20 Cookbooks for Making Authentic Cuisine from Around the World

Treat your tastebuds to the real deal. Each of these cookbooks is full of authentic recipes from places like Cuba, Italy, Thailand and China.

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Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking

by Bonnie Frumpkin Morales and Deena Prichep

In Kachka, you’ll find old school Russian and Soviet dishes made new. Fruit dumplings, creamy beet soup and stuffed cabbage may seem old fashioned at first but the authors refresh these dishes, turning them into must-makes for any home cook. And don’t skip out on the chapter on zakuska, the Russian take on appetizers. They’re a great way to get started with Russian cooking.

Notable recipe: Apple Ponchiki with Thyme Sugar, a type of Russian doughnut that might just replace your regular cider doughnut recipe

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My Wild Atlantic Kitchen: Recipes and Recollections

by Maura O’Connell Foley

Authentic Irish cuisine is so much more than brown bread and potatoes. In My Wild Atlantic Kitchen, Maura O’Connell Foley dives into what authentic cooking looks like for the Irish today. That often means using the most seasonal ingredients from the Irish countryside and fresh finds from the Atlantic, which surrounds the island.

Notable recipe: Dover Sole Stuffed with Atlantic Prawns showcases Maura’s affinity and mastery of seafood.

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The Africa Cookbook

by Jessica B. Harris

In The Africa Cookbook, scholar Jessica B. Harris explores not only traditional recipes from across the continent but contemporary versions of these classics. You’ll find new recipes worth celebrating alongside historical photos and stories—a combination that makes you feel welcome and eager to get into the kitchen to stir up Algerian Potatoes with Mint Leaves or Nigerian Tomato and Okra Salad.

Notable recipe: Suya, a traditional street food from Nigeria spiced with ginger, cayenne and paprika—you can try our version of beef suya while you wait on your copy to arrive.

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Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen

by Gonzalo Guzmán and Stacy Adimando

This James Beard Award-winning cookbook is full of more than 100 authentic Mexican dishes. You’ll recognize some Mexican favorites in Nopalito, like tacos al pastor and chilaquiles, but will find some new-to-you dishes as well. Explore what the different regions of Mexico have to offer and enjoy a tour from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Notable recipe: Caldo Tlalpeño, a chicken soup studded with avocado and queso fresco that’s both comforting and spicy

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by Kate Leahy, Ara Zada and John Lee

Named for the soft, unleavened bread common on Armenian tables, Lavash happily dives into all the ways to enjoy the region’s signature (hint: there are dozens of ways from soups, stews, salads and even baklava). Armenian food is unique but borrows some flavors and techniques from the Middle East, Mediterranean and even Russia so fans of these cuisines will find familiar ingredients in this book.

Notable recipe: Bean Lavash Triangles, which are fried parcels filled with beans, fresh herbs and onions that make for a crunchy, satisfying snack (see one of the authors make the recipe here)

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Wild Honey and Rye: Modern Polish Recipes 

by Ren Behan

In Wild Honey and Rye, writer and cook Ren Behan shows that Polish cuisine is so much more than heavy staples like cabbage and potato. This cookbook is full of recipes that embrace seasonality and fresh produce while incorporating kuchnia staropolski (traditional Polish cooking techniques). And don’t skip the chapter on infused vodka. Flavored spirits are absolutely traditional and exceptionally delicious.

Notable recipe: Plum and Poppy Seed Cake, a not-too-sweet cake perfect with a cup of tea

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Rose Water and Orange Blossoms 

by Maureen Abood

In Rose Water and Orange Blossoms, Maureen Abood explores her Lebanese-American upbringing through traditional ingredients like lamb, lentils, mint, pistachios and cinnamon as well as the titular ingredients. Maureen shares stories of her family as well as recipes for tabbouleh, kofta and hummus—and that’s just the start.

Notable recipe: Tomato and Sweet Onion Salad, a celebration of fresh tomatoes paired with mint, lemon and garlic—Maureen shares the recipe on her blog

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Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge 

by Trine Hahnemann

By now, we’re all familiar with hygge, the Scandanavian art of coziness. Trine Hahnemann shows how to embrace the feeling in Scandanavian Comfort Food, a collection of 100+ recipes. You’ll feel right at home cooking up classics like meatballs, fishcakes and seasonal veggies. If you’re more inclined to bake, try the author’s other book Scandanavian Baking.

Notable recipe: Roasted Chicken with Rhubarb and Tarragon, a perfect Sunday dinner recipe that shows how good rhubarb can be in savory dishes

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A Taste of Latin America

by Patricia Cartin

Latin America has a lot to offer—more than a single cookbook can contain—but A Taste of Latin America is a great place to start. Chef and author Patricia Cartin gives you a taste of what each region—from her native Costa Rica to the Caribbean and across South America—has to offer.

Notable recipe: Flan de coco, a classic dessert taken to the next level with fresh coconut

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Asma’s Indian Kitchen

by Asma Khan

Restauranteur Asma Khan shares some of her favorite feasts in Asma’s Indian Kitchen. Recipes are arranged by the scale of your gathering—whether it’s just two, a few or a big party. Asma shows how (no matter the scale) you can make any meal feel like something to celebrate with bold Indian flavors.

