10 Foods You Didn’t Realize Pregnant Women Can Eat

Updated: May 25, 2022

Can pregnant women eat shrimp? How about lunch meat? Find out with our list of surprising foods pregnant women can safely enjoy!

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Asparagus ‘n’ Shrimp with Angel Hair
Asparagus 'n' Shrimp with Angel Hair Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp?

Many women steer clear of seafood during their pregnancies, but shrimp is safe! It’s a great source of protein and is easy to prepare. Just make sure it’s fully cooked first.

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baked camembert cheese with thyme and toasted bread on wooden board
Lisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

Can Pregnant Women Eat Soft Cheeses?

Many pregnancy books advise against eating soft cheeses like feta and brie. But what if baked brie is your main pregnancy craving? Fortunately, you won’t have to find out, as soft cheeses are safe during pregnancy. Simply make sure it’s made with pasteurized milk by checking the label. Then whip up a scrumptious meal with any cheese of your choice!

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Honey poured onto spoon

Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey?

It’s best to pass on raw honey when you’re pregnant; it’s not pasteurized and could contain dangerous bacteria for you and your baby. But pasteurized honey is safe for pregnant women! Stir some into your tea or slather it on your hands for a luxurious at-home spa day.

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Hungarian hot dog
Taste of Home

Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs?

A lot of women worry about eating hot dogs and other processed meats when pregnant. But they’re safe as long as they have been fully cooked and are steaming hot. Join in on all the cookout fun with any of these hot dog recipes.

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Cheesy vegetable egg dish
Taste of Home

Can Pregnant Women Eat Eggs?

Not only are fully cooked eggs safe, but they’re a great source of protein for pregnant women. Whip up scrambled eggs for a filling breakfast or make a hearty casserole for dinner. Just avoid raw eggs…looking at you, raw cookie dough.

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Green dragon sushi roll with eel, avocado, cucumber, wasabi and ginger.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi?

Sushi usually tops the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, but don’t count it out entirely just yet. While no type of raw fish or seafood is safe for pregnant women, fully cooked sushi like California or tempura rolls are fine. Or cut the fish and make your own veggie sushi rolls.

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Salmon and Spud Salad
Salmon and Spud Salad Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Can Pregnant Women Eat Salmon?

Pregnant women can safely enjoy all their favorite fully cooked salmon recipes without fear. This fish is a great source of protein and healthy fats for a growing baby. Be sure to avoid smoked salmon or salmon jerky, though.

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Bacon on Skillet
Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock

Can Pregnant Women Eat Bacon?

You’ve already given up cocktails and your favorite hot yoga class. Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up bacon, too. Fully cooked bacon that is still hot is safe for pregnant women. Feel free to sprinkle it over any of your favorite meals.

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Layered fresh fruit salad
Taste of Home

Can Pregnant Women Eat Fresh Produce?

During pregnancy, it’s important to be cautious with any raw foods. They could contain bacteria that cause serious foodborne illness. But fresh produce is incredibly healthy for pregnant women. Just rinse them first—especially the “Dirty Dozen” fruits and vegetables.

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Pleasant pregnant woman holding a cup of coffee
Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

Can Pregnant Women Drink Coffee?

If you’ve come to rely on your daily iced latte to make it through the afternoon, you don’t have to give it up. Just opt for the smaller size. Pregnant women can safely enjoy up to 200 milligrams of caffeine per day; about the size of a small coffee.