These Mini Jam Jars Are the Sweetest Addition to Your Charcuterie Board

Mini jam jars are the perfect way to jazz up your charcuterie board all. year. long.

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There’s nothing like the taste of sweet, simple jam. And when it’s packaged neatly in adorable mini jars, it’s definitely a win. Seriously, what better way to jazz up a breakfast board, pancake spread or cheese platter than to add a nice medley of fruity flavors?

To make the season sweeter, we’re unwrapping the Bonne Maman assorted preserves selection. These mini-yet-mighty jars are a great way to sample more than one spread without taking up too much space. Plus, mini jams jars are a tidy little gift that is perfect for giving (and eating) all year long!

What are Bonne Maman mini jam jars?

Do you love fresh, sweet jellies and jams that are made from scratch without artificial ingredients? Well, the Bonne Maman mini jam jars include eight 1-ounce jars that are (ahem) jam-packed with lots of flavor. With this set of preserves, you don’t have to worry about choosing just one flavor to add to your favorite dish, charcuterie board or breakfast spread. This set includes a bevy of popular flavors: blueberry, strawberry, apricot, raspberry, cherry, orange, grape and honey.

And while each jar is definitely small in size, Bonne Maman mini jam jars definitely do not shortchange your tastebuds when it comes to delivering big taste! All Bonne Maman products are inspired by a quaint village in France known for family recipes and home-cooked, tasty meals where only the finest and freshest ingredients are used.

Bonne Maman jams and preserves do not include any artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial coloring—the beautiful radiant color shining bright in each jar is courtesy of Mother Nature!

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How to Use Mini Jam Jars

Bonne Maman’s mini jam jars are a fun, diverse sampler. The unique flavors pair well with crackers and different types of cheese. For breakfast, spread these preserves on pancakes or waffles. They add an extra dash of flavor to holiday charcuterie boards, desserts and breakfast—and don’t forget about how lovely jam is when paired with scones and tea.

These mini jam jars are also a fun, innovative way to spice up a kitchen space. The vibrant colors of the preserves, small size and ornate appearance can easily add flair and drama to kitchen shelves and counter tops. And unlike other glass jars that are hard to open, Bonne Maman mini jam jars have an easy-grip top that’s easy to twist open.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of these petite mini jams. The set has racked up a healthy 4.4-star rating on Amazon.

Verified user, Cynthia Hoelscher, shares “I loved using these miniature jellies for cream tea and scones parties. I arrange them with a lace linen on a bone china dish. Should have taken pictures but we were having too much fun.”

Verified purchaser Sandra loves the mini jam jars. She states, “With the kids at college, my husband and I do not need to buy huge jars of anything anymore. These cute, little jars have all different flavors, and are not only very pretty but also taste amazing. Expiration dates vary for each jar, but are good for at least 7 months from now. Would recommend, and plan to buy more as presents for my friends.”

Peggy McCauley shares that the mini jam jars are “Tiny bottles full of deliciousness.” She quips, “This selection of jellies, preserves, and honey speak French all the way to your tummy. I’ve elevated my toast with a slather of Blueberry preserves, and Wild Grape jelly as well as turning my old faithful PB and J into a PB and wow! Makes a fine addition to your kitchen, and a memorable gift to special people in your life.”

Where to Buy Mini Jam Jars

Mini jam jars are available on Amazon. Though this set constantly flies off of shelves, similar Bonne Maman mini selections are available at World Market and Walmart. Trust us—your charcuterie spread will never be the same.

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