (and again) to try them all.

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