14 Festive Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Light a few candles. Put on some comfy clothes. You and your boo are sure to love these romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home!

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Closeup Detail Two Glasses And Red Wine
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Go All-Out with a Romantic Dinner

Who says you have to go out to enjoy a 5-star meal? There are plenty of impressive dinners that you can easily prepare at home, including everything from rack of lamb to roast duck. Don’t forget to pair it with a bottle of your favorite wine and a fancy appetizer, too! Plus, you can deck up the table with the Bath and Body Works Valentine’s Day candle collection.

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Home Movie Tonight
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Have a Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon

There are too many iconic rom-coms to just pick one, so go ahead and have a full-on movie marathon with your favorite lovey-dovey flicks. Valentine’s Day is an obvious choice, but other classics include The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally and A Walk to Remember. Pop some popcorn and settle in.

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Fresh Citrus Cocktail Or Ice Tea
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Create a New Cocktail

You could sip on a pretty pink Valentine’s Day cocktail… or you could come up with your own! Create a signature cocktail to celebrate your love using both you and your partner’s favorite ingredients. Start with a base liquor, then play around with different mix-ins until you find the perfect combo.

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Raspberry Meringue Hearts
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Bake Something Sweet Together

Valentine’s Day is all about the desserts, but instead of buying a box of chocolates this year, why not bake one from scratch with your partner? Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day desserts to find one that you’ll both enjoy, whether it’s a simple chocolate cake or an intricate berry torte.

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Looking At Wedding Photos
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Start a Scrapbook to Celebrate Your Story

This Valentine’s Day, gather up all your favorite photos and mementos from your relationship and put them together in a love-themed scrapbook! You can use it to preserve items like concert tickets and love notes, and you’ll be able to look back on it fondly for years to come.

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Mother And Daughter Laying In Tent Outdoors
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Build a Huge Pillow Fort

If you’re hanging out with your children on Valentine’s Day—or even if you’re not—there’s no better way to get cozy and have a blast than by building a pillow fort. Grab couch cushions, blankets, sheets and twinkle lights, and use them to build a cozy little hut in your living room. It’s the perfect spot to cuddle up and watch a movie!

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Put Up Festive Decorations

Take your Love Day celebrations up a notch by decorating your home. You can get heart-shaped balloons, pink and red streamers, and fun banners to honor the holiday, and don’t forget to decorate your table for Valentine’s Day, too!

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Couple Relaxing On Bed, Eating Strawberries, Elevated View
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Have Breakfast in Bed

Get cozy with your loved one on V-Day by serving breakfast in your pajamas. There are lots of delicious breakfast-in-bed recipes to make, including classics like pancakes and more unique options like breakfast tacos.

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Couple having fun at home, painting on canvas
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Stage Your Own Couple’s Paint Night

If you and your boo regularly attend paint nights, you can recreate the experience right at home this February 14. Grab a canvas and some paint, and find a beginner’s painting tutorial on YouTube. You can follow along with the video, sipping wine (or your new cocktail) as you go.

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Senior Couple Hiking Together
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Lace Up Your Boots and Go Hiking

Tired of being cooped up in the house? Put on your outdoor gear and get some fresh air on a Valentine’s Day hike. Just be sure to pack plenty of water and some Get-Up-And-Go Granola to keep you energized on your walk.

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Couple Enjoying Backgammon Game At Home
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Play Board Games

Board games are a great boredom-buster, and there are plenty of two-person options for you and your beau to break out on Valentine’s Day. You can stick with classics like Chess, Scrabble or Sorry!, but we also love new games like 7 Wonders Duel and Santorini.

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Close Up Of A Woman Icing A Cookie
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Compete in a Festive Bake-Off

If you and your partner are the competitive type, why not make a friendly wager this Valentine’s Day? You can stage your very own baking competition, seeing who can create the better dessert. You can make the challenge as structured or freeform as you’d like. In the end, you’ll both be winners, as you’ll have two delicious treats to enjoy.

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Affectionate Young Couple In Love Dancing At Home, Having Fun.
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Take an Online Dance Class

You can learn all manner of skills on YouTube, and that includes ballroom dancing! Let an expert teach you the basics of waltz, tango, salsa and more, right from the comfort of your living room. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to put on fancy clothing and get close to your loved one.

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Crafts Equipment On Table
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Make Sweet Valentine’s Day Crafts

Break out your scissors, glue and glitter (if you dare). There’s no better way to get in the Love Day spirit than by making festive cards, streamers or other cute winter crafts with your family. Plus, you can then mail your creations to friends and family, letting them know you’re thinking of them.

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