How to Can

Learn how to can and how to preserve using the recipes, tips and how-to guides in this slideshow. Get guides for how to make jam, how to can tomatoes, how to can vegetables and how to can fruit, plus find jam recipes, salsa recipes, and more!

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Canned Blueberry Jam

Summer doesn't feel complete without at least one berry-picking trip and a batch of homemade blueberry jam. Eat atop fresh scones or biscuits for maximum enjoyment! —Marisa McClellan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Canning 101

New to canning? Our simple how-to guide will have you canning your summer harvest in no time.

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Pickled Green Beans

This recipe produces zippy little pickled green beans, preserving my veggies for months to come ... if they last that long. I crank up the heat a bit with cayenne pepper. —Marisa McClellan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Freezer Raspberry Sauce

This is a great topping for ice cream, and—since it's thicker than sweetened berries—it's nice over sponge cake or shortcake, too. My family especially enjoys spreading with sour cream and plain yogurt over waffles. In fact, no one ever asks for maple syrup anymore! —Katie Koziolek, Hartland, Minnesota
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How to Make Jam

Don’t have time to can? Freezer jam is a fast and flavorful alternative. Use these easy steps to learn how to make freezer jam.

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Over-the-Top Cherry Jam

We live in Door County, an area known for its wonderful tart cherries. This beautiful, sweet jam makes lovely gifts. —Karen Haen, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
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Water Bath Canning

Find tips and how-to instructions for water bath canning.

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Chunky Salsa

This fresh-tasting salsa is wonderfully chunky. If you like it hotter, add more habanero peppers; if you prefer a mild salsa, add fewer or replace with jalapenos.—Dana Hayes, Canton, Ohio
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How to Dry Herbs

Enjoy home-grown summer flavor all year by learning how to dry herbs!

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Homemade Dried Fruit

Use these tips and dried fruit recipes to learn how to dry fruit. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

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Three-Berry Jam

I sold jars of this sweet berry jam at craft fairs. It's a wonderful way to preserve summer gems. —Bernadette Colvin, Tomball, Texas
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How to Dry Chili Peppers

Savor a Southwestern tradition by making a chili ristra – colorful strings of dried chili peppers. Learn how to dry chili peppers using these easy tips.