14 Sugar-Free Cookie Recipes

Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

These sugar-free cookies have no white granulated sugar—and many of them are low carb and keto-friendly, too!

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Who says you need sugar to make incredible cookies? These sugar-free desserts are not only delicious, but they’re also great if you want to cut down on sugar. No matter if you follow a keto diet, are looking for diabetic-friendly recipes, or are simply a cookie lover, these sugar-free cookies will be a treat any day.

From easy diabetic-friendly desserts like chocolate chip cookies, to festive treats for fall and winter, there’s a little something for everyone. And not to worry, these indulgent cookie recipes are full of flavor. You won’t miss the sugar at all!

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Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Craving a childhood classic? These sugar-free chocolate chip cookies will bring you all the comfort and joy you remember. Savor the crisp, lightly browned edges or dunk in a tall glass of cold milk.
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Sugar-Free Cashew Butter Cookies

Made with just four ingredients (with maple syrup as the sweetener), these cashew butter cookies are vegan and gluten-free—perfect for sharing with groups of friends who have different dietary restrictions.

Here are the sugar alternatives you need to know.

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Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

You only need four ingredients and one bowl to make these healthy, sugar-free peanut butter cookies. If you want to make this recipe gluten free, make sure the oat bran was made in a certified gluten-free facility.
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A stack of sugar-free keto oatmeal cookies.

Keto Sugar-Free Oatmeal Cookies

This sugar-free oatmeal cookie recipe from Sugar Free Londoner uses almond flakes and coconut flakes instead of oats, and it calls for a granulated sugar alternative, like monk fruit. These chewy cookies are coated with coconut flakes to add some crunch. Don’t forget to check out our favorite gluten-free oatmeal cookies.

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Keto Sugar-Free Homemade Oreo Cookies
Courtesy All Day I Dream About Food

Keto Sugar-Free Homemade Oreo Cookies

The only thing better than an Oreo cookie is a healthier version of an Oreo cookie! This homemade, sugar-free recipe comes from All Day I Dream About Food, and it’s also paleo-friendly and dairy free. Among other ingredients, the recipe calls for black cocoa powder, palm shortening, coconut cream, and both the granulated and powdered versions of Swerve, another sugar substitute.

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A pile of sugar-free sugar cookies
Courtesy Sweet as Honey

Keto Sugar-Free Sugar Cookies

“Sugar-free sugar cookies” might sound like an oxymoron, but this recipe from Sweet as Honey calls for erythritol instead of white granulated sugar. For the decorations, blogger Carine recommends making keto-friendly cream cheese frosting, or using peanut butter or sugar-free dark chocolate.

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Sugar-free lemon slice-and-bake cookies.
Courtesy Sugar-Free Mom

Slice and Bake Sugar-Free Lemon Cookies

These slice and bake sugar-free lemon cookies call for granular Swerve. The recipe comes from the Sugar-Free Mom—who says she makes them in an air fryer when she only wants to make a few cookies instead of the whole batch—but you can also bake them in the oven.

(If you didn’t know you could make cookies in an air fryer, check out these other surprising air fryer uses.)

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A pile of sugar-free, keto chocolate crinkle cookies.
Courtesy The Big Man's World

Keto Sugar-Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

This sugar-free chocolate crinkle cookie recipe from The Big Man’s World is also low carb. The recipe calls for sugar-free maple syrup, keto powdered sugar and a granulated sweetener, such as erythritol. Using alternative sweeteners like these is one of many tips for reducing sugar in recipes.

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A plate of vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free Chinese almond cookies.
Courtesy Healthier Steps

Vegan Sugar-Free Chinese Almond Cookies

This recipe for vegan, sugar-free Chinese almond cookies comes from Healthier Steps and is also gluten free and uses maple syrup as the sweetener. As blogger Michelle notes, Chinese almond cookies are traditionally enjoyed for the Chinese New Year, and they’re shaped like coins to represent good fortune.

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Keto Snowball Cookies

If you’re on the ketogenic diet or just looking to lower carbs, making keto snowball cookies from scratch is a wonderful option for a sweet snack or after-dinner treat. Look for erythritol, which is made by multiple brands, near the sugar substitutes in the baking aisle. —Dawn Parker, Surrey, British Columbia
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Sugar-free, low carb keto pumpkin cookies with frosting
Courtesy Sugar Free Sprinkles

Low Carb Sugar-Free Pumpkin Cookies

These sugar-free pumpkin cookies from Sugar Free Sprinkles are also keto and low carb. The recipe calls for allulose as the sweetener, which blogger Laura says contributes to a chewy texture. It also has an optional frosting that uses allulose, too.

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Healthy, sugar-free carrot cake oatmeal cookies.
Courtesy Amy's Healthy Baking

Sugar-Free Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

This breakfast cookie recipe comes from Amy’s Healthy Baking and calls for pure maple syrup instead of granulated sugar. Since they’re designed for breakfast, they have less maple syrup than most dessert cookies, Amy says—around the sweetness level of a muffin.

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A stack of low-carb, sugar-free, keto cream cheese cookies.
Courtesy Wholesome Yum

Low Carb Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Cookies

This low carb, sugar-free cream cheese cookie recipe from the Wholesome Yum is also keto and gluten free. For the sweetener, it calls for an allulose-monk fruit blend, which comes from the Wholesome Yum’s line of natural, sugar-free sweetener products.

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Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Courtesy The Sugar Free Diva

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s more classic and comforting than a warm chocolate chip cookie? This sugar-free chocolate chip cookie recipe from The Sugar Free Diva uses Splenda, Sukrin Gold (a brown sugar alternative) and sugar-free chocolate chips. (Here are some of our favorite sugar-free chocolate brands.)

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