Top Tips on Planning an Exciting Murder Mystery Dinner Party At Home

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

We'll clue you in on how to host a murder mystery party: Macabre decor, scary-good food and a fun whodunit add up to a dinner party that's to die for.

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Killer Murder Mystery Party Tablescape
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Calling all true-crime fans and fictional-thriller lovers! There’s no more fitting way for you to celebrate spooky season than with this ghastly gathering. Ponder a mystery with friends over a drop-dead delicious dinner served in a swanky, spine-tingling setting.

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Murder Mystery Party Death By Chocolate Chocolates
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Select Your Storyline

A store-bought plot is the easiest route to take for your party. Kits include all the pieces you’ll need to decipher who among you is the mastermind behind the make-believe homicide. Or, if you’re feeling extra imaginative, craft your own crime from scratch!

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Cloache With Murder Mystery Party Items Inside Tohon22 Pu5326 P2 Md 05 18 9b Copy
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Scare Up Themed Accents

Set the scene by placing a clear cloche over an assortment of eerie objects, such as a magnifying glass, blood-red blooms, black feathers and potions. This head-turner works wonderfully as a centerpiece. Then, line the table with old-timey candelabras and taper candles.

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Sealing Envelope With Wax Seals
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Create Your Clues

For some vintage sophistication, use wax to seal written (or provided) clue cards or character assignments in envelopes. Then, write guests’ names on the back in script and place one at each table setting. (Psst! You could also send out snail-mail invitations this way.)

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Tiered Cake Stand As Drinks Holder
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Do Drinks Right

Line a tiered cake stand with glasses, shakers, garnishes and more for a one-stop cocktail shop. (Check out these classic aperitifs you could serve!) Our selection for this party’s signature drink is a moody blackberry balsamic Manhattan with muddled blackberries, bourbon, sweet vermouth, simple syrup, aged balsamic vinegar and bitters.

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Cocktail Garnished With Smoking Rosemary Sprig
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Go All Out on Garnishes

Add extra spookiness—and some smoky flavor—with a charred sprig of rosemary. (Did you know rosemary has all these health benefits?) Simply let the herb burn for a few moments, blow it out and drop it into your beverage. Some more fun add-ons include stirrers threaded with fresh blackberries and fresh orange pieces.

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Taste Of Home's Harvest Pork Roast Recipe; Entree
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Make a Menu

Stick with doable yet elevated recipes for your dinner party, such as hands-off pork roast, tossed kale salad and simple brie appetizers. Whatever you do, opt for recipes that have fresh, seasonal ingredients and will satiate your guests for the duration of the game.

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Taste Of Home's Turtle Tart With Caramel Sauce Recipe; Dessert
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Finish with a Confection

Can you say ‘death by chocolate’? This decked-out tart contains layer after delicious layer: nutty pecan crust, chocolate filling and creamy caramel topping. Some other chocolate-rich desserts to consider are cheesecakes, fudgy brownies, mousse, truffles and more.