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Looking for jam recipes? Or the tastiest ways to make jelly and preserves? Our library will walk you through recipes, tips and techniques.

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These Mini Jam Jars Are the Sweetest Addition to Your Charcuterie Board

Mini jam jars are the perfect way to jazz up your charcuterie board all. year. long.

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The Very Best Strawberry Jam According to Our Test Kitchen

Start your day right: Grab the very best strawberry jam to spread on your toast. Need help choosing? Our Test...

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23 Recipes That Use Up a Jar of Strawberry Jam

Looking for a way to take that jar of jam to work? Look no further! Here are some delicious recipes...

How to Make Red Currant Jelly

When currants are in season, forget the store-bought stuff. You can make this stunning red currant jelly at home.

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39 Homemade Jelly and Jam Recipes

Capture fresh fruit flavor with these jam and jelly recipes. You'll find recipes for all kinds of produce from strawberries...

Make Canning Easy with 20 Freezer Jam Recipes

Capture the flavors of summer with these freezer jam recipes made with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more. Best of all—no...

How to Make Plum Jam

Good news, plum lovers! The short-lived summer fruit tastes even better when cooked, which means you can preserve it for...

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45 Blackberry Recipes Bursting with Juicy Flavor

Delicious blackberry recipes transform this mini morsel into mouth-watering cobblers, jams, pies, parfaits and more. Grab a fork.

How to Make Strawberry Jam

This step-by-step guide makes it easy to learn how to make strawberry jam.

Grandma’s Best Jams, Jellies & Spreads

Take a page out of grandma's recipe book with one of these homemade preserves, jelly and jam recipes.

The Best Elderberry Jelly Recipe

This simple elderberry jelly recipe captures the unique flavor and health benefits of these sought-after little berries.

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Homemade Lemon Curd

33 reviews

Lemon curd is a scrumptious spread for scones, biscuits or other baked goods. You can find it in larger grocery...