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    Lebanese Street Sandwiches

    Arayes are grilled Lebanese-style sandwiches that are stuffed with a seasoned meat mixture. They're commonly found throughout the food stalls that line the streets of Beirut. If you'd rather not use a grill, they can be baked in the oven or made in a panini press. —Nikki Haddad, Germantown, Maryland

    Mango Jalapeno Sloppy Joe Sliders

    I've loved sloppy joes since I can remember. In an attempt to give them a makeover, I thought of this...

    Chinese Scallion Pancake Beef Rolls

    This is a favorite in our household, and it's perfect for using up leftover roast beef. The green onion cake...

    Bacon and Date Goat Cheese Burgers

    3 reviews

    Every bite of this burger is a rich and decadent combination of sweet and savory. If you can't find maple...

    Bacon Cheeseburgers with Fry Sauce

    5 reviews

    In Utah, fry sauce is the beloved condiment. We use it not just as a dip for fries, but also...

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    This Is Our Highest Rated Recipe of All Time

    This bubbly burger-inspired soup is sure to hit the spot on a cold day—or any day, for that matter.

    Spicy Cheeseburger Soup

    43 reviews

    This creamy and spicy cheeseburger soup brings my family to the table in a hurry. I love the warming zip...

    Ground Beef Chili

    31 reviews

    Everyone who tastes my chili comments that it is restaurant-quality. It's especially good with homemade corn bread. I have always...

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    Baked Bean Chili

    14 reviews

    Who says a good chili has to simmer all day? This zippy chili- with a touch of sweetness from the...

    Onion Beef au Jus

    22 reviews

    Garlic, onions, soy sauce and onion soup mix flavor the tender beef in these savory hot sandwiches served with a...

    Swedish Meatball Soup

    6 reviews

    To me, this is a very comforting, filling, homey soup. I especially like cooking it during winter months and serving...

    French Dip

    51 reviews

    For a sandwich with more pizzazz than the traditional French dip, give this recipe a try. The seasonings give the...

    Dublin Potato Salad

    11 reviews

    You may never go back to "plain" potato salad once you've tried this recipe—I haven't! Dublin Potato Salad goes great...

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    Chili con Carne

    20 reviews

    At chili suppers, this chili con carne recipe always disappears first! It's nice at home, too, since the longer it...

    Pronto Taco Soup

    6 reviews

    When out-of-state friends dropped by, I invited them to stay for dinner, knowing that I could put together this mild,...

    Pasta Salad with Steak

    2 reviews

    While there are quite a few ingredients in this recipe, it doesn't take too long to make - and cleanup...

    Baked Chili

    13 reviews

    This main dish is wonderful the first day and also makes outstanding leftovers. As a student living on my own,...

    Corny Tomato Dumpling Soup

    2 reviews

    I have a big garden on our farm and enjoy cooking with my harvest. In this savory tomato soup, corn...

    Savory Beef Sandwiches

    13 reviews

    Before heading to work in the morning, I'll get this going in the slow cooker. Then it's all ready to...

    Hearty Beef & Bean Soup

    2 reviews

    I love cooking, and often share my soups with my co-workers—and they're happy I do. This one is perfect for...

    Slow-Cooked Mexican Beef Soup

    6 reviews

    My family loves this stew, and I'm happy to make it since it's so simple! You can serve with cornbread...

    Ham Cauliflower Chowder

    1 review

    I came up with this recipe myself when I had a ham hock and wanted to make something other than...

    Meaty Mushroom Chili

    7 reviews

    Since our two daughters did not like beans in their chili, I adapted a recipe to suit our whole family's...

    Cowpoke Chili

    3 reviews

    Many friends and relatives have requested my chili recipe, which I've been using for 25 years. It actually won first...

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    Zesty Sloppy Joes

    10 reviews

    For a big family gathering, these sandwiches are a hit. I have never served them without getting recipe requests. A...

    Scrum-Delicious Burgers

    20 reviews

    I'm not sure where this recipe originated, but it's one of my family's summertime favorites. I usually serve these juicy...

    Grilled Beef Burgers

    4 reviews

    I rely on a few common ingredients to put a new twist on a backyard barbecue staple. To make handling...

    Slow-Cooked Chunky Chili

    20 reviews

    Pork sausage, ground beef and plenty of beans make this chili a marvelous meal. I keep serving-size containers of it...

    Chunky Taco Soup

    13 reviews

    I've gotten great response at our church dinners and senior groups whenever I bring this thick easy-to-fix soup. I usually...

    Favorite Italian Beef Sandwiches

    13 reviews

    I'm a paramedic/firefighter, and slow-cooked recipes like this one suit my unpredictable schedule. My husband and children and the hungry...