8 Bridal Shower Themes for an Unforgettable Celebration

Updated: Jan. 25, 2023

No matter her style, these clever bridal shower themes are sure to give you inspiration you need to plan an unforgettable bash.

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Picnic Bridal Shower

No need to book a venue when you host a picnic-themed bridal shower. You can set up folding tables in a local park, and for a touch of whimsy, hang paper lanterns and battery-operated string lights from nearby trees. Then follow our picnic-planning tips for a day the bride-to-be will cherish.

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Fiesta Bridal Shower

Who says bridal showers can’t get a little wild? When you host a fiesta-themed party, you can serve up tortilla chips and guac, plus lots of tacos. And don’t forget to offer guests a sip of our best margarita recipes. Of course, all the guests will want to take their best shot at this engagement ring pinata.

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Food-Themed Bridal Shower

Is the bride a lemon lover? A doughnut devotee? Put together a food-themed bridal shower with decorations, games and food based on the bride’s favorite treat. You could serve our Lemon Layer Cake, play bobbing for lemons and hang lemon-themed decorations. Cute, right?

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Plant-Themed Bridal Shower

You’ve likely been to more than garden party, so why not put a twist on this classic bridal shower theme and make it a planting party? Have guests bring houseplants or supplies, serve these adorable Dirt Pudding Cups and put together a succulent and cactus planting station. They can double as bridal shower favors!

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’90s Throwback Bridal Shower

Any ’90s kid will appreciate this nostalgic bridal shower theme. Bring on the Green Day and Britney Spears playlists, glow sticks and of course, plenty of Dunkaroos! And while you dig into these popular recipes from the ’90s, play some trivia from that decade.

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Southern Pounding Party

If the bride is an avid baker or recently moved into a new home with her fiance, a pantry party—also called a “Pounding Party” in the South—is the perfect way to help her stock her kitchen. Encourage guests to bring one-pound bags of pantry staples like flour, sugar and rice. For entertainment, set up a station for decorating cupcakes, macaroons or another treat.

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Black-Tie Bridal Shower

Who doesn’t love an excuse to break out a ball gown? When you host a black-tie bridal shower, your guests can wear their favorite formal attire, and you can roll out a red carpet where everyone can pose for pictures in their finery. Oh, and these Tuxedo Strawberries are a must-have snack!

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Travel-Themed Bridal Shower

Jet-setters will love a travel-themed bridal shower, complete with faux passports and world stamps for playing various shower games, plus delicious cuisine from around the world. Decorate the venue with suitcases, and have guests write down their best travel recommendation for the newlyweds.