10 Pretzel Shapes That Aren’t Your Basic Twist

Updated: Apr. 27, 2024

Go beyond the classic twist with these pretzel shapes that range from simple nuggets to holiday-themed centerpieces.

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Pretzel Bites Based On Soft Beer Pretzels in a bowl
Taste of Home

Pretzel Bites

For a snack table filled with dips, you can’t beat pretzel bites. These tiny nuggets of dough are the perfect pretzel shape for dunking into gooey cheese, mustard dip and more.

And maybe the best part: They are so easy to make! Just form a long rope and slice with a bench scraper. No measuring, no twisting—just tasty.

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figure-eight shaped philadelphia soft pretzels
willcain/Getty Images

Philadelphia Pretzel

While the classic twist is the go-to pretzel shape pretty much everywhere, in Philadelphia, you’ll find another loopy shape is standard: the Philly Pretzel.

This figure eight-shaped pretzel came onto the scene in the 1920s and was originally a flub from an automated pretzel machine. But this pretzel shape stuck and soon other bakeries started to copy it. Locals will tell you the center twist is the best part.

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Movie Theater Pretzel Rods and a small cup of dipping sauce on a gray background
Movie Theater Pretzel Rods Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Pretzel Rods

Need pretzel shapes that are a dunking dream? Try pretzel rods. They are the perfect vehicle for all sorts of pretzel dip recipes.

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Pretzel Braids

Braid a few ropes of pretzel dough together to create a twisted treat. At Bretzel & Compagnie in Montreal, you’ll find them stuffed with tasty ingredients.

Get creative and weave cheese, herbs or flavored butter into your braids. And don’t forget to top with salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds or everything bagel seasoning.

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Milwaukee Pretzel Company is known for its Instagram feed full of fun shapes, but one we know we could replicate in our own kitchens is a simple heart.

When it comes to pretzel shapes, this is even easier to create than the basic twist. And it’s just right for Valentine’s Day or a date night dinner.

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Need a centerpiece for your holiday party? How about a gorgeous wreath-shaped pretzel? This is a great way to work on your bread-braiding skills. Be sure to serve up this Christmas pretzel with plenty of seasonal dips like Spruced-Up Cheese Spread or Holiday Salsa.

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Some snacks go perfectly with cheering on your team—peanuts, cold beer and of course pretzels. If you’re hosting a watch party at home, take a hint from St. Louis’ Pretzel Boys.

Recreating this pretzel shape at home is simple! Just whip up your favorite soft pretzel dough and roll it into long ropes, then use skinnier ropes for the laces.

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pretzels shaped like bones on a white dish
Taste of Home

Pretzel Bones

This might be the spookiest of the pretzel shapes but they are just right for your next Halloween bash. These spooky pretzel bones are made by rolling out ropes and knotting the ends. Really, it’s that easy! Serve them with Cauldron Dip.

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bavarian style pretzels on a white cutting board next to a small dish of salt
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Bavarian-Style Pretzel

At first glance, this might look like one of your standard pretzel shapes, but Bavarian pretzels are just a smidge different. You’ll notice the bottom of the pretzel is thicker and has a slash to show off the inside of the pretzels. The ends of the twist are also thinner. This thick and thin allows for different textures to satisfy crunch-lovers and chewy pretzel fanatics alike.

If you’re hosting an Oktoberfest party, this is the pretzel style to serve. Don’t forget the Oktoberfest beer!

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Disney fans know how satisfying a Mickey-shaped pretzel can be after a few spins on the teacups (not before). This park favorite is so beloved that Disney even released the recipe for Mickey Mouse pretzels so you can make this treat at home.