Great British Baking Show Copycat Recipes

Have the urge to binge on episodes of The Great British Baking Show? Now you can bake along with these copycat recipes inspired by the series most delicious moments. No UK-to-American conversions necessary!

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Inspired by the Great British Baking Show Credits

Before we dive into dozens of Mary Berry-approved copycats, let’s start with a cake inspired by the show’s iconic opening credits. Topped with fresh raspberries and a rich ganache, this cake might just be tastier than its British cousin.
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Season 1: Cake Week

Inspired by Martha's Lemon and Thyme Mini Cakes

For Americans, this was the first we ever saw of The Great British Baking Show (or Bake Off for the Brits). Fan-favorite Martha whipped up dozens of miniature lemon and thyme cakes for the first Showstopper Challenge. Simple and elegant, we were hooked!
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Season 1: Desserts Week

Inspired by the Tiramisu Technical Challenge

Everyone loves a good Technical Challenge. But don’t worry if you’re not a tiramisu expert, we’ve got a how-to to walk you through the process step by step—no Paul Hollywood spying over your shoulder!

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Season 1: Pies & Tarts Week

Inspired by Nancy's Apple Galette

During this episode, bakers were challenged to build a three-tiered pie. We aren’t going to suggest you try that at home, but we do recommend a tasty apple galette, much like the one Nancy topped off her tower with!

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Season 1: Pastry Week

Inspired by Martha's Mini Beef Wellingtons

Pastries can be pretty finicky, but when you get them right, they are so worth it. These mini beef wellingtons, just like the one’s Martha made, are sure to impress at your next party.

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Season 1: Advanced Dough Week

Inspired by Richard's Fruit Swedish Tea Ring

This recipe is packed with fruity spread and twisted just like Richard’s stellar bake. Best of all—it’s all topped off with beautiful icing, making it worthy of the highest praise.

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Season 1: Patisserie Week

Inspired by Richard's Double Nut Baklava

Who can resist flaky, sticky, nutty baklava? This recipe is packed with macadamia nuts and pecans for extra crunch and depth of flavor. We think a beautiful bake like this is likely to earn you a rare Paul Hollywood handshake.

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Season 1: Patisserie Week

Inspired by the Schichttorte Technical Challenge

We all know that our favorite judges like to find the most obscure and difficult recipes for the weekly technical challenges. Schichttorte is essentially a layered crepe cake. This one looks impressive (and is super tasty to boot!).

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Season 1: Final Week

Inspired by the Citrus Tart Technical Challenge

The tart au citron (or simply a lemon tart) was a component of the final’s three-part technical. This dessert is tart and sweet (just like our favorite lemon meringue recipes).
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Season 1: Final Week

Inspired by the Scone Technical Challenge

Another part of the final very British Technical Challenge was to whip up a batch of simple scones. Normally served with tea, scones are an English classic, much like these commonly misunderstood dishes!

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Season 2: Cake Week

Inspired by Glenn's Strawberries and Cream Cake

Known for his giant desserts, Glenn started off the second season with a beautiful (and massive) strawberries and cream cake. We like this version with a few blueberries and raspberries mixed in!

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Season 2: Cake Week

Inspired by the Angel Food Cake Technical Challenge

Presented with this challenge, the bakers were pretty confused, but in the end they made lovely cakes filled with lemon curd.
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Season 2: Bread Week

Inspired by the English Muffin Technical Challenge

A certain satisfaction comes from knowing how to make foods that you’d typically buy pre-made. The bakers mastered English muffins on their second week (and we think you can manage too, with this recipe).

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Season 2: Dessert Week

Inspired by Floating Islands Technical Challenge

We love the Great British Baking Show because it shows us new-to-us recipes, like this one for delicate meringue on a bed of creamy custard.

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Season 2: Dessert Week

Inspired by Christine's Brandy Snap Ninety-Niners

In the Showstopper Challenge, bakers were asked to make dozens of beautiful petit fours—or bite-sized desserts. Christine whipped up delicate brandy snaps filled with cream. If you’re craving more mini treats, try these on for size.

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Season 2: Sweet Dough Week

Inspired by the Apricot Curonne Technical Challenge

One of Paul’s trademark extra-difficult technicals, an apricot curonne, is filled with apricot preserves, almond paste and topped with flaked almonds. This one takes a little extra time, but it turns out beautifully. Mary Berry would be proud if you tried this one at home!

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Season 2: Sweet Dough Week

Inspired by Frances's Hot Cross Buns

Sweet dough is notoriously difficult to work with. (Getting that perfect rise? Impossible—if you don’t follow these tips.) But Frances knocked it out of the park with her showstopper hot cross buns. Now you can too!

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Season 2: Sweet Dough Week

Inspired by Frances's Kolaches

In addition to those tasty hot cross buns, Frances whipped up a batch of tasty Bohemian style kolaches. She filled hers with custard and rhubarb, but feel free to substitute your favorite fruit filling for this tasty pastry.

