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18 Finds to Be Thankful for at Aldi in November

For November 2020, the Aldi Finds are all about spreading some much-needed cheer. Here's what we're thankful for!

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Strawberry Country Cream

This pretty pink bottle holds 750-milliliters of strawberry cream alcohol, perfect for adding to the strawberry cocktail of your choice.

$8.99 / Available Nov. 4

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Almond Nog

Get festive without the lactose this holiday season with Aldi’s almond nog! It’s the perfect substitute for regular nog, especially in this festive recipe

$2.89 / Available Nov. 4

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Winter Cheesecake Sampler

This sweet sampler comes with four varieties of decadent cheesecake: New York Style, Chocolate Marble, Amaretto and White Chocolate Raspberry. Um, yum!

$9.99 / Available Nov. 11

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Toffee Buttermint Wine

This wine brings together all of the sweetness of toffee and mint, and it belongs on your dinner table this holiday season. Is there any better way to sweeten up Christmas dinner? (Definitely not!)

$7.49 / Available Oct. 21

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Clancy's Turkey & Stuffing Wavy Potato ChipsCourtesy Aldi

Turkey & Stuffing Potato Chips

Skip the hours of cooking this Thanksgiving. Instead, pop open a bag of potato chips—and maybe this turkey dinner candy corn.

$1.69 / Available Nov. 4

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Merry Moments Nostalgic TreeCourtesy Aldi

Ceramic Christmas Tree

You can add some retro holiday cheer to your Christmas decor with this throwback tree. See what other stores have ceramic Christmas trees in stock.

$19.99 / Available Nov. 4

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Priano Turkey Cranberry RavioliCourtesy Aldi

Turkey Cranberry Ravioli

This Priano turkey cranberry ravioli would be so good with a sage and brown butter sauce.

$2.79 / Available Nov. 4

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5" Christmas CactusCourtesy Aldi

5″ Christmas Cactus

Every plant lover needs a Christmas cactus in their houseplant collection. The plant’s annual bright blooms make any room more festive.

$3.99 – $4.49 / Available Nov. 11

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Merry Moments Holiday GnomesCourtesy Aldi

Holiday Gnomes

Move over, Elf on the Shelf—you’re going to need to make room for one of these quirky gnomes. Complete the theme by baking up a batch of these adorable matching gnome cookies.

$7.99 / Available Nov. 11

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Barissimo Iced LatteCourtesy Aldi

Barissimo Iced Latte

Skip the line at the coffee shop and enjoy this iced pumpkin spice latte at home.

$1.89 / Available Nov. 11

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Specially Selected Charcuterie CollectionCourtesy Aldi

Specially Selected Charcuterie Collection

While holiday parties might not be on the schedule this year, you do know that a charcuterie board makes for a delicious (and oh-so-simple) dinner, right?

$12.99 / Available Nov. 18

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Sundae Shoppe Holiday Character PopsCourtesy Aldi

Reindeer Ice Cream Pops

No one’s going to judge if you buy these adorable holiday pops and don’t share them with your kids.

$1.79 / Available Nov. 18

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State of Brewing Chocolate StoutCourtesy Aldi

State of Brewing Chocolate Stout

There’s something about cold weather that just calls for a delicious and hearty stout beer. Or might we suggest warming up with a batch of stout brownies straight from the oven?

$5.99 / Available Nov. 18

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Specially Selected Cappuccino Cupcake MixCourtesy Aldi

Cappuccino Cupcake Mix

Dessert and an after-dinner espresso are all-in-one when you bake up a batch of cappuccino cupcakes. Make them extra special with these bakery-style cupcake decorations.

$2.39 / Available Nov. 25

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Specially Selected Christmas Tree Brioche Chocolate ChipCourtesy Aldi

Christmas Tree Brioche

Enjoy this brioche lightly toasted or as a truly decadent French toast. This decadent treat is available in chocolate chip and vanilla cream flavors.

$6.99 / Available Nov. 25

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Benton's gingerbread house kitCourtesy Aldi

Gingerbread House Kit

Building a gingerbread house is a classic holiday activity. Not gathering with friends or family in person this year? Share in the fun by building your gingerbread houses together over a Zoom call!

$7.49 / Available Nov. 25

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Mini Holiday SucculentsCourtesy Aldi

Mini Holiday Succulents

This is the perfect way to hop on this year’s succulent Christmas tree trend.

$3.99 / Available Nov. 25

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Benton's Candy Cane CremesCourtesy Aldi

Candy Cane Cremes

These candy cane-flavored sandwich cookies would be ridiculously delicious as holiday-inspired Oreo balls. Or, you know, you could just eat them straight from the package!

$1.95 / Available Nov. 25

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.

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