The Best Ginger Ale: Our Top Soda Picks

Time to settle the debate (and some stomachs). We found the best ginger ale for sipping and mixing.

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Which brands make the best ginger ale?

When it comes to ginger ale, one major brand always comes to mind. It’s the same with brands like Reese’s and Ocean Spray—they stand out in their field as the most iconic examples of what they do.

However, when one brand seems to be heads and tails above the rest, the Test Kitchen at Taste of Home always wants to verify if that’s really the case. After all, there might be an amazing ginger ale out there that would make this party punch really pop.

How We Tested Ginger Ale

Our Test Kitchen team did a deep dive on grocery store and specialty shop shelves to find nine different types of ginger ale for this taste test. Each brand was kept under wraps until after testing was complete. The goal was to find a bubbly beverage that delivered when it came to the perfect levels of ginger flavor, fizz and sweetness.

Here’s a quick ranking of our top picks, but be sure to check out our full Test Kitchen-Preferred reviews below.

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Best Classic Ginger Ale


As much as we love a spicy ginger beer, sometimes you crave the taste of a classic ginger ale. If you ask our testers, that ginger ale should be Schweppes.

This soda had plenty of carbonation that delighted the fizz fanatics on our testing panel. The flavor here was also just right for a traditional and mild ginger ale—the kind you might crave when you’re feeling under the weather or on an airplane.

“There’s a good balance between sweetness and spicy ginger here,” says editor Caroline Stanko.

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Spiciest Ginger Ale


When you’re craving a ginger ale with a bit of a bite, our team recommends Olipop Ginger Ale.

The second you pop the top of this can, you’ll get notes of ginger right on the nose. And once you sip, that peppery and verdant flavor comes through. In addition to ginger, our team picked up other notes that add to the complexity of this soda, like lemon. “It’s bright and citrusy,” says editor Lauren Pahmeier.

But this ginger ale isn’t just notable because of its vibrant ginger flavor. It’s also free of sugar and corn syrup. Olipop’s twist on this soda is sweetened with stevia and fruit juices. Olipop sodas of all kinds boast some health benefits; this ginger ale has 32% of your dietary fiber for one day!

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Best Mixer

Q Mixers Ginger Ale

If your ginger ale is most likely to end up in a Kentucky lemonade or whiskey ginger, you’ll want to pick up Q Mixers Ginger Ale.

This sipper is nearly clear but packs some seriously spicy and peppery ginger flavor—without a lot of sweetness. What you get is a wonderfully fizzy soda with a good ginger kick.

“This is something I’d mix drinks with,” says senior editor Lara Eucalano. “The ginger flavor would still come through—even with a more potent spirit.”

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Best Sweet Ginger Ale


This ginger ale has a serious following—particularly in Michigan where the brand originates. After testing, our team understands why Vernors is such a hit.

This ginger ale is sweet (but not overly sweet) with a straightforward ginger flavor and hints of cream soda. It’s also wonderfully bubbly and had some testers thinking of mingling at holiday parties—maybe even enjoying a classic Christmas punch.

“It reminds me of an old-fashioned ginger candy,” says Caroline.

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