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10 Shark Tank Products for Your Kitchen That Actually Work

Check out our favorite Shark Tank products designed to make your kitchen routine easier.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Silicone food bagvia

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Whether you use them to stash snacks, marinade foods or just to collect odds and ends, zip-top bags are kitchen necessity. However, a lot of folks are trying to reduce their plastic waste. Enter Stasher bags (starting at $10)! These silicone bags are great for storing and even reheating food.

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We’ve all been there. You set up to make a delicious sauteed or fried meal in your cast iron skillet, and before you know it, there’s grease everywhere. It seems like you can’t avoid it. Well, it seemed that way until early 2018, when inventor Yair Reiner appeared on Shark Tank with the Frywall ($22). This silicone gadget fits in your frying pan or skillet to prevent all that grease from going everywhere. So you can grab one and fry chicken with confidence now!

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The Smart Baker Pre-Cut Parchment Sheetsvia

The Smart Baker Pre-Cut Parchment Sheets

With these pre-cut parchment sheets ($7-9), you can skip the tracing and cutting for your next layer cake. Simply order a pack to fit whichever pan you please, drop it in the bottom of your pan, and top with batter. These work great for cakes, brownies, and even brittle!

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Baker's Edge Brownie Panvia

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

Pans seem to be designed for people in search of ooey-gooey centers. Not Baker’s Edge ($36). This pan is all about the chewy edge lovers! It’s non-stick so you don’t need to worry about bars or brownies getting stuck in the pan, and you also don’t need to worry about fighting over the corner piece. Use this pan to bake up some of our best brownie recipes.

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Rapid Ramen Cookervia

Rapid Ramen Cooker

You might not use this in your home kitchen, but the Rapid Ramen Cooker ($7) and the dorm (or office) microwave are a match made in heaven. The cooker comes in more than seven colors so your college student can match their dish to their dorm decor. After trying this gadget, you might even want to expand your ramen repertoire.

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Scrub Daddy Kitchen Spongevia

Scrub Daddy Kitchen Sponge

The Scrub Daddy ($6) brings a little charm to your kitchen sink, but it also brings more practical attributes like scratch-free material for cleaning non-stick pans and a mouth that’s the perfect shape for scrubbing dirty utensils. What really makes this sponge stand out: It’s soft in hot water, but when you switch to cold, the sponge firms up. The firm, coarse option is perfect for scrubbing off that stuck-on grease and gunk. It’s also our secret to clean cast iron pans! While you’re at it, check out these cute Scrub Daddy Christmas sponges, too.

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Bambooee Reusable Paper Towelsvia

Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels

Halfway between a dish rag and a paper towel is Bambooee ($13). Each sheet feels just like a typical paper towel, but it can be thrown in the washing machine with your other towels and washed up to 100 times. Using a roll of these is a great way to start going green in the kitchen—along with these ten tips.

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Safe Grabsvia

Safe Grabs

Ever go to grab your cup of soup out of the microwave only to burn your hand. Us too! But with Safe Grabs ($27 for a set of 2), you don’t have to worry. Layer this silicone pad under your dish in the microwave and use it as a hot pad when you pull it out. Inventor Cyndi Lee also showed the Sharks that these pads can be used as trivets, splatter guards and so much more.

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Bottle Brightvia

Bottle Bright

Got a reusable water bottle or thermos you take to work every day? Now think about the last time you gave it a good cleaning—like a really good cleaning. Well, with Bottle Bright ($8), you don’t ever have to second guess how clean your thermos or bottle is. Just pop one of these pellets into your container with some water. It’ll clean all the gunk and coffee remnants away. Don’t stop with just your mugs, though! Bottle Bright works for getting rid of stubborn stains and odors in plastic, stainless steel and glass food containers, too!

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BRUW Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We love a good cold brew coffee, but stopping by the cafe every morning can get pricey. BRUW ($24) makes brewing your own cold brew coffee easy. All you need is this nifty gadget plus any wide mouth mason jar. Use your favorite beans and have great coffee at the ready for your commute.

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Note: Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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