The Best Accessories for Your Slow Cooker

If you're BFFs with your slow cooker, you're going to love all the accessories we've found!

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Silicone Roasting Rack via

Silicone Roasting Rack

Silicone Roasting Rackvia

Roasting racks are just the ticket to keeping your ingredients high and dry, and this rack from OXO does the job with ease. Elevating your roast keeps it from simmering in the excess liquids, whether you’re using a slow cooker or your Instant Pot. Use the rack for a slow-roasted chicken this Sunday.

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ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer via

Digital Remote Thermometer

ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometervia

The biggest cause of dry meat is overcooking. We’re all for using a digital thermometer that allows you to monitor the inner temperature of your roast to ensure perfection. This ThermoWorks ChefAlarm has a nice, thin cord, allowing it to fit under the lid without letting heat or moisture escape. And it comes in all sorts of fab colors. Bonus: You can use this model in your oven, grill or smoker, too!

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Slow-Cooker Labels via

Slow-Cooker Labels

Slow-Cooker Labelsvia

Answer the question “What did you bring?” one time with these fun mini chalkboards. The erasable surface means you can use them again and again. You can even write instructions like “turn to warm at 4 p.m.” for the helpers in your life. These are a great way to give allergy warnings, too!

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Meat Claws via

Meat Claws

Meat Clawsvia

If you’re a tender paw, these claws are just the ticket for lifting and shredding just-cooked meat. Sure, you could use two forks, but why would you want to? These claws save time and burnt fingers when you’re pulling apart slow-cooked pork for sandwiches.

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Thermal Travel Bag

Traveling with your slow cooker couldn’t be easier with a thermal slow cooker tote. Not only will it keep your food warm, but it will keep the lid on. Nothing worse than finding a mess in your trunk when you get where you’re going. Find a bag that matches your slow cooker’s size, and your food will be hot and ready (and still in its crock) when you reach your destination.

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Rubbermaid 4.7 Cup Brilliance Food Storage Container via

Meal-Prep Containers

Your slow cooker is perfect for cook once, eat twice favorites. Recipes like this zesty Southwest chicken make the perfect prep-ahead lunch. Divvy up the leftovers with some brown rice and fresh salsa in these spiffy containers and you’ll have easy lunches or dinners all week with barely any effort. You’ll be the envy of all your co-workers.

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Slow Cooker Liners via

Slow Cooker Liners

Slow Cooker Linersvia

Nothing makes cleanup easier than using a liner in your slow cooker. These handy products by our friends at Reynolds are made specifically to fit inside your crock to keep recipes like saucy meatballs from sticking to the edges. Cleanup is a snap!

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Tiny Springform Pans via

Tiny Springform Pans

Tiny Springform Pansvia

Did you know you can make cheesecake in your slow cooker? You just need a smaller-than-normal springform pan. Luckily these nonstick pans come in sizes ranging from 4″ to 10″, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect match.

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Everyday Slow Cooker and One-Dish Recipes Taste of Home

Must-Have Recipes

Everyday Slow Cooker and One-Dish RecipesTaste of Home

What good is a great appliance without an amazing set of recipes? Lucky for you, we have the fix for that. First, here’s our latest installment of Everyday Slow Cooker and One-Dish Recipes, which is filled with more than 300 slow cooker, casserole and skillet dishes your family will love. While you wait for it to arrive, help yourself to our best slow-cooker recipes today.

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Slow Cooker Cover via

Slow Cooker Cover

Slow Cooker Covervia

Give your slow cooker an extra layer of protection. This quilted cover not only looks stylish, but it protects your appliance from getting dusty while sitting on the counter or in the cupboard. Available in several different sizes (and four different colors!) we guarantee you’ll find one that fits.

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Spectrum™ Euro Spoon Rest with Ceramic Dish via

Spoon Rest

Spectrum™ Euro Spoon Rest with Ceramic Dishvia

Don’t dirty a new spoon every time you stir your slow-cooked chili. This chic spoon rest keeps your utensils upright and your counter splatter-free. Next, learn these important slow-cooker safety tips.

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