The Frozen Produce You Should Always Have on Hand

Keep plenty of frozen fruits and vegetables on hand to make quick work of cooking and baking... without having to stop at the supermarket!

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Ripe Bananas

Bananas always seem to be in such a rush to get to their next stage in life (which is to say, overripe). But instead of bemoaning how quickly they grow old, peel a few and toss ’em into the freezer for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread or a Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie.

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There are so many things you can bake with frozen blueberries, including pancakes, muffins, pies and cobblers. (For proof, look through our 60+ best blueberry desserts!) You can toss ’em right in the batter from your freezer, no need to defrost. Just keep in mind that frozen blueberries will give off more juice than fresh.

You can also simply pop ’em in your mouth for a frozen snack. They’re cold and refreshing, but eat quickly because they defrost in a flash.

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Keep hash browns or diced potatoes in your freezer to speed up cooking–whether you’re making Tuesday night’s dinner or a potluck dish for brunch. From casseroles to soups and skillets, you can do almost anything. Here are 30 quick (and tasty!) recipes that use frozen spuds.

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You may not be familiar with the word “mirepoix,” but you’re definitely familiar with the concept. It’s a combination of diced onions (2 parts), celery (1 part) and carrots (1 part), and it forms the base for many hearty soups. Having the frozen stuff will cut your prep time in half.

You can also add frozen mirepoix to scrambled eggs, omelets and frittatas, either thawed or lightly sauteed.

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Stir-Fry Vegetables

For speedy weeknight meal prep, there’s nothing better than this blend. Just add the frozen bell peppers and onions to any skillet or stir fry. Use these 35 flavorful stir-fry recipes to get started.

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Butternut Squash

I never stop craving mashed butternut squash, and it’s so good in soups (like this rich, creamy recipe.) The only thing that makes me sad about butternut is that it’s hard to cube and not readily available all year long. It both freezes and cooks up well, so I consider it the perfect frozen staple for my own food prep.

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Pitted Cherries

If you love cooking with cherries but don’t quite love the price–or how they stain your fingers when you pit them–then you should explore frozen cherries! They’re everything you love about fresh, dark, sweet cherries…without the mess. Toss them into a tasty Cherry Fruit Smoothie or bake into one of our delicious cherry recipes.

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Mango Chunks

Mangos are delish, but they can cost a small fortune when they’re not in season. Plus, they go from perfectly ripe to overripe in no time flat. There’s a solution, however, to keep you eating mango all year long: frozen mango chunks. They’re best in frozen treats (like this refreshing Mango Peach Smoothie) or blended for homemade popsicles. Here are our best cool treats to inspire you!

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