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10 Must-Have Treats for Your Office Snack Drawer

When hunger strikes outside of meal time, a well-stocked snack drawer can save the day.

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I think of it as “Hangry Hour,” that mid-afternoon slump when lunch has worn off but dinner’s still distant, and you need a little boost to carry you to the end of the day. Why settle for the overpriced, stale snacks in the vending machine? Stock a snack drawer with these top-rated, pick-me-up munchies.

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Vegetable Chipsvia

Vegetable Chips

If you’re craving something savory, you can’t go wrong with a bag of chips. These Terra chips ($45 for 12 bags) are a healthy alternative to classic potato. Made from extra-thin slices of root vegetables—think sweet potato, parsnip and yuca—and sprinkled with sea salt, the chips taste as good as potato but have more vitamins. The chips are also gluten-free, vegan, kosher and cholesterol-free. (Try these other kosher snacks.)

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Honey roasted cashewsvia

Roasted Nuts

Nuts are a no-brainer high-protein snack. Planters honey roasted cashews ($34 for 12 snack packs) are made with real honey and contain no trans fats or cholesterol.

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Pizza-Inspired Bitesvia

Pizza-Inspired Bites

Inspired by pizza but with a healthy twist, these Shrewd Food Brickoven Pizza Protein Chips ($15 for 8 mini bags) pack 14 grams of protein per serving. Real cheese and Italian seasonings call to mind a mouth-watering pie, yet the chips are low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free and nut-free.

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Classic Cookiesvia

Classic Cookies

Sometimes, you just want something like grandma used to make. Big, chewy, soft and delicious, Grandma’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ($22 for 60 cookies) aren’t particularly healthy, but they are completely nostalgic—and sometimes you just need a cookie.

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Popcorn, No Microwave Neededvia

Popcorn, No Microwave Needed

As much as we love popcorn (and we really love popcorn), microwave popcorn has a tendency to scorch in office microwaves, and the smell can linger for days. Spare your coworkers and munch on Popcornopolis’s Nearly Naked Popcorn bags ($25 for 24 mini bags) instead.

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Salt 'n' Vinegar Savoriesvia

Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Savories

Nothing compares to the tangy-salty-mouth-watering flavor of salt ‘n’ vinegar. These Blue Diamond almonds ($21 for 24 snack pouches) nail the flavor and keep you fuller longer than a potato chip, thanks to higher protein and fiber content.

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Roasted bean snackvia

A Wild-Card Snack

If gobbling beans at your desk doesn’t sound tempting, you might want to reconsider. Crunchy fava beans ($29 for 24 mini bags), roasted in flavors like Sriracha and mesquite, are naturally healthy: high protein and fiber, gluten-free and vegan, and have fewer calories than nuts.

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Fruit-Filled Bitesvia

Fruit-Filled Bites

Fruit is a perfect snack: sweet, vitamin-rich and oh-so healthy. If you don’t keep a fresh stash at your desk, reach for a jam-filled energy bar ($6 for 12 bars). These plant-based bars are made with real fruit, never high fructose corn syrup. They’re a good option for people who can’t have nuts.

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Jerky, Obviously

You knew we had to include jerky, right? Rich and savory beef jerky is a great snack choice for those following a paleo or keto diet, not to mention it’s often gluten-free. This grass-fed variety ($18 for 6 packs) is also sugar-free, soy-free, antibiotic-free and nitrate-free.

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Brownie brittlevia


Sometimes, only chocolate will do. While I’m known to dig straight into a bag of chocolate chips, this Brownie Brittle ($18 for 6 bags), is more office appropriate. Inspired by the crispy edges of a pan of brownies, the treat is decadent but not overly indulgent at 120 calories per bag.

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