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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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    Devil’s Food Snack Cake

    6 reviews

    My husband and his friends request this devil's food snack cake for camping trips because it’s easy to transport. That makes it great for taking to potlucks and other events, too, as there's no frosting involved. —Julie Danler, Bel Aire, Kansas

    Cayenne Pecans

    These toasted nuts are crunchy and mildly seasoned. The cayenne pepper adds a little zing. —Phyllis Stanley, Avery, Texas

    Ham Pecan Pinwheels

    Your party will be on a roll for sure when you serve the appetizers from Dorothy Anderson! Details the Ottawa,...

    Spicy Pecans N Cranberries

    1 review

    Spice up a holiday party with these well-seasoned nuts or keep a batch in the freezer to give as last-minute...

    Bacon-Pecan Stuffed Mushrooms

    1 review

    When I had my kitchen remodeled, I lost the recipe for these mushrooms. But I'd shared it so many times,...

    Orange-Pecan Hot Wings

    3 reviews

    We like to use oranges and orange juice in lots of different ways—we even have an orange tree in our...

    Pecan-Filled Maple Cookies

    These festive cookies melt in your mouth, and look and taste just like a personal-size pecan pie. My clan eats...

    Pecan Brownies

    2 reviews

    It's hard to eat just one of these nutty treats...good thing a batch can bake up in a matter of...

    Cashew Blondies

    These easy-to-make white chocolate brownies are a hit at potluck and other gatherings—I always come home with an empty plate...

    Pecan Lemon Bars

    2 reviews

    June Trom of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota takes advantage of convenient refrigerated cookie dough to make these luscious lemon squares. "My...

    Coconut Pecan Blondies

    6 reviews

    Here's a classic white chocolate brownie that I've entered in the state fair and frequently made for the men I...

    Caramel Pecan Bars

    36 reviews

    This pecan bar recipe won first place at a cookie contest held where I work. These rich bars really capture...

    Nutty Toffee Popcorn

    1 review

    "I use holiday tins to deliver this sweetly coated popcorn-nut crunch to family and friends on my Christmas list," notes...

    Chicken Sliders on Pecan Biscuits

    Tender, hot-from-the-oven, pecan biscuit “buns” make these mini pecan-chicken burgers extra special.

    Candy-Licious Fudge

    3 reviews

    A no-fuss fudge prepared in the microwave that tastes like a candy bar? It sounds too good to be true,...

    Million Dollar Pecan Bars

    7 reviews

    Who wants to eat like a millionaire? Invest 15 minutes of your time and enjoy a big payoff when you...

    Warm Rocky Road Cake

    4 reviews

    When it's warm, this reminds me of super moist lava cake. And until I made this, I didn't think a...

    Nutty Caramel Popcorn

    Folks who've tasted my snack are quick to remind me to make it again for them the following Christmas! The...

    Best Rocky Road Brownies

    6 reviews

    “Years ago, my girlfriend and I combined our favorite brownie recipes. With the addition of miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips,...

    Butterscotch Pecan Brownies

    1 review

    Starting with my mother's basic brownie, I made up this version as I went along. It tastes just like candy,...

    Sweet and Spicy Nuts

    Each Christmas, I fill jars with these special nuts, tie the top with a piece of colored ribbon and give...

    Triple-Layer Brownies

    1 review

    Three layers of flavor give these old-fashioned favorites wonderful texture and taste. You'll be hooked after one bite!

    Rich Caramel Pecan Bars

    1 review

    "These bars are so simple to fix, yet so delicious," assures Rebecca Wyke from Morganton, North Carolina. "You'll want to...

    Easy Spiced Pecans

    4 reviews

    The combination of spices on these nuts seems to warm everyone on cold winter days. I made this recipe several...

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    Caramel Pecan Brownies

    7 reviews

    These rich and gooey brownies are so good, I make them year-round.

    German Chocolate Pecan Truffles

    My sister-in-law, Jennifer, loves German chocolate. With her in mind, I experimented in the kitchen and came up with nutty...

    Seasoned Mixed Nuts

    8 reviews

    These seasoned mixed nuts make great hostess gifts; or just tuck some in with a Christmas present. I often add...

    Caramel Popcorn

    2 reviews

    Plain microwave popcorn becomes irresistible when it's yummied up with molasses, peanut butter and nuts. “This awesome snack never lasts...

    Pineapple-Pecan Cheese Spread

    2 reviews

    Cynde Sonnier’s smooth and creamy cheese spread is chock-full of red pepper, green chilies and crunchy pecans. It’s always a...

    Blond Brownie Nut Squares

    2 reviews

    These moist, rich bars get a small but satisfying crunch from pecans.