M&M’s Candy is Launching 3 New Flavors, and You Get To Vote for Your Favorite

M&M's candy is introducing three new and totally decadent flavors. Only one will still be here come August, and it's up to you to decide!

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If you’re an M&M’s candy fan (and who among us isn’t, especially considering all the sweet treats you can make with M&M’s), then stay tuned for three brand-new M&M’s flavors debuting right now at select retailers—and nationwide on April 1: Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Mint.

All About the New M&M’s

Each new flavor is made with “dark chocolate and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful crispy shell, offering fans a chocolatey crunch in every bite,” according to a press release issued by parent company, Mars, Incorporated. The Crunchy Raspberry variety (which is reminiscent of this wonderful, dark chocolate raspberry fudge) features a regular rice crisp center. Both the Crunchy Espresso variety (which we hear tastes like chocolate-covered espresso beans) and the Crunchy Mint (which tastes something like chocolate mint cookies) feature a cocoa rice crisp center.

But here’s the catch: only one of them will still be in stores come August, and it’s up to you to decide which one it will be.

You Decide Which Flavor Stays on the Shelf

This new flavor launch is part of M&M’s Flavor Vote campaign, the first of which resulted in the introduction of M&M’s Coffee Nut flavor. Building off the popularity of that campaign, the company is hoping to engage its fans once again by empowering them to decide the next crunchy flavor of M&M’s candy, says M&M’s Brand Director, Allison Miazga-Bedrick. “We selected three new decadent flavors we believe our fans will enjoy, as they reflect the on-trend, unique and bold tastes growing in popularity across the U.S.”

As with the last Flavor Vote campaign, you’ll be able to cast one vote per day, either on the M&Ms website or by texting the word VOTE to 84444. But what’s new this time around is that you can also vote by snapping a selfie and uploading it to flavorvote.mms.com, with virtual stickers indicating your favorite OR by sharing your reactions on social media, using the hashtag: #VoteCrunchyEspresso, #VoteCrunchyRaspberry or #VoteCrunchyMint. Polls close on May 25. The winner will be announced in August and remain available in stores nationwide for another 18 months.

What we’re wondering is which one you think will taste best in this recipe for Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars!

Try these cookies made with your favorite M&M's!
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