10 Kosher Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon

Updated: Jan. 08, 2021

This lineup of kosher snacks includes brands you know and love, plus a handful of new products, too.

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Bobo’s Oat Bars

Made with organic and wholesome ingredients, Bobo’s bars are designed to keep you fueled throughout the day, whether at the office or the gym. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re delicious (and available in a wide range of flavors)! By the way, here’s everything you need to know about kosher cooking.

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That’s It Fruit Bars

What’s in a name is…everything, at least for That’s It fruit bars. Made with a short list of ingredients, these on-the-go snacks are healthy and perfect for many people with dietary restrictions. That’s It flavors range from apple and banana to fig.

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We love that KIND Bars are a delicious, fiber-packed snack made from wholesome ingredients like almonds and dried fruit. You can slip the Almond & Coconut flavor in the kids’ lunch boxes—and keep the Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Nut bars for yourself. Find more ways to sneak nuts into your diet.

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Oloves Olives

For a salty snack, Oloves whole pitted olives are fun snack or salad topper. Each pack is made with simple ingredients and without additives. You can choose from flavors like chili and oregano or lemon and rosemary. More of a DIYer? Learn how to make marinated olives at home.

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GF and perfect for vegans, PopCorners are a healthy twist on the classic chip, made with popped corn for an irresistible snack minus the guilt. If you have a sweet tooth, definitely go for the kettle corn-inspired flavor!

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Pining for pie—without the sugar rush? Larabars are made with ingredients you recognize for a healthy meal or midday snack. Look out for other deceptively delicious flavors too, like cherry pie and chocolate chip cookie dough.

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Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers is committed to quality, sourcing only the best, organic ingredients to up your cracker game. The crackers are packed with seeds, meaning they’re high in protein and will give you the energy to power through the day.

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Triscuit Organic Original Crackers

The original cracker, Triscuits are made from whole grain wheat. Eat Triscuits right from the box or top the fiber-rich crackers with your olive tapenade or salsa (we love this one) for a tantalizing treat.

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Life’s Grape Raisins

Life’s Grape snacks are like raisins but… somehow better. The vine-dried Selma Pete grapes have a bright flavor and plump texture that make us happy to munch this childhood snack. The snackable treats come in two different kosher varieties: Classic and Mini.

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Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

Here’s a snack to take on a hike! Lenny & Larry’s cookies are packed with up to 16g of plant-based protein and 10g of fiber. There’s a whole lineup of flavors, but we’re obsessed with peanut butter and pumpkin spice.

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