The Best Ways to Use Every Type of Canned Beans

Updated: Jan. 14, 2022

For an economical meal, turn to canned beans. This pantry staple adds nutrition, texture and flavor to your recipes without breaking the bank. We'll show you how to use the most common varieties of canned beans, including kidney, garbanzo and navy.

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Black Beans

A staple in Mexican cooking, black beans add texture and flavor to many different dishes. Find them in salads, mashed into veggie burgers or even cooked into brownies!

Get our best black bean recipes here.

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Navy Beans

Small and white, navy beans are a common addition to soups, stews and chilis. They pair well with other beans and can soak up a variety of different flavors.

Find more navy bean recipes here.

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Kidney Beans

Shaped like, well, a kidney, these beans are commonly found in chilis and baked bean dishes. Their iconic red hue adds both nutrition and beauty to many meals.

These are our best kidney bean recipes.

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Pinto Beans

Another bean common in Mexican cooking, pinto beans are perfect for adding a little Southwestern flair to your meal. Incorporate pintos into salads, casseroles or soups.

Get perfect pinto bean recipes here.

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Garbanzo Beans

Also known as chickpeas, garbanzo beans are a common meat substitute. We love them roasted, ground into hummus, incorporated into stir-fries and more.

These are our favorite ways to use garbanzo beans.

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Red Beans

Smaller and rounder than their kidney cousins, red beans are commonly served with rice. Grab a can the next time you make chili, jambalaya or stuffed peppers.

Our favorite uses for red beans.

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Butter Beans

Butter beans are known for their smooth, creamy texture. Try them in soups, stews or pasta dishes. And, if you’re wondering why they look so similar to lima beans, it’s because they’re the same thing!

The best butter bean recipes.

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Great Northern Beans

Great Northern beans are known for their delicate, nutty flavor. You’ll find them served with fish, added to soups or blended with other beans.

Our favorite ways to use Great Northern beans.

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Baked Beans

Canned baked beans come in many different varieties, and they’re the perfect starting point for an easy meal. We love these baked bean salads, casseroles, nachos and more.

Baked beans recipes perfect for your next picnic.

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Lime-Chipotle Carnitas Tostadas
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Refried Beans

Refried beans taste great on their own. But they can also stretch a main dish without breaking the budget. Try these recipes for tostadas, casseroles, pizza and more.

Get our best refried beans recipes.

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White Turkey Chili
White Turkey Chili

Cannellini Beans

Common in Italian cooking, cannellini beans are one of the most iconic white beans. They’re delicious with pasta, soups and side dishes.

Super-yummy uses for cannellini beans.