Doughnut Recipes

Forget your morning doughnut run—we have plenty of delicious doughnut recipes you can make right at home, including ring doughnuts, baked doughnuts and fried doughnuts. Sprinkles optional (but encouraged!).

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    How to Make Gluten-Free Doughnuts

    It can be tricky to find gluten-free doughnuts in stores, but they're quite easy to make at home! You'll be blown away by how simple and delicious these homemade doughnuts are.

    9 Doughnut Recipes from Around the World

    If you thought doughnuts were purely American, think again! These doughnut recipes from around the world will take you on...

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    What Are Paczki, Plus How to Make Your Own at Home

    Filled with jelly and coated in sugar, paczki are a treat worth seeking out on Fat Tuesday.

    Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts

    1 review

    These Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts are anything but boring! This moist and delicious sweet treat is loaded with lemony...

    How to Make Doughnuts Without a Doughnut Pan

    Have you ever wanted to make baked doughnuts at home but couldn't because you didn't have a doughnut pan? Here's...

    Can You Freeze Doughnuts? Yes—and Here’s How Long They Last

    Don't let your favorite breakfast treat go to waste. Here's how to freeze donuts.

    Air-Fryer Mini Nutella Doughnut Holes

    You can make these air-fryer doughnuts in advance and refrigerate them before frying. Just be sure to bring the dough...

    How to Make Beignets Just Like They Do in New Orleans

    The Big Easy is known for its fresh, doughy beignets. Here's our recipe for making these iconic doughnuts at home....

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts

    A classic jelly doughnut gets a fun twist with peanut butter glaze. No one will be able to resist these...

    Spiced Sweet Potato Doughnuts

    This sweet potato dessert (or decadent breakfast!) is easy to prepare. And no one minds eating the nutritious spuds when...

    How to Make Apple Cider Doughnuts

    No need to visit the farmers market! We'll teach you how to make apple cider donuts at home.

    How to Make Doughnuts for a Sweet Treat Anytime

    Rise and shine—it's time to make the doughnuts. Be the champ of your office, a brunch or your typical Saturday...

    10 Great Glazes for Your Homemade Doughnuts

    Classic glazed doughnuts get their sweet shine after being brushed with a combination of confectioners' sugar and milk. Want to...

    The Secret to Making Amish Doughnuts at Home

    Got that craving for light and airy doughnuts? We can't blame you. Try making these Amish glazed doughnuts at home.

    How to Make the Best Glaze for Doughnuts

    Learn how to make doughnut glaze at home for a sweet breakfast treat any day of the week.

    8 FAST Doughnuts for Busy Cooks

    These homemade doughnuts are all drop-and-cook, so they're ready to munch in about 30 minutes. Skip the rolling pin and...

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    6 Ways to Get Creative with Doughnut Holes

    Sure, they're fun on their own. But these doughnut hole recipes make them even more delightful!

    Glazed Doughnuts

    1 review

    The light coffee flavor in these tasty sugar-glazed doughnuts makes them a perfect start to the morning...on Christmas Day or...

    Tasty Mashed Potato Doughnuts

    1 review

    For a twist on the normal doughnut, try this recipe. Your family will love them.—Florence Ladwig, Monroe, Wisconsin

    Cider Doughnuts

    8 reviews

    Here on our 1,250-acre farm, we usually have a quick breakfast on the go. So I often keep a batch...

    Lazy Doughnuts

    3 reviews

    These doughnuts have a great flavor without having to fry them. They come together so quickly on those busy mornings.—Eloise...

    Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts

    2 reviews

    Baking these light raised pastries is a delicious alternative to frying.

    Orange-Glazed Crullers

    2 reviews

    "I enjoy preparing these lovely treats with my grandchildren," notes Muriel Lerdal of Humboldt, Iowa. "The make-ahead dough is great...

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    Cake Doughnuts

    3 reviews

    "I got the recipe for these yummy traditional treats from a camp cook who has prepared them for years, to...

    Puffs with Honey Butter

    1 review

    A priest shared the recipe for these delicious doughnut-like puffs. Honey butter is yummy on top. —Ruth Plaushin, Swiftwater, Pennsylvania

    Idaho Spudnuts

    6 reviews

    Raising eight children on a potato farm in Idaho, Mother was very creative at using an abundant crop. We especially...

    Old-Fashioned Doughnuts Holes

    Light and yummy, these doughnut holes go fast! Their old-time goodness comes from mashed potatoes and buttermilk.

    Carrot Cake Doughnuts

    2 reviews

    For an easy doughnut recipe which everyone will love, I make these doughnuts. I love carrot cake so I wanted...

    Blue-Ribbon Doughnuts

    3 reviews

    What could be more delicious than a warm homemade doughnut? I've been making these tasty treats for my children and...