Garlic Recipes

These recipes with garlic pack a serious punch of flavor. Discover Italian, Greek, Indian recipes and more, all livened up with the deliciously potent ingredient.

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    How to Make Honey Garlic Chicken

    Sweet, salty, slightly sour and spicy, this honey garlic chicken hits all the right notes.

    What Is Fermented Garlic Honey and Can It Help During Flu Season?

    Fermented garlic honey is a health remedy that happens to be delicious. Learn how to use it and store it...

    You Can Grow Garlic Indoors with Your Grocery Store Sprouted Garlic Cloves

    Growing garlic indoors is easier than you'd think; all you need is a grocery store garlic clove to get started.

    How to Cook Garlic Scapes to Upgrade Your Summer Dinners

    Once you know how to cook garlic scapes, you'll join the club of those who celebrate their short season every...

    What Are Garlic Scapes and How Can You Cook With Them?

    If you've never cooked with garlic scapes before, it's time to plan a trip to the farmers market in late...

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    This Garlic Bread With Shallots Is Going Viral—Here’s How to Make It

    This recipe—with shallots, miso and honey—is like your old cheesy garlic bread, but better.

    The Most Popular Recipe of the Year Is Full of Garlicky Flavor and We’re Here for It

    These San-Francisco style noodles are a American mashup of Vietnamese and Italian cuisine

    6 Best Garlic Presses for Every Garlic Lover

    Mincing garlic by hand can get…grating. Here are the best garlic presses for every home cook.

    Spicy Roasted Carrot Hummus

    2 reviews

    This is a wonderful appetizer for Easter, Mother’s Day or any spring gathering. The roasted carrots give this hummus a...

    Mincing Garlic Just Got Easier With This Spooky Garlic Crusher

    Meet your new best friend in the kitchen: the Gracula garlic crusher. This adorable and easy-to-use prep tool is a...

    How Long Does Garlic Last?

    Learning how to store garlic means you'll always have these essential cloves on hand for your next recipe.

    Low-Carb Lasagna

    4 reviews

    I love this recipe because you don't miss the pasta in the lasagna. It looks, smells and tastes like the...

    How to Make 2-Ingredient Garlic Confit

    This garlic confit recipe is easy as can be—and you'll look like a star in the kitchen to boot!

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    How to Peel Garlic 5 Ways

    Wondering how to peel garlic without getting sticky, stinky fingers? We've got all the hacks.

    Can You Eat Garlic Clove Skin?

    If you've ever wondered about eating garlic clove skin, we've got the answer.

    Instant Pot Puerto Rican Pernil

    Imagine this: You're sitting on the beach, sun shining, waves crashing and a mojito in your hand when the most...

    What Is a Garlic Keeper, Anyway?

    It's cute, it's cheap—and Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about how much longer it makes their fresh garlic bulbs last.

    Jalapeno Sloppy Joes

    6 reviews

    My husband loves jalapenos—and I just love any and all heat. This savory meal with some spice is a perfect...

    Sheet-Pan Shrimp Fajitas

    2 reviews

    I love easy weeknight dinners such as this one. The sheet-pan shrimp fajitas come together so quickly and are customizable...

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    Oxtail Soup

    3 reviews

    This wonderfully rich slow-cooker oxtail soup will warm your soul and your taste buds. Oxtail stew is a favorite family...

    Air-Fryer Hash Browns

    These air-fryer hash browns are one of my go-to sides. They come together quickly, and the air fryer gets them...

    Here’s How to Get the Garlic Smell Out of Your Cutting Board

    Yes, it’s possible to deodorize your cutting board.

    Greek Salad Dressing

    3 reviews

    Homemade Greek salad dressing doesn't get much easier. If you don't have lemon juice on hand, replace it with additional...

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    Air-Fryer Red Potatoes

    7 reviews

    Roasting is one of my favorite ways to prepare veggies. Some fragrant rosemary, fresh or dried, gives these air-fryer red...

    Leek Quiche

    We often have potluck breakfasts at my school. I came up with this leek quiche recipe so I could bring...

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    Air-Fryer Tofu Steaks

    This Asian-inspired air-fryer tofu recipe was the first meatless meal my fiance made for me. It's a wonderful light protein...

    Spanish Marinated Mushrooms

    3 reviews

    I had some amazing marinated mushrooms in a little tapas bar in Seville when I was stationed in Spain with...

    Air-Fryer Garlic-Butter Steak

    2 reviews

    This quick and easy air-fryer steak recipe is restaurant quality. It's about to become a staple at your house! —Lily...

    Patatas Bravas

    Patatas bravas (which means "spicy potatoes") is the ultimate Spanish comfort food. Served tapas-style, the crispy potatoes and smoky sauce...

    Garlic Creamed Spinach

    4 reviews

    This creamed spinach side goes with just about anything. Try it with pasta, roasted pork or baked chicken. —Debbie Glasscock,...

    Asian Tofu

    1 review

    This tasty Asian tofu was the first meatless recipe my fiance made for me. Tofu is a wonderful light protein...