We Tried Every Single Pringles Flavor, Here’s How They Ranked

Our staffers tried all 14 Pringles flavors to find the ones that prove the slogan "once you pop, you can't stop" true.

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The Quest for the Best Pringle

When it comes to snacking, Pringles are one of the most frequent buys at my house. Crisp, salty and convenient, you really can’t go wrong. However, I find myself reaching for the same few flavors over and over again. So I grabbed some Taste of Home staffers and had them try all 14 flavors to determine our official ranking—much like we did with Pepperidge Farm cookies. See how every flavor stacked up!

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14. Buffalo Ranch

At Taste of Home, we’re big buffalo wing fans—this buffalo-style dip is one of our readers’ favorites. However, when it came to Buffalo Ranch Pringles, we just couldn’t get on board. These crisps were spicy but had too much of a vinegary kick to make us want to eat more. We’d recommend this to salt and vinegar fans who want to try something new.

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13. BBQ

Pringles BBQ flavor was just OK. Testers agreed that these barbecue-flavored chips tasted like any generic barbecue snack. They were smokey and salty, but just not our favorite (though you can give them a try). Get real barbecue flavor with these homemade sauces.

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12. Salt & Vinegar

Let me be clear here: Pringles Salt & Vinegar weren’t bad chips. In fact, we thought they were perfectly crunchy (as always) and had a good amount of salt. However, they lacked the bite of vinegar that salt and vinegar chip fans love. Give the Pringles a try for yourself, though. If you’re really hankering for this combo, we enjoyed Lays take on this flavor.

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11. Honey Mustard

If you’re looking for spot-on honey mustard flavor, these Pringles have it in spades. However, the flavor here was just a bit too overpowering for most folks (a few major honey mustard fans thought they were perfect, though). If you want a homemade honey mustard snack, try these pretzels.

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10. Extra Hot

Pringles Extra Hot crisps were a pretty polarizing flavor in our test. Some folks just couldn’t stand the heat. However, for fans of spice and snacks like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, these Extra Hot Pringles were right on point. These chips definitely had kick thanks to some chili flavor, but underneath was a hint of lime to help cut all that heat. Love spice and heat? Try these recipes. (And then try the Pringles, too).

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9. Pizza

Pizza Pringles proved to be an anomaly to testers. The flavor of these crisps wasn’t exactly pizza (it feel somewhere between Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Pizza Lunchables for all you ’90s kids), but that didn’t mean they were bad. In fact, every single tester (really!) wrote on their scorecards some variation of “for some reason, I can’t stop eating them.” In the end, we decided that these wouldn’t be a flavor we’d buy regularly, but we’d be happy to see at a party—maybe a ’90s throwback shindig! Go on and grab a can right here. If you’re craving the real deal? Try our top-rated pizzas.

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8. Screamin’ Dill Pickle

Dill pickle is one of those flavors that has a bit of a cult following (pickle ice cream, anyone?). Combined with a crunchy and salty chip this combination does really work! Popping open the can, we definitely got a powerful pickle scent. Crunching on a few of these chips, we got a great dill flavor. These could have used a touch more vinegar, but it definitely satisfied serious pickle fans and less-than-serious fans alike.

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7. Cheddar Cheese

These crisps just had a hint of cheddar flavor. But that hint is really all we needed. After one Cheddar Cheese Pringle, we couldn’t stop going back for more. This is just one of those craveable snacks. Add more cheddar to your life with these recipes and these Pringles.

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6. Cheddar & Sour Cream

Cheddar & Sour Cream Pringles nudged ahead of the plain cheddar variation by just a smidge in this test. This crisp also had a mild flavor like its cheddar cousin, but seemed to be a bit more balanced and had a better ratio of flavor to salt. Both cheese flavors, though, were entirely addicting. These Pringles are just one of those snacks that disappear before you know it. Try them yourself.

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5. Memphis BBQ

While we weren’t totally sold on Pringles’ BBQ, we were major fans of the brand’s Memphis BBQ flavor. This crisp gave us sweet, smokey and tangy barbecue notes—everything we look for in a good barbecue sauce. This is definitely one to serve up at casual summer parties and backyard grill-outs (grab a can right here). And if you can’t get enough of Memphis-style flavors, try these ribs

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4. Original

I knew that Original Pringles would land in the top five. The classic flavor is perfectly crisp and salty. As one tester put, “these are always good,” and it’s totally true. This is one flavor you can be sure all your friends will enjoy at your next party or tailgate. Stock up right here.

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3. Ranch

We’ve got to hand it to Pringles when it came to their take on ranch dressing. The chip showed surprising restraint (yes, we are talking snack food). These crisps have the perfect hint of great ranch flavor, that little touch that just left us wanting more and more and more. This is one snack we couldn’t seem to put down (until we tasted our top two picks). Ranch fanatics, give these recipes a go.

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2. Jalapeno

While we appreciated the subtlety of Ranch and Cheddar Pringles, we loved the spice-forward flavor of Jalapeño Pringles. These chips tasted just like jalapeno and not just in terms of heat. Yes, we got a nice kick from these Pringles but we got a bit of that green pepper flavor, too. Overall, testers found the flavor to be accurate and—most importantly—tasty. Get your jalapeno fix with these recipes.

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1. Sour Cream & Onion

Beating out 13 other flavors (wow!) was Pringles Sour Cream & Onion. This Pringles flavor delivered—but didn’t over deliver—on flavor. We got a great hint of onion mellowed out with sour cream and a touch of salt. As one tester put so well, “I could eat these in bulk.” And really, given that great balance of flavor, crunch and salt, isn’t that much of an exaggeration. Get them here.

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The Takeaways

Sure, there were a few flavors we might not try again, but overall most Pringles were pretty darn tasty. Our top five were absolutely addicting—and worth trying if you haven’t ventured outside of the original flavor before. As the company’s former slogan went, “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” And we really couldn’t stop when it came to our favorites.

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