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10 High Fiber Foods You Should Add to Your Grocery List

Despite what you might think, there are more ways to get lots of fiber into your diet aside from whole-grain bread.

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Getting enough dietary fiber is key for digestion and has so many health benefits. You probably already know that whole wheat and oats are high in fiber (we’re talking about you, overnight oatmeal), but you might not have known that these 10 foods are packed with fiber to help your digestive system feel its best.

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Raspberries in a Bowl via Taste of HomeTaste of Home


Raspberries top the list for fruits that are high in fiber, packing in 8 grams of fiber in one cup. While one cup might seem like a lot to eat at one sitting, you won’t be able to stop popping these ruby berries like candy. Not into having them as a snack? Here’s a bunch of ways to love raspberries, from tarts to tea.

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Elegant artichokesTaste of Home


You might think that artichokes are a vegetable, but you’re wrong! These green giants are unopened flowers, with a sweet and satisfying center, known as the heart, that are filled with fiber. Artichokes can be used in everything from creamy dips to crispy pizzas.

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Taste of Home


If you’re a beer fan, you might already be familiar with barley, but that’s not enough! Barley is a tasty and nutritious grain that’s packed with 6 grams of fiber per cup. Try this delicious barley side or go for a hearty barley soup.

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Healthy Organic Pears in the Basket.nelea33/Shutterstock


Tasty and crisp, pears are high in insoluble fiber, which helps to make you feel fuller and accelerates the movement of food through your digestive system. Looking for a way to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure? You guessed it, pears are great for that too. While having them as a snack is great, these creative pear recipes will have you thinking about them in a whole new way.

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Taste of Home

Black Beans

While you’re probably familiar with black beans in your favorite Mexican-style dinner recipes, have you tried making black bean burgers at home? They’re packed with far more fiber than beef burgers (15 grams per cup!) and are delicious to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

You can try these 50 other black bean recipes, too!

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Taste of Home

Green Peas

Peas are not only packed with fiber, they’re high in vitamins A and K, too! These tiny powerhouses need their time to shine. Try them in easy side dishes like pilaf or add them to bright spring salad recipes.

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Ripe green apples and apple slicesObchoei PR/Shutterstock


The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” definitely still rings true today because a medium apples of any color packs about 4 grams of fiber per fruit.

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Taste of Home


Aside from being packed with fiber (over 15 grams per cooked cup!), lentils are also super-high in protein, so they’re a fan favorite among vegetarians and vegans. Have them in these awesome bowls, or add some to these popular chili recipes or quick casserole recipes to boost fiber and protein.

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Taste of Home


You’ll be surprised how much broccoli you can chow down on whether it’s steamed or raw, giving your body about 5 grams of fiber per cup. And while not everyone enjoys their greens, even the pickiest of eaters will love these superstar broccoli recipes.

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Taste of Home

Lima Beans

While you might not have good memories of lima beans from your childhood, they come packed with 13 grams of fiber per one cup serving, and you can easily jazz them up and add them into cozy soup recipes or mix them into your favorite rice dishes. These garlicky lima beans are fantastic on their own, too.

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