People on TikTok Are Dunking Their Wooden Spoons in Boiling Water—Here’s Why

It's a little gross, but super satisfying.

TikTok is good for so many things—the recipe for a McFloat at McDonalds, cleaning advice (we’re still not over the whole dishwasher filter thing) and, of course, all the TikTok dances. For those of us who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, some of the hacks we’ve discovered on the app have been legitimately helpful.

Now, TikTok has a tip on how to scrub one of our most-used utensils. It turns out we should boil our wooden spoons, ladles, spatulas and whatever else in boiling water.

Hidden Grease, Be Gone!

We agree with the TikTok’er who posted this. It really is disgusting to see how much grease is lurking inside your wooden spoons. Just take a look at how much the boiling water pulls from the spoon in the video. (If you’re currently eating, you’ll want to finish your meal. There’s a chance you’ll lose your appetite after seeing this.)

@mattadlardI’m never using wooden spoons again 🤢 (INSTGRAM: @mattdlard) ##fyp ##hack ##learnontiktok ##clean♬ original sound – mattadlard

Yikes! We definitely had no idea so much nastiness could lurk beneath the surface of our wooden kitchenware. Thankfully, this seems like a pretty easy fix—just dump your utensils, one at a time, into boiling water and try not to vomit as they release all the grime and grossness. Hey—at least now we know a good way to get wooden spoons truly clean.

How to Revive a Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoons are definitely an essential kitchen tool, but they aren’t the easiest to maintain. If you’re looking for more advice on cleaning them, check out our tips on how to bring wooden spoons back from the brink.

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