10 Surprising Quesadilla Recipe Ideas

Quesadillas let you experiment with an endless variety of flavors and textures. So, grab the tortillas, heat up the skillet and find the best quesadilla recipe for your next fiesta!

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Pierogi Quesadillas

You expect pierogi to be a savory dumpling packed with potatoes, onions and cheese, a celebrated and beloved comfort food in Central Europe. This recipe puts a twist on the Polish favorite by transforming it into a quesadilla. You could even add sauerkraut and serve with sour cream and spicy mustard!

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Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

When my kids were small, I'd stuff leftover chicken into these oven-baked quesadillas. I often grab rotisserie chicken instead. —Pam Martin, Canandaigua, New York

For a quesadilla like this, finger-licking is encouraged. Whip up sweet and tangy barbecue-inspired quesadillas using a rotisserie chicken, or make with shredded pork for another delicious variety of a barbecue staple.


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Pinch of Yum

Smoked Gouda Mushroom Quesadillas

There’s so mushroom for creativity when it comes to making the perfect quesadilla, but these may be too gouda to be true. The delicious pairing of smoked gouda and sauteed mushrooms from Pinch of Yum yields a smoky quesadilla that’ll make your taste buds dance.

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Sweet Potato & Bean Quesadillas

Sweet potatoes and black beans roll up together for a quesadilla that’s easy, fast, fun and delicious. —Brittany Hubbard, St. Paul, Minnesota

Think our outrageously delicious sweet potato quesadillas could be the next dish passed around your family’s Thanksgiving dinner table?The satisfying sweet potatoes are a versatile superfood packed with vitamins and nutrients, and hearty black beans provide lots of fiber and protein.


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Rio Grande Chicken Quesadilla
Taste and Tell

Rio Grande Chicken Quesadillas

Indulge your soul and warm your heart with extraordinary Rio Grande chicken quesadillas from Taste and Tell. Refried beans create a satisfying and filling quesadilla that can be enjoyed as a warm appetizer or a main course. Serve with salsa, sour cream and extra guacamole. (Here’s our recipe for homemade guac.)

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Peach Burrata bacon quesadilla
Running to the Kitchen

Peach Burrata Bacon Quesadillas

Juicy peaches, creamy burrata cheese and crispy bacon… what an unlikely trio! It simply works. This fruity-savory quesadilla from Running to the Kitchen is best served open-faced and topped with crunchy pistachios and fresh basil. Gather around and sip a glass of fruity wine with this beautiful masterpiece.

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Chipotle salmon quesadilla
The Food Blog

Sriracha Salmon Quesadillas

The Food Blog’s funky fusion of smoky, spicy Sriracha and meaty, buttery salmon create this uniquely-flavored quesadilla that is sure to become a topic of conversation. You may be thinking, “Wait… cheese and fish… together?” Fear not: Monterey Jack cheese goes (perhaps unexpectedly) well with salmon.

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Pumpkin caramelized onion and apple quesadilla
Veggie Inspired

Pumpkin, Apple & Caramelized Onion Quesadillas

Ideal for cozy sweaters and cool weather! This sinfully delicious vegan quesadilla combines pumpkin, apple and caramelized onions for a sweet and savory surprise in every bite. The tender textures of these unconventional quesadilla ingredients will have you reaching for the tortillas again and again. Thanks, Veggie Inspired!

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Pizza Quesadillas

Combining a pizza with a quesadilla is a sure-fire winner for almost every kid. Don’t be surprised to see this family-friendly combo on your dinner rotation frequently.

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Corn Quesadillas

My cheesy corn quesadillas take only minutes going from skillet to table. They make craveable leftovers for brown-bag lunches, so pack the salsa too. —Darlene Brenden, Salem, Oregon

Not to sound too cheesy or corny, but these a-maize-ing quesadillas will melt your heart. Corn adds a sweet flavor and juicy texture that makes it the life of the party in any dish.


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