8 Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Planning a special dinner for your beau? Here are eight ways to make the Valentine's Day table decorations memorable.

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You want to make your special someone feel extra special on Feb. 14. To show your partner how much you care—all while avoiding every crowded restaurant in town—then cook a romantic dinner at home. But don’t stop there. A romantic dinner needs the right setting. Check out these eight creative ways to dress your Valentine’s Day table.

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Rethink the Roses

Red roses are a classic Valentine’s Day flower, but it’s time to switch things up. Pick up a batch of Iceland poppies instead. The leafless flowers are in season on the West Coast, sexy and more subtle than red roses. Create some drama by placing a single stem in each of several bud vases.

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Spruce Up the H20

You don’t have to spend big bucks for Valentine’s Day table decorations. Case in point: fruit-infused water. Place a pitcher full of water and sliced strawberries in the fridge in the morning, and by the time dinner is served, you’ll have some perfectly flavored H20. It looks fancy but will cost you only a couple of dollars.

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Pay Homage to Favorite Memories

You probably have boxes of mementos from your relationship. Old birthday cards, photo booth strips, dry rose petals and so on. This year, put those memories to good use by showing them off on the dining room table. Framing a set of ticket stubs is a subtle touch that will totally tug at your partner’s heartstrings.

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Use a Deck of Cards

For a cute yet creative alternative to scattering rose petals, grab a deck of cards and lay the hearts suit on the table. It sets the mood without being too mushy.

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Create a Special Tablecloth

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 21st, it probably won’t be your last. Why not start a tradition you can enjoy for years to come? Track your love over time by buying a white tablecloth and plenty of fabric markers. Each year, you and your partner will write one thing you love about each other and use the tablecloth for your special dinner. Aww!

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Use Unconventional Mood Lighting

We love dramatic candles, but you can do one better than a candlelit dinner. Try sprawling a string of twinkly lights across the table. After all, they’re still up from the holidays, so consider Valentine’s Day your lights’ last hurrah.

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Start With Figs

Everyone knows that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but did you know figs can also set the mood? For an alluring appetizer, create a platter of sliced figs and cheese.

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Bake a Showstopping Dessert

Go a step further than a box of store-bought chocolates. If you really want to wow your significant other, make a romantic dessert from scratch. Homemade truffles are a divine way to end your feast, plus chocolate is yet another aphrodisiac. Ooh la la!

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