The Home Depot’s Giant Skeleton Is Back in Stock—But Not for Long!

Updated: May 14, 2024

It stands at 12 feet tall and has animated, glowing eyes!

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The Home Depot first introduced its giant skeleton to the world in 2020. And ever since, it has sold out almost as fast as you can say “scream.”

If you’ve been dying (pun intended) to get your hands on the viral 12-foot Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes, we have some good news. Home Depot just restocked—but you have to act fast if you want to add this haunting factor to your front lawn.

What is a giant skeleton?

Home Accents Holiday Halloween Yard Decorations 13 Foot Tall Skeleton Yard Decoration Courtesy The Home DepotCourtesy The Home Depot

The giant skeleton is a Halloween decoration from The Home Depot’s in-house brand, Home Accents Holiday. It stands at 12 feet tall and has glowing, animated LCD eyes that move and blink. It was designed for indoor or outdoor use, but it’s certainly more fun if you show it off so even your neighbors down the street can see it.

You won’t have to worry about turning Skelly, as customers like to lovingly call him, on and off, because it has a timer function (six hours on, 18 hours off). What we love about the giant skeleton is that while, yes, it’s huge and scary, it’s not so terrifying that trick-or-treaters will hesitate to ring your doorbell. And, to keep the fun going, some people leave their skeleton up all year and dress it up for other holidays, like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

12 Foot Giant Sized Skeleton Courtesy The Home DepotTaste of Home, Courtesy The Home Depot via merchant

Product Spotlight

12-Foot Skelly

Take your Halloween decor to the next level with this massive 12-foot skeleton from The Home Depot.

How to Set Up a Giant Skeleton

The Home Depot details that it takes about two people and 60 minutes to set up the giant skeleton. You can find specific instructions on the retailer’s website. It comes with a metal frame and ground stakes to hold it in place, and when it’s all put together, it weighs 88.7 pounds. To get the white lights going for the animated eyes, simply plug it in to an outlet or use the included battery.

While the 12-foot skeleton doesn’t stand quite as high as last year’s 13-foot Jack Skeleton and isn’t as wide as the terrifying 12.5-foot Predator of the Night, Skelly is a classic that you’ll break out year after year.

What Other People Are Saying

Home Accents Holiday Halloween Yard Decorations Home Depot 13 Foot Tall Skeleton Courtesy The Home DepotCourtesy The Home Depot

From nearly 1,300 reviews on The Home Depot, the giant skeleton has an average of 4.7 out of five stars. Here’s what real-life buyers have to say:

“Waited three years to be able to get this Halloween decoration. Exceeded all expectations. 10/10 A+ would recommend. Everyone stops to take a picture, too,” shares Anthony, a five-star reviewer.

Linda, a verified purchaser, says, “Everything I was hoping it would be! Assembly was quick and simple. The eyes seem to follow you, which adds to the creep factor. Wish I could convince my husband to decorate it for other holidays and keep it out year-round!”

“We got our 12-foot friend almost a year ago, and he has stood in our wooded backyard the entire time. He lasted through the different Pocono seasons and the wildlife,” writes Amy B., a five-star reviewer. “The base and wires have been great at keeping him standing. It’s been cool to look outside every day and see him. He looks cool with snow on him.”

Where to Buy a Giant Skeleton

12 Foot Giant Sized Skeleton Courtesy The Home DepotTaste of Home, Courtesy The Home Depot via merchant

Product Spotlight

12-Foot Skelly

Take your Halloween decor to the next level with this massive 12-foot skeleton from The Home Depot.

The giant skeleton by Home Accents Holiday is exclusively available at The Home Depot for $299. It sells out every season, so jump on the restock while you can!


Will Home Depot have the 12-foot skeleton again?

It’s official: The giant skeleton will be making a spooky return in 2024. Home Depot recently teased its Halloween offerings during a recent Store Managers meeting and confirmed that this supersized staple will be restocked. (Try saying that five times fast!) Rumor has it that this year’s version will have upgraded LCD and eight adjustable settings to bring a spine-tingling treatment to your  home. That said, we have a sneaking suspicion this skeleton will sell out fast, so you won’t want to dilly dally.

How much did Home Depot charge for 12 foot skeleton?

Despite its new-and-improved features, you can still get the 12-foot skeleton for $299. At nearly $300, this Halloween decor does elicit a bit of sticker shock. But between its glowing reviews and high-quality construction, this is one eery investment that’s built to last.

How much does the 12-foot skeleton weigh?

Don’t let it’s gigantic form fool you: This skeleton is surprisingly lightweight. When attached to its metal frame and ground stakes, this bounty of bones weighs only 90 pounds.

How long does it take to put up the 12-foot skeleton?

Despite its easy-to-follow, color-coded directions, this supersized skeleton will take about an hour to assemble. (Psst…to make this process a little easier, some people recommend starting from the feet and working your way up!)