9 Recipes Inspired by The Grinch

He's a mean one, that Mr. Grinch. But these recipes inspired by the infamous Christmas character are nothing short of delicious. Learn how to make recipes and treats inspired by the villain, such as Who-hash, roast beast, Grinch cookies and more.

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Merry Grinchmas Cookies

No one quite knows the reason the Grinch hates Christmas so much. But perhaps (and the most likely reason of all) is because his heart is two sizes too small. These adorable cookies pay homage to the Grinch’s most infamous feature.

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Grinch Punch

One of the features that sets the Grinch apart from the rest of the Whos is his gristly green complexion. This sweet punch will also stand out on your treat table—but mainly because it’s so delicious.

These green grump trees AKA, grinch-inspired Christmas trees, are another grinch addition that will get you into the holiday spirit.

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Chex™ Merry Grinch™ Mix

No matter what version of the Grinch you choose to watch, enjoy a handful of this irresistible mix. Chock full of Chex cereal, candy hearts, sprinkles and “Santa hats,” it’s the perfect movie munching treat.
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Reindeer are scarce where the Grinch lives, so he makes one to pull his sleigh. You can create your own reindeer with the help of this fun recipe—no horn and red thread required.
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Seasoned Ribeye Roast

At the end of the story, the Grinch is asked to carve the Whos’ roast beast. This yummy roast is just as impressive.

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Marbled Meringue Hearts

The Grinch’s cold heart grows three sizes when he realizes the true meaning of Christmas. Mimic the transformation with these heart-shaped meringues that can be made in several sizes.
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Sausage Hash

In addition to their presents, the Grinch steals the Whos holiday feast. He even takes their last can of Who-Hash! You can make your own version of the Who-riffic dish with this sausage hash recipe.
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Dog Biscuits

The Grinch may not be the kindest pet owner, but he at least feeds poor Max. Give your own dog a treat with these homemade biscuits.
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Christmas Lights Cookies

When little Cindy Lou finds the Grinch stealing her tree, he lies that he’s taking it home to fix in his workshop. After all, there’s a light on the tree that won’t light on one side. These cute cookies taste just as good as they look—and they’re guaranteed to light up your cookie tray.

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