This $9 Cleaner Is the Secret to Making Your Dishwasher Sparkle

Affresh dishwasher cleaner gets rid of all the gunk you don't even know is there.

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Cleaning your dishwasher is an easy chore to overlook, but adding this task to your kitchen cleaning routine helps keep icky odors at bay and prevents mineral buildup. Luckily, you don’t need to pull out any racks or scrub the interior to get your dishwasher clean—you just need affresh dishwasher cleaner.

What is affresh dishwasher cleaner?

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Affresh dishwasher cleaner takes the hard work out of cleaning a tricky place in your kitchen. Available in a pack of six, these tablets look a lot like typical dishwashing pods and work in the exact same way, so there’s no learning curve.

The cleaner works with (and is even recommended by) dishwasher models from major manufacturers, including Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana and KitchenAid. It’s also septic tank-safe and Safer Choice Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so it’s an eco-friendly cleaning product.

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How to Use affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

The affresh dishwasher cleaner is used exactly how you use dishwasher pods—only without the dishes. Unload the appliance, place one tablet in the detergent tray and run a cycle. The cleaner works to remove limescale and mineral buildup. Plus, it nixes funky odors from the dishwasher’s tub, racks, pump and even the drain and recirculation hoses for an overall clean.

But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a time-saving hack: The tablet can actually be used in a loaded dishwasher, too. For this clever dishwashing method, simply toss an affresh dishwasher tablet into the bottom of your appliance (the typical dishwasher pod should be in the detergent tray) and press “Start.” It’s an easy way to do two chores at once so you can spend time on other tasks, like cleaning the microwave.

To keep your dishwasher in tip-top shape (and free from not-so-pleasant smells), use the affresh dishwasher cleaner once a month.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Affresh dishwasher cleaner has more than 48,400 five-star ratings, making it a must-have Amazon cleaning product. Customers are obsessed because it makes cleaning your dishwasher a totally hands-off process.

Karen A. Angelucci, a five-star reviewer, shares, “We were having our dishwasher repaired and asked about the smell when you open it. The repairman explain to us how the vacuum suction keeps everything in, so he told us to try these tablets. They really work great. I ended up buying some for the washing machine as well.”

“Affresh dishwasher cleaner may be one of the best uses of your money ever,” writes Sally, a verified purchaser. “For a relatively small price, these dishwasher cleaning pods actually work. They removed a great deal of the grime that had accumulated in my old dishwasher over the years, and I plan to use them again and again and again!”

“I use these with most cycles in my dishwasher to combat the hard water in my city (calcium, lime, etc.). With these in a load of dishes, everything comes out clean and shiny, and it keeps my machine looking clean and running properly,” says five-star reviewer, Stacie.

Where to Buy affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

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When you’re ready to rid your dishwasher of funky smells and deposits, the affresh dishwasher tablets are available on Amazon, Walmart and The Home Depot. They retail for around $9 for a box of six—if you can even put a price on such fast, easy cleaning.

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