Notable recipe: Gobi Musallan, a whole cauliflower roasted with Indian spices and topped with slivered almonds which can be served as a side or the main event

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German Meals at Oma’s

by Gerhild Fulson

Learn how to make schnitzel, potato pancakes, bratwurst and more just the way Oma would have done it. German Meals at Oma’s is a lighthearted cookbook with some serious flavors inside. Each German recipe is accompanied by Oma’s Ecke—tips from Grandma. While you’re waiting on your copy to arrive at your doorstep, try a few of our favorite recipes from omas.

Notable recipe: Käsespätzle, a cheese and noodle casserole—comfort food at its finest

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A Taste of Cuba: A Journey Through Cuba and Its Savory Cuisine

by Cynthia Carris Alonso

Take a trip with A Taste of Cuba, a collection of 75 authentic recipes from Cuban chefs alongside stunning photos. Start with simple recipes like black beans and plantains and work through to more complex, flavorful dishes. This cookbook also includes a few cocktail recipes, including a classic mojito, that make the most of the island’s trademark spirit: rum.

Notable recipe: Alfajores con Dulce de Leche, a sandwich cookie filled with caramel-like dulce de leche

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China: A Cookbook 

by Terry Tan

If you’re serious about Chinese cooking, this 600+ cookbook is the resource you’re looking for. In China: A Cookbook, author Terry Tan takes you on a trip across the country, exploring cuisine from each province. You’ll learn what makes each region’s dishes distinct, what ingredients you need in your pantry and how to make each recipe with detailed instructions.

Notable recipe: Fresh Scallops and Pak Choi, a simple yet elegant dish from Northern China accented with ginger and garlic

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Pasta Grannies 

by Vicky Bennison

This cookbook is for anyone who wishes they had an Italian grandmother to show them the ropes when it comes to making fresh pasta. Pasta Grannies shows readers how to make pasta from scratch the traditional way. Nonnas from across Italy share their stories, recipes and tricks for making the best pastas, sauces and sides (perfect to serve before feasting on these Italian desserts). This homey resource is a must for carb lovers and fans of Italian food.

Notable recipe: Pasta Baskets with Ricotta and Lemon, a gorgeous and surprisingly light pasta appetizer

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Bangkok: Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Thailand

by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Dive into authentic Thai food with Bangkok from award-winning author Leela Punyaratabandhu. Leela explores the very best in Thai cooking from street food to iconic restaurant dishes to authentic home cooking. Through beautiful photos, you’ll be inspired to stir up classics like curries and dumplings as well as some new-to-you recipes.

Notable recipe: Spicy Beef Tenderloin Stirfry with Holy Basil, a great introduction into Thai cuisine that you can make at home with fresh herbs, chiles and a bit of fish sauce

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Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors 

by Sonoko Sakai

Whether you’re new to Japanese cooking or have been preparing Japanese food for years, Japanese Home Cooking is the perfect resource to add to your shelf of cookbooks. Sonoko Sakai starts with the building blocks of this cuisine and shows you how to stock a pantry, make perfect rice, create noodles from scratch, pickle vegetables and more. From there, you can dive deep into dozens of authentic recipes that you’d find in Japanese home kitchens.

Notable recipe: Kenchin-jiru, a homey veggie soup with buckwheat dumplings

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In Bibi’s Kitchen 

by Hawa Hassan and Julia Turshen

In Bibi’s Kitchen captures the heart of East African cooking with recipes straight from grandmothers. These recipes from Eritrea, Kenya, Madagascar and more show off what this part of the continent has to offer—predominately big flavors. At the heart of the spice trade (think cinnamon, pepper, vanilla), these nations have flavor-forward comfort foods, all accompanied by rich stories.

Notable recipe: Shaah Cadays, a spiced tea with milk from Somalia—a must-try for folks that love chai lattes

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Catalan Food: Cultures and Flavors from the Mediterranean 

by Daniel Olivella and Caroline Wright

Dive into Spanish cooking with Catalan Food, a collection of authentic recipes that goes way beyond tapas (though the tapas recipes inside this book are delicious). This volume takes you on a tour of fresh fish, paella, spices and other Catalan favorites. Daniel Olivella, the chef behind this book, encourages readers to cook each recipe leisurely and with love, the way the Spanish do.

Notable recipe: Clams in White Wine, a tapa that’s simple to make but will make you feel like you’re visiting Barcelona in your own kitchen

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Bottom of the Pot: Persian Recipes and Stories

by Naz Daravian

Author Naz Daravian is a home cook passionate about exploring her Persian heritage. With that perspective in mind, you can be assured that the 100+ recipes in Bottom of the Pot are approachable and authentic. Cooking your way through this book, you’ll fall in love with Persian cuisine (and it’s signature spices, ingredients and preparations) and Naz’s stories woven throughout.

Notable recipe: Tahdig, the cripsy, golden rice dish on the cover of the book, of course

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Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women 

by Anna Francese Gass

If you’re looking to dabble in authentic dishes from all around the world, make room on your shelf for Heirloom Kitchen. Author Anna Francese Gass shares recipes from her native Italy and talks with women from Greece, Korea, Peru, Ukraine and beyond, learning about their favorite food traditions. Heartwarming and delicious, this cookbook is a must for getting a taste of what authentic cooking can look like.

Notable recipe: Nikki’s Haitian Cashew Chicken, a homey dish that gets a lift thanks to orange and lime juice

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