The Best Keto Desserts

You can stick to the keto diet, even when you're craving something sweet. Here are a handful of our favorite keto desserts to help you have your sugar-free cake and eat it, too!

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Healthy Keto Chocolate Raspberry Mug Cake

The toughest part of sticking to a keto diet can be the planning and preparation needed to stay on track. You can’t grab just anything in the pantry, so it’s crucial to have a few easy recipes up your sleeve. This healthy keto chocolate raspberry mug cake from The Big Man’s World can be thrown together in seconds.

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Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

It’s time to break out your blender for this swoon-worthy keto strawberry cheesecake shake created by Butter Together Kitchen. Combine strawberries with almond milk and cream cheese for a keto-approved milkshake. You won’t even notice that it’s sugar-free!

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Vegan “Nutella” Cookie Dough

Be honest, when you were a kid, you snuck a bite of raw cookie dough when your mom turned her back. We all did, and now you can indulge guilt-free. It sounds like a dream, but it is possible to enjoy this vegan “Nutella” cookie dough while sticking to your keto meal plan.

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Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Fat Bombs

Keto enthusiasts everywhere rave about their favorite fat bomb recipes. Don’t let the name fool you; you don’t need to eat a keto diet to fall in love with these little bites of heaven. These blueberry lemon cream cheese fat bombs from @keto_rebel taste like berry frosting and can be kept in your freezer all week long.

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Healthy Homemade Keto Twix Bars

Does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with candy bars? They’re quick, convenient and always feel like a special treat. The only downside is the sugar crash that follows. Get all the chocolatey flavor of your favorite candy without the added sugar with these healthy homemade keto Twix bars.

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Sugar-Free Pecan Pralines

Going sugar-free doesn’t have to mean giving up candy; at least not when you make your own sugar-free pecan pralines. These pralines, created by Butter Together Kitchen, take just a handful of ingredients, including pecan halves, butter and a natural sweetener like monk fruit.

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Carrie Madormo, RN
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