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Season 2: Sweet Dough Week

Inspired by Frances's Palmiers

Made of flaky puff pastry filled with cinnamon and sugar, palmiers are certainly a show-stopping treat. While Frances made her puff from scratch, it never hurts to use frozen pastry to speed up the process. We’ll show you how.

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Season 2: Unconventional Ingredients Week

Inspired by Ruby's Carrot Cake

Ruby stunned the judges with her adorable garden-inspired cake. The real star of that bake, though, was the delicious and moist carrot cake much like this one!

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Season 2: Final Week

Inspired by the Pretzel Technical Challenge

In the last week of this season, the bakers were challenged to make salty homemade pretzels. Getting that perfect twist can be tricky, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t want to stop! Try them alongside some of our favorite beer garden-inspired recipes.

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Season 3: Cake Week

Inspired by the Frosted Walnut Cake Technical Challenge

The Great British Baking Show starts every season off with Cake Week. In this season, bakers were challenged to make the perfect walnut cake. Lucky for you, we found a winning recipe right here!

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Season 3: Biscuit Week

Inspired by Mat's Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti

We Americans would consider biscotti more of a cookie than a biscuit, but we’ll let those differences go for the sake of this scrumptious biscotti. Packed with nuts and fruit, it’s a great coffee companion.

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Season 3: Bread Week

Inspired by the Baguette Technical Challenge

Bread week is where the best bakers always seem to rise to the top. Try this baguette recipe at home and you’ll earn the title of Star Baker!

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Season 3: Desserts Week

Inspired by Ian's Pomegranate Creme Brulee

Take this special occasion dessert to the next level by incorporating pomegranate flavor, just like Ian (who took home Star Baker this week!).

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Season 3: Chocolate Week

Inspired by the Chocolate Souffle Challenge

Souffles are notoriously difficult to master, but when made just right, they are absolute heaven! Give this recipe a go in your own kitchen and then try a few of our other French favorites!

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Season 3: Final Week

Inspired by Tamal's Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

You can’t have a British baking show without a good sticky toffee pudding! Tamal turned this classic English dessert into a multi-tiered masterpiece, but you can make this simple (but still delicious) version at home.

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Season 3: Final Week

Inspired by Nadiya's Big Fat British Wedding Cake

Nadiya took home the crown (or should I say cake plate) with a stunning tiered lemon cake. This version lacks the elegant jewels and sparkle of her finale showstopper, but it still has those amazing citrus flavors.

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Season 4: Cake Week

Inspired by Benjamina's Pistachio and Cardamom Cake

Benjamina kicked off this season with a beautiful cardamom drizzle cake. While this isn’t an exact copycat, this cheesecake still features all those amazing flavors.

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Season 4: Biscuit Week

Inspired by Kate's Lavender Shortbread

Leave it to the Brits to incorporate a hint of lavender into their shortbread. When used sparingly, this floral flavor can be lovely and delicate.

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Season 4: Biscuit Week

Inspired by Tom's Frappelatteccino Shortbread

In the biscuit challenge, baker Tom packed a lot of ingredients into one small shortbread. We love the idea of cappuccino and shortbread, though! It goes without saying that these cookies are a great match for your morning cuppa.

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Season 4: Biscuit Week

Inspired by Candice's Sticky Ginger Pub

In a gingerbread house challenge, baker Candice went the extra mile and set her cookie pub atop a sticky ginger cake, much like this one.

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Season 4: Botanical Week

Inspired by Jane's Coconut Meringue Pie

Who can resist a delicate meringue-topped pie? We love this coconut recipe. Take it up to Jane’s level and incorporate just a little lime zest for more tropical flavor.

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Season 4: Desserts Week

Inspired by Selasi's Summer Picnic Roulade

With a combination like strawberries and cream, who can go wrong? This beautiful cake roll, inspired by Selasi, would be a stunning addition to any picnic or party.

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Season 4: Patisserie Week

Inspired by Candice's Mushroom Palmiers

We’ve already seen sweet palmiers from our British bakers, but the flaky treat can also be savory. Packed with mushrooms, these make an elegant appetizer.

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Season 4: Patisserie Week

Inspired by Jane's Pistachio Fancies

For the Patisserie Week Showstopper Challenge, bakers were challenged to make petite cakes, or fancies. Jane got great reviews from Mary and Paul on the flavor of her pistachio cake. Pair this with fresh raspberries and cream to mimic Jane’s flavor combinations exactly.

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Season 4: Final Week

Inspired by Jane's Red, White and Blue Pavlova

In the last Signature Bake of the season, bakers were tasked with making picture-perfect meringue desserts. Jane made a beautiful, berry-filled pavlova much like this one.

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Season 4: Final Week

Inspired by Candice's Mini Asparagus Quiches

In the final challenge of the season, the bakers were asked to make a picnic fit for the queen herself—a major challenge! Candice included miniature asparagus quiches in here royal picnic spread, and you can make the full-size version at home with this copycat.

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Season 4: Final Week

Inspired by Candice's Rhubarb Tart

As a part of that same queenly challenge, Candice baked up beautiful rhubarb tartlets. When not entertaining the queen, this rustic version is a great substitute.

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