This Corkcicle Can Cooler Will Keep Your Drink Cool All. Summer. Long.

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

Make summertime living even easier with the Corkcicle can cooler—the latest and greatest warm-weather accessory that keeps your drinks cool for hours.

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This summer, say goodbye to the hassle of ice. The Corkcicle Can Cooler guarantees a refreshing and chilled experience, no matter your drink of choice. With its superior insulation and clever design, it keeps your beverages icy cold for an extended period. It’s not just practical, but it’s also an excellent gift for summer birthdays or for friends who love to embrace the outdoors as soon as the weather heats up.

What is an Insulated Can Cooler?

The Corkcicle Can Cooler might be what Lana Del Rey needed to cure her summertime sadness. It goes above and beyond to keep drinks, including delightful non-alcoholic cocktails, cooler for an impressive three hours, which is twice as long as other similar products. Thanks to its double-walled stainless steel construction, this cooler remains sweat-free and won’t feel cold to the touch. Choose a classic black version, a trendy rose quartz blush hue or a calming and sophisticated light blue turquoise.

Using the Corkcicle Can Cooler is a breeze: simply place the cooling core in the freezer, twist on the base, then drop in your bevy of choice.

This particular model, the Slim Arctican, adapts Corkcicle’s beloved version by elongating it to perfectly fit 12-ounce cans. Think refreshing seltzers, canned cocktails, energy drinks and upscale beers. Don’t have taller cans stocked in your fridge? No worries!

Fit and chill an 8.4-ounce slim can with a spacer and felt sleeve. Simply wrap the sleeve around the drink and insert the spacer to enjoy your smaller beverages. This is size inclusion in the best way possible!

Keep in mind, the Slim Arctican is designed to be, well, slim, so it won’t accommodate traditional-sized cans. It does come with a slightly higher price tag, but if you’re already planning outdoor parties and beach lounging, this little summertime companion is a proven indispensable addition you never knew you needed.

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Why We Love It

We’ve spent the past few months daydreaming about summer: enjoying outdoor picnics, pool days and al fresco happy hours (don’t forget to try some of our favorite canned wines). The Corkcicle Can Cooler is one of those products that brings those long, sunny days to life. It not only offers exceptional functionality but it’s also remarkably lightweight—weighing just over half a pound—making it effortless to carry anywhere. Plus, it is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It

We’re not the only ones completely obsessed! The Corkcicle Can Cooler has gained a devoted following for its incredible versatility. Whether you’re unwinding outdoors or constantly on the go for work, it’s a popular companion. Its durability and adaptable features add to its convenience, making it an even more beloved addition to your summer essentials.

Paula C. raves, “Ready for summer!! Can’t wait to use this sleeve to keep my seltzers nice and cold while on the beach or a day on a boat. Perfect summer color and design for these longer cans!”

For Jenni S., the cooler outperformed others on the market: “I have several slim can koozies. This is by far my favorite. Cans can go in and out easily, there is an adapter to hold the can in place if needed, and it’s easy to hold. I will be switching up my Brumate and Yeti slim koozies for this one!”

We think Missy L. sums it up the best. She simply writes: “LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!”

Where to Buy an Insulated Can Cooler

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The Classic Slim Arctican is available online at Corkcicle, Saks Fifth Avenue and Total Wine for $25. Get ready to chill out all summer long.

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