The Cutest Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Updated: Jan. 26, 2023

Take your celebration to the next level with these adorable gender reveal party food ideas.

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Polka Dot Cake

There’s no sweeter way to unveil the gender of your baby than in a cake! Decorate the exterior with pink and blue polka dots, then use tinted frosting (or a blueberry or strawberry filling!) for the big reveal. Get step-by-step instructions for the gender reveal cake here.

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Blue & pink cupcake
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Surprise-Inside Cupcakes

For a show-stopping treat on the dessert table, decorate cupcakes with swirled frosting. Just fill half of a piping bag with pink frosting and the other half with blue. Or, try one of these other fun cupcake decorating ideas.

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Pink and Blue, Outdoor Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Sweet Cereal Treats

Take your favorite cereal bars to a new level with a pretty pink or blue topping. Just melt down some colored candy coating and spread it in an even layer on top of the cooled bars.

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Homemade Pink Pickled Deviled Eggs with Chives;
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Dyed Deviled Eggs

No, dyed eggs aren’t just for Easter. This adorable gender reveal idea involves dyeing eggs in pink and blue coloring (here’s how), then making your favorite deviled egg filling.

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Cotton Candy Toast

Toast baby with this pretty punch. You can use either pink or blue cotton candy, and make the mom-to-be’s drink with raspberry simple syrup and sparkling grape juice.

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Cake, cakepops and so on for birthday party
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Colorful Cake Pops

Cake pops will always be on-trend. After all, they’re cute, easy-to-eat and so much fun to decorate. To reveal the gender, dye a white cake with the appropriate food coloring, then cover with white chocolate and pink and blue sprinkles. If you’ve never made cake pops before, get the how-to here.

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Baby shower cookies
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Too-Cute Cookies

These cookies couldn’t be any cuter. Just use your favorite cutout cookie dough and a baby-themed shape (like this adorable onesie). Then decorate with tinted royal icing.

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Tasty treats served for baby shower party on table
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Piñata Cake

For a dramatic gender reveal, turn your favorite layer cake recipe into an edible piñata. To make, you’ll need 4-5 cake layers. Keep the bottom and top layers intact, then remove the centers of the remaining layers. Stack the cake, putting icing between each layer, then fill the center with pink or blue candies and sprinkles. Add the top layer and decorate as desired.

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Blue lemonade with fresh lemons

Pink or Blue Lemonade

No party is complete without a signature beverage! For your gender reveal party, craft colored lemonades. Try strawberry or raspberry lemonade for the pink drink, and spike plain lemonade with blue curaçao (or food coloring) for the blue.

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Pretty Pretzel Rods

For an easy-to-eat snack, dip pretzel rods in white chocolate, then roll in colorful sanding sugar and sprinkles. Get the full recipe here.

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Pink chocolate pop corn in brown bow
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Bright Popcorn

Popcorn! Popcorn! Come get your popcorn! Celebrate in style with candied popcorn. For extra flair, serve the snack in colorful cups.

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Strawberries covered with colorful chocolate icing on wooden background
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Dipped Strawberries

Everyone loves chocolate-covered strawberries! And these beautiful berries are no exception. To make, tint white chocolate with pink or blue food coloring, then dip your berries. You can find a full how-to here.

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Babies in Blankets

Your guests can’t eat only sugary treats. For a savory snack, whip up “babies in a blanket.” This recipe features raspberry jam, but you could sub in blueberry, too.

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Surprise Cookies

Surprise! These creative cookies rely on candy-coated disks for the big reveal.

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Berry Bars

Berries are the perfect ingredient for a gender reveal dessert. And these lattice bars taste delicious with blue berries, pink berries or a mixture of both!

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