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12 Fall Hand Soap Scents Better Than a Trip to the Orchard

Scrub your hands clean with these fall hand soaps. They'll fill your kitchen with aromas of apple cider, ginger and, of course, pumpkin.

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Meyers Acorn Spice Hand Soapvia merchant

Acorn Spice Hand Soap

When the temperatures start to drop, swap out your lemon-scented hand wash for this acorn spice fall hand soap that smells like autumn in a bottle. Oh, and did we mention that Mrs. Meyer’s products are cruelty-free? Not one of their soaps or cleaning products is tested on animals.

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method Amber And Vetiver hand soapvia merchant

Vetiver and Amber Gel Hand Soap

Not all fall hand soap has to smell like a trip to a pumpkin farm (though we do love the pumpkin patch). This sophisticated hand soap from Method combines the earthy scent of vetiver with warm, woodsy tones. Plus the matte black pump is a super stylish addition to your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity.

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Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Spice hand soapvia merchant

Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap

Calling all PSL lovers! This limited-edition pumpkin spice soap from William’s Sonoma will remind you of your favorite fall drink. Plus, this hand soap contains natural ingredients like essential oils, aloe and olive oil—which prevent skin irritation. Pair it with a pumpkin spice fall candle for the ultimate autumn aromas.

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Reverence Aromatique Hand Washvia merchant

Aromatique Hand Wash

Featuring a woody, earthy and smoky aroma, this hand wash from Aesop feels luxurious on skin and gets you in the fall spirit with every pump. Aesop’s hand soap bottles are made from at least 97% recycled plastic and designed to be refilled. Grab one for yourself and as a fall gift for your autumn-obsessed bestie.

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Maine Woods Hands Soapvia merchant

Maine Woods Hand Soap

We love a good fall hand soap that takes you right into the holiday season, just in case you don’t use it all before the first frost. This Maine Woods hand soap combines woodsy scents like oak moss and fir that’ll have you feeling like you’re on a gorgeous cool-weather hike. This soap is also a great addition to a fall care package. (As are these cute fall mugs!)

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Grove Pumpkin Hand Soapvia merchant

Spiced Pumpkin Hand Soap

We can’t say enough good things about Grove Collaborative’s eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and the same goes for their hand soaps. Featured in Grove Co.’s new fall scents collection is this spiced pumpkin fall hand soap. Hydrating and 100% natural, this hand soap smells like what pumpkin spice dreams are made of. It comes with a reusable soap dispenser, so keep the refills coming!

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Michel Design Works Fall Harvest Hand Washvia merchant

Fall Harvest Hand Wash

This fall harvest foaming hand wash screams autumn. Shea butter and aloe vera make it easy on the hands, leaving skin hydrated and soft. With aromas of Frankincense, nutmeg and cinnamon, it’ll last well into winter, too. Plus, the bottle design doubles as fall kitchen decor.

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Cedar And Cardamom Soapvia merchant

Cedar and Cardamom Hand Soap

If you love moisturizing hand soaps and notes of wooded forest and warm spices, look no further. This cedar and cardamom hand soap is free from the bad stuff, like parabens, ammonia and chlorine. Cedar and cardamom essential oils bring this woody soap to life while sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and glycerin hydrate skin.

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Meyers Apple Spice hand soapvia merchant

Apple Cider Hand Soap

What screams fall more than a trip to the apple orchard? Now, you can bring the orchard home with this apple cider soap. Not only does it smell like you’re opening up a bottle of fresh-pressed apple cider, but it’s made without artificial dyes and parabens. You’ll enjoy all-natural ingredients and fresh apple aromas with this fall hand soap.

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Everspring Mandarin & Ginger Liquid Hand Soapvia merchant

Mandarin and Ginger Hand Soap

Nothing says fall like adding a touch of spicy ginger to all sorts of baked goodies. You can get that same zing in your fall hand soap with Everspring Mandarin & Ginger soap. Better yet? It’s made with 97% natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free!

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Toms Maine Fresh Apple Scent hand soapvia merchant

Fresh Apple Hand Soap

Lather up with this moisturizing apple soap from Tom’s of Maine. What’s special about this dermatologist-approved soap is that it promotes the growth of good bacteria (yes, there really is such a thing!). This allows skin to maintain its natural moisture and keep bad bacterias at bay. This is also a fun gift for bread bakers who frequently use their hands to wrangle dough.

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Flannel Foaming Hand Soapvia merchant

Flannel Hand Soap

This hand wash will quite literally make you want to cozy up in your favorite fall staple: a flannel. I swapped my unscented soap for this flannel foaming hand wash to get in the fall spirit, and I love that the apple aroma isn’t super sweet. Rather, it’s muskier and more crisp than typical apple fall hand soap options. The closest scent comparison is to a light cologne, so if more masculine scents are your thing, this fall hand soap is for you.

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