16 Best Air-Fryer Accessories

Updated: May 22, 2024

Make all of your favorite air-fryer recipes with ease! These useful air-fryer accessories help you master kabobs, steak, bagels, doughnut holes and just about everything else.

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It’s no secret that cooks of all skill levels rely on an air fryer a few times a week. After all, these appliances are often thought of as an easy, time-efficient alternative to cooking in a traditional oven, which can often take hours on end to complete. Simply put your dish in the air fryer basket, select the correct temperature, timer as well as cook setting and presto! You’ll have a crispy and downright delicious dish in a flash. (Air fryers notoriously use less oil, so you tend to wind up with a healthier meal, too.)

To save even more time, did you know that you can stock up on the best air fryer accessories? From liners that contain and separate food items to pans and thermometers, accessories help cut cleaning time in half. Plus, these items can also assist in your food cooking more efficiently. Ahead, our team scoured the internet for the best air fryer accessories to add to your pantry.

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Oil Sprayer
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Best Oil Dispenser

ZEREOOY Oil Sprayer

One of the benefits of air-frying is that it requires less oil. An oil spray bottle is the secret to golden-brown food. Shoppers love this convenient oil sprayer for the job. Fill it with your favorite oil and spritz ingredients before popping them in the air fryer.

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Air Fryer Cheat Sheet
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Lotteli Air Fryer Cheat Sheet

New to air-frying? Look no further than this air fryer cheat sheet. The handy magnet helps you become a master in no time. It outlines the temperatures and cook times of all your favorite foods, including air-fryer bacon, cauliflower and chicken wings.

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Tkp Oxo Handheld Mandoline
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OXO Mandoline

Before you can air-fry, you need to prep. A mandoline is one of our favorite air-fryer accessories, as it aids in crunchy chips, easy onion rings and sliced pickles. Choose from thick slices to julienne-style ones, depending on what the recipe requires. Buy the best mandoline slicers and make sure you’re not making this dangerous mandoline mistake!

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Air Fryer Liners
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Vancens Air Fryer Liners

Non-toxic and nonstick, air fryer liners are a smart accessory. These liners are double-duty, stopping food from sticking and keeping the air fryer clean. You’ll never worry about burned-on chocolate chip cookies ever again.

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Skewers And Rack
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Anqia Skewers and Rack

If air-fryer beef skewers are on your “must-try” list, this skewer and rack set makes cooking a breeze. And, when you’re not in the mood for kabobs, use the carbon-steel rack to prepare burgers, fish or steak. You can’t go wrong with these Cosori air-fryer accessories, either.

Note: This pick is ideal for air fryers with at least a 4.2-quart basket.

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Grill Pan
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Instant Vortex Grill Pan

Say hello to easy indoor grilling with an air-fryer grill pan. This nonstick grill insert produces an even, beautiful sear on fish, veggies and meat. This is the perfect solution for when it’s too cold to grill outside! Before you buy, make sure your model supports a grill pan. Here’s our entire air fryer cooking guide.

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Oxo Good Grips 9 Inch Tongs With Silicone Heads
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Best Tongs

OXO Heat-Resistant Tongs

Air fryers get hot, so heat-resistant tongs are an excellent way to maneuver food in, out and around the air fryer. Sturdy and dishwasher-safe, stainless steel tongs with silicone heads make gripping food easy while protecting your fingers and arms.

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Bagel And Donut Molds
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Encounter Bagel and Donut Molds

Homemade bagels get a genius upgrade thanks to these silicone molds. There’s endless fun to be had experimenting with cinnamon doughnuts, stuffed pizza bagels and everything in between. Plus, the individual molds are perfect for most air fryer sizes.

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Williams Sonoma Air Fryer Cup Set
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Williams-Sonoma Baking Cups

How cute are these silicone baking cups? They’re perfect for air-fryer cupcakes and egg cups. The ergonomic handles make for fuss-free maneuvering. And if a Ninja air fryer is what you’re working with, these are the best Ninja air-fryer accessories.

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Air Fryer Replacement Tray
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RAMLLY Air Fryer Replacement Tray

Our air fryers get a lot of love—and use, so sometimes the tray seems impossible to get clean. Luckily, an air fryer replacement tray is an affordable alternative for when that air fryer tray has seen better days. Just make sure to choose the correct size for your model.

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Air Fryer Muffin Pan
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SHEbaking Air Fryer Muffin Pan

Craving muffins? How about air fryer bacon and egg cups? Temperature-safe up to 450 degrees, this silicone pan makes air-frying your favorite comfort foods a breeze. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

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Silicone Baskets
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Best Baskets

LYHOLKEER Silicone Baskets

Similar to air fryer liners, a silicone basket cooks ingredients to perfection while keeping the air fryer tray mess-free. Plus, this four-pack is available in multiple sizes and reduces food waste thanks to its reusable design. You’ll never have to deal with sticky or burnt residue again!

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Taste Of Home Air Fryer Recipe Book
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Taste of Home Everyday Air Fryer Cookbook

With more than 100 recipes, our Everyday Air Fryer cookbook is packed with mouthwatering ideas for everything from breakfast to dinner. Learn how to cook every meal—plus snacks and desserts—in your air fryer. Check out even more surprising foods you can make in air fryer.

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Silicone Loaf Pans
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Bakerpan Silicone Loaf Pans

If meat loaf or homemade banana bread is on the menu, these silicone loaf pans are must-have air fryer accessories. They’re the perfect size for nestling in your air fryer, and they’re microwave- and oven-safe up to 446 degrees.

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Tkp Thermapen Meat Thermometer
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ThermoWorks Thermapen

Correct cooking times are the key to air-frying, but a double-check is never a bad idea. An instant-read thermometer, like the Thermapen, ensures food is cooked through even in the thickest spots. If you’re unsure what the temperature should be, check out this guide to food-safe cooking temperatures.

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Air Fryer Accessories Set
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Leanking Accessory Kit

When in doubt, opt for an air-fryer accessory kit. It includes pans, racks, silicone molds and everything else you need to maximize your air fryer. Just make sure it’s compatible with your model before clicking “add to cart.” Knowing these tips for air-fryer success helps, too.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Air-Fryer Accessories

The best air fryer accessories are ones that are safe and easy to clean. With that in mind, consider picks made with materials like silicone and heat-resistant metals. They are easy to wash after cooking and help perfectly cook foods while keeping your air fryer in good condition. If you try other materials, ensure they’re crafted for the appliance. Metals that cannot withstand heat up to 450 degrees can melt and cause even more trouble. 

Aside from materials, look for accessories that fit like a glove into your air fryer basket. Try to find cups, liners and small pans that are simple to place in the fryer. Last but not least? Add a thermometer to your list. Even though air fryers cook your food evenly, you can never be too careful when checking your meat’s temperature for safe serving.

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What’s the big deal about air fryer accessories?

Air fryers might be known for their efficiency and health perks, but they’re not that different from your traditional oven: They both bake, cook and heat their contents to make them feast-ready. You wouldn’t use an oven to without a pan, mold or meat thermometer, so why would an air fryer be any different? When buying your own air fryer accessories, it’s important to think about what you’re planning to make inside. Frying doughnuts? Maybe a silicone mold is in order. Roasting carrots or Brussels sprouts? Add a liner or extra tray to your cart. You’ll also want to ensure that your accessories fit snugly in your air fryer so they don’t slosh around and create even more of a mess.

Do you need special accessories with an air fryer?

No rule says you need special air fryer accessories, but they streamline your cooking experience. Whether it’s tongs to remove your food from the hot basket or baking cups to hold eggs, there are benefits to having these tools on hand. 

What is the best container to use in an air fryer?

Glass is best when looking at containers for your air fryer, as long as it’s tempered and borosilicate glass. These can handle heat and are less resistant to cracks and breakage. 

Can I put Tupperware in an air fryer?

Tossing your leftovers in Tupperware into the air fryer seems like a good idea, but experts recommend skipping it. The plastic easily melts, making a mess in the air fryer and ruining the basket.

Which foods should never go in an air fryer?

Though air fryers are relatively versatile appliances—you can use them to make everything from egg bites to roasted vegetables—they have limitations. Most home chefs agree that placing greens like spinach or kale in an air fryer is bad as the leaves will magically swirl around its basket. (The same goes for wet batter, so you’ll want to prepare your fried chicken or crispy cod thoughtfully.) And, since most cheese will melt before it gets crispy, you might want to reconsider using your air fryer for those crispy curds.