The Top Food Mascots of All Time

Updated: Feb. 25, 2022

Long before the days of celebrity endorsement deals, these iconic mascots were repping restaurants and snacks.

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Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes
Twitter / @realtonytiger

Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger isn’t just good—he’s GRRREAT! So are Frosted Flakes (and these cereal treats). Back in 1952, he had a mascot partner named Katy the Kangaroo, but only Tony the Tiger has stood the test of time.

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Jolly Green Giant Statue.
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Jolly Green Giant

The super-sized Jolly Green Giant represents one of the most popular vegetable brands ever. But he wasn’t always the leafy toga-wearing giant we know—he actually started out with a caveman look before advertising agency Leo Burnett gave him a makeover in 1935.

These food brands are much older than you think.

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Burger King VH1 Presents "Big in '06" Sony Studios Culver City , CA
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Burger King

It’s good to be King. While Burger King’s mascot has had a few looks (and taken a couple breaks) since being introduced in 1955, it looks like he’s here for good.

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Hand holding a tube of pizza flavour Pringles potato chips. Pringles is an American brand of snack chips owned by Kellogg's
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Julius Pringle

The man on the can of Pringles is Julius Pringles, and he’s been representing the stackable crisps since the brand was introduced in 1968. He’s had a few changes in appearance over the years, but you’ll always be able to recognize the mustached man on the can.

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Ronald McDonald character
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Ronald McDonald

How could we ever forget about Ronald McDonald? The clown represents McDonald’s, the iconic fast food chain, but he wasn’t always working solo. He used to have a whole gang, including Grimace, a purple giant; and the Hamburglar, who wanted all the burgers to himself.

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chester cheetah with flaming hot cheetos
Twitter / @ChesterCheetah

Chester Cheetah

Cheetos, the super-snackable cheese puffs brand, is represented by Chester Cheetah. The original Cheetos mascot was a mouse, and we can see why that didn’t work as well as sly Chester does.

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The pillsbury doughboy float
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Pillsbury Doughboy

His official name is Poppin’ Fresh, but he’s commonly known as the Pillsbury Doughboy, the ticklish mascot for Pillsbury. (We love crescent rolls around here!) Since his debut in 1965, he has been wildly successful, starring in over 600 ads for 50 products.

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Red M&M mascot
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Each M&M’s spokescandy color has a unique personality. (Who doesn’t love Red?) There’s an entire brand built around the characters, who are prominently featured at M&M’s World locations and in unforgettable TV ads.

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Mr. Peanut rides
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Mr. Peanut

The oldest mascot on our list is Mr. Peanut, who celebrated his 100th birthday in 2016. Mr. Peanut has been around since a contest (held in 1916) to create a brand icon for Planter’s, and he was first advertised in the Saturday Evening Post in 1918. He debuted in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1997.