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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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Buttery Mashed Potatoes

2 reviews

These creamy, buttery mashed potatoes use simple ingredients. The tricks are to use Yukon Gold potatoes and then to warm the cream and butter before adding them to the potatoes. —Rashanda Cobbins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Spiced Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I created these mashed sweet potatoes shortly after my firstborn began eating solid food. She loved them then and still...

Spiced Sweet Potato Doughnuts

This sweet potato dessert (or decadent breakfast!) is easy to prepare. And no one minds eating the nutritious spuds when...

Vegan Potato Leek Soup

1 review

This vegan potato leek soup uses starchy potatoes to thicken and create a creamy consistency, so there's no need to...

Honey Mustard Red Potato Salad

3 reviews

This summer cookout star is crunchy-delicious with a brilliant zesty dressing. —Brittany Allyn, Mesa, Arizona

Spicy Potatoes with Garlic Aioli

3 reviews

This is my take on Spanish

  • patatas bravas
  • . The potatoes are tossed in a flavorful spice mix and then finished...

    Spicy Cajun Potato Salad

    7 reviews

    Here in Louisiana we have a lot of get-togethers, and if you want your dish to be chosen over all...

    Hamburger and Potato Casserole

    1 review

    This recipe is such a hit it's "traveled" all over the country! My mother originated the recipe in Pennsylvania...I brought...

    Dilled New Potatoes

    5 reviews

    With six kids at home, I try to grow as much of our own food as possible, and our big...

    Priscilla’s Vegetable Chowder

    39 reviews

    This is the perfect soup to warm up with on a cold fall or winter day. Serve it in a...

    Coconut Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    1 review

    Sweet potatoes and coconut milk are a match made in flavor heaven. The flecks of lemongrass are a nice surprise....

    Cheddar Cheese & Beer Soup

    The taste of beer is subtle, but it's just enough to complement the cheese in this rich and creamy soup....

    Tuscan Sausage and Potato Soup

    1 review

    This outstanding soup will be popular with the whole family. Though it feels special, it's actually quick to make. I...

    Cheddar Potato Chowder

    19 reviews

    I only made this soup occasionally because the original recipe was quite high in fat. I doctored it up a...

    Gouda Mixed Potato Mash

    2 reviews

    Everything's better with cheese, right? This cheesy two-potato mash is no exception. If you cube the cheese, you’ll discover delicious...

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    Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

    2 reviews

    Tossing the cooked potatoes with stock and wine right after you drain them infuses them with flavor. The liquid absorbs...

    Stovetop Root Vegetable Beef Stew

    To me, the definition of “cozy” is a pot of tender beef simmering with sweet potatoes and parsnips. It doesn't...

    Mom’s Super Stupendous Potato Salad

    13 reviews

    In college, my best friend and I debated whose mom made the best potato salad. Turns out they were almost...

    Knoephla Soup

    15 reviews

    While I was growing up, my mom would make this traditional German soup. It tasted so good on chilly fall...

    Potato-Leek Soup

    16 reviews

    This savory potato-leek soup is a dish we especially enjoy for dinner on a cold night. Served with hot homemade...

    Garlic-Mashed Rutabagas & Potatoes

    4 reviews

    My family absolutely loves mashed potatoes. I created this recipe to lighten up the calories and sneak in a serving...

    Homemade Cheesy Potato Soup

    47 reviews

    It doesn't take long to put bowls of this comforting cheesy potato soup recipe on the table. Convenience items, such...

    Caramelized Onion & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

    This potato recipe provides an interesting take on typical mashed potatoes. The easy-to-make side is rich with bold flavors from...

    Bacon & Egg Potato Salad

    13 reviews

    Vinegar and lemon juice add a slightly tangy taste to this creamy potato salad. It's wonderful with baked beans and...

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    Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

    2 reviews

    "In these special-occasion mashed potatoes, I use whipping cream instead of milk. I must admit that I was a little...

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    Creamy Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

    89 reviews

    With five different dairy products, you know this make-ahead mashed potato casserole is going to be super rich and, of...

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    Homemade Potato Gnocchi

    13 reviews

    My Italian mother remembers her mother making this potato gnocchi recipe for special occasions. She still has the bowl Grandma...

    Beefy Sweet Potato Chili

    1 review

    There's no better way to warm up than with a bowl of this chili. We created this recipe with friends...

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    German Potato Dumplings

    16 reviews

    Potato dumplings (called Kartoffel Kloesse in Germany) are a delightful addition to any German feast. The browned butter sauce is...

    Sweet Potato & Andouille Hash

    1 review

    When my husband trained for the Senior Olympics, I looked for healthier recipes like these spicy sweet potatoes. Whip